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Existing source Rule—Potential Impacts to UAMPS

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1 Existing source Rule—Potential Impacts to UAMPS
Mason Baker, General Counsel

2 Overview Overview of UAMPS as organization
UAMPS Carbon Emitting Generating Assets UAMPS Non-carbon Emitting Generating Assets UAMPS “Early Action” Efforts Impact of 111d Rulemaking on UAMPS

3 UAMPS’ Organizational Structure
UAMPS=Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems Not-for-profit Joint Action Agency comprised of consumer owned electric utilities 45 Members in Eight Western States UAMPS currently offers 15 different projects for its members’ participation Member autonomy: UAMPS members elect which projects to participate in given their specific needs

4 UAMPS Carbon Generating Assets
San Juan Generating Station=1848 MW (4 units) UAMPS ownership=36MW Entitlement Hunter Unit 2 Coal Plant=430 MW UAMPS ownership= 63 MW Nebo Power Plant=140 MW NGCC

5 UAMPS Non-Carbon Emitting projects
Horse Butte Wind Facility=57.6 MW Pleasant Valley Wind=15MW Colorado River Storage Protection Allocation=200 MW Small Hydro=many members with units < 5 MW Jim State Hydro= 25MW Jordanelle Hydro=12MW

6 UAMPS: Actual Resource Usage- 2013

7 UAMPS: actual energy- 2013 Coal=takes into consideration market purchase when source for purchase is known to be coal. Hydro=is both member and big hydro (CRSP) Average lbs of CO2/MW= 888

8 UAMPS “Early Action” Efforts
Smart Energy Program Horse Butte Wind Project Energy Efficiency Program launched in 2008 [add chart show CO2 abated to date through energy efficiency]

9 Potential Impacts of 111d Rulemaking
CO2 Emission Limit for Existing Limit Beneath Current Emissions Increased Cost for UAMPS Coal Fleet Mitigate Costs through portfolio standard compliance option Using Emission Credits from Carbon-Free Resources (Wind, Hydro, etc.) UAMPS Smart Energy Program—using Emission Credits from Energy Efficiency Program [TO BE FILLED IN on Monday Evening!!!]

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