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Beyond the Fossil Record

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1 Beyond the Fossil Record
Evidence of Evolution Beyond the Fossil Record

2 How Does Anatomy and Structure Show Evidence of Ancestry?
Comparing the anatomy of different types of organisms often reveals basic similarities in body structures, even though their functions may be very different.

3 Common Ancestor A Species from which two or more species have diverged.


5 Covergent Evolution

6 Homologous Structures
Structures that share common ancestry.


8 Analogous Structures Analogous structures have similar forms, but they are not due to common ancestry.


10 Vestigial Structures Vestigial structures are anatomical structures of organisms in a species, which have lost much or all of their original function. Structures that are considered to be evidence for an organisms evolutionary past.

11 Flightless Cormorant of the Galapagos


13 Vestigial Pelvis of the Whale

14 Femur and Pelvis of Whale

15 How is Embryonic Development Evidence for Evolution?
The evolutionary history of organisms is seen in the development of embryos.


17 What are some common structures that vertebrate embryos share?
Tail bud Pharyngeal pouches Buds that become limbs


19 How are Biological Molecules a Record of Evolution?
Species that share common ancestry more closely, have more amino acid sequence in common. Species that have diverged from a distant common ancestor have more differences in amino acid sequences.

20 The Hemoglobin Protein shows common ancestry.

21 Hemoglobin Comparison
Species Amino acid differences Gorilla 1 Rhesus monkey 8 Mouse 27 Chicken 45 Frog 67 Lamprey 125

22 Great Moments in Evolution

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