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The Pyrenees By Ella Grogan.

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1 The Pyrenees By Ella Grogan

2 The Pyrenees past According to Greek mythology the Pyrenees are named after pyrene the daughter of Bebryx. She was supposedly raped by Herakles terrified by having given birth to a serpent; she fled off to the mountains and was either buried or eaten by wild animals.

3 Facts of the Pyrenees The mountains completely engulf the tiny nation of Andorra. The mountains extend for about 270 miles from the bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean sea. The highest point is Pico do Aneto at 11,168ft(3,404m). Blah blah blah

4 More facts about the Pyrenees!!
The mountain range stands at 3355 meters in Aragon, Spain and is the third highest mountain in the Pyrenees mountain range. Monte perdido in Aragon was officially climbed in 1802 and the first climbed skis was in 1906. Blah blah blah

5 The location of the Pyrenees
The Pyrenees mountain range is located between France and Spain, covering Basqyue country places>Europe

6 What is the weather like in the Pyrenees?
The weather varies across the Pyrenees chain. The general rule is that the West is wet and the East is much dryer. Further more the Spanish side of the Pyrenees chain is considerably warmer than the French side(as it can be thought of as one large south facing slope).

7 Plants information As a consequence, plant and animal life change almost as soon as you cross the border. At our base in Aulus-les-Bains, the French side has lush wooded forests of beech and oak whereas the Spanish side is sparsely planted with low vegetation and dotted with pine trees. The desolate but beautiful nature of the Spanish Pyrenees is in part due to the destruction of olive groves several decades ago.

8 Animal information In the Pyrenees the animals that live there are…a variety of unique Fauna, the Alpine Marmot, Pyrenees Desman, the Brown Bear, the Pyrenees Bear, the Red Squirrel, Wild Boar, the Pine Marten, Red fox, Otter, Stoat, Badger and Weasel.

9 thankyou for listening
A PowerPoint by Ella Grogan

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