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Den Chief Training May 3, 2014 TIME OFFSET WHO INSTRUCTIONAL TOPIC ====== === =================== -00: Gathering.

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2 Den Chief Training May 3, 2014 TIME OFFSET WHO INSTRUCTIONAL TOPIC ====== === =================== -00: Gathering - pressman's hat; how to train others 00: Opening Ceremony- Flag Salute, Den Chief's Pledge 00: Discuss paper hats- something to do as Cubs arrive; helping each other (part of Cub and Boy Scout Oath) 00: Duties of Den Chief/Purposes of Scouting; have Scouts read and discuss 00: Game Break- again part of meeting (boys join Scouts to have fun) 00: Den Meeting Planning (incl what Den Chiefs should bring) 01: Working with Cub Scouts (behavior of boys at different ages) 01: Another Game Break (OPTIONAL- based on clock) 01: Leading a game 01: Working with Den Leader, Pack Leadership, and Scoutmaster 01: Commitment Required 02: How to Train (EDGE model) 02: Den Chief Training Scenarios 02: Announcements include Den Chief Service Award 02: Closing Ceremony Hand out diplomas Scoutmaster Minute (A Little Fellow Follows Me) Cub Scout Vespers 02: END ITEMS ----- American Flag Curriculum (this document) Den and Pack Meeting Guide Den Chief Cords (Wolf/Bear, Webelos, Service Award) Four Packets of Handouts 1. Pressman's Hat newspaper and instructions 2. Class Materials Den Chief Contacts Den Chief Duties and Purpose of Cub Scouts Den Chief Support Crew Den Chief Pledge Den Chief Service Award Requirements EDGE Elements of a Den Meeting Stairs/Pickle What to Bring to Every Meeting 3. Puzzles, Games, and Songs Connect the Dots How Many Squares Diagram Puzzles answer to Diagram Puzzles Songs 4. Diplomas and Den Chief Service Award requirements Roster Yoke Puzzles

3 Den Chief Pledge I promise to help the boys in my den to the best of my ability; to encourage, guide, and protect them in all den and pack activities, and to show them by my example what Boy Scouts of America stands for. I will strive to be prompt and dependable, and to cooperate with the leaders in carrying out the den program. As each boy becomes eligible to move along the Cub Scouting trail, I will encourage him and do all in my power to interest him in someday becoming a Boy Scout. The Cub Scout Promise The Law of the Pack I promise to do my best The Cub Scout follows Akela, To do my duty to God and my country, The Cub Scout helps the pack go, To help other people, The pack helps the Cub Scout grow, And to obey the Law of the Pack The Cub Scout gives goodwill. The Cub Scout Motto - Do Your Best The Meaning of Webelos - We'll be Loyal Scouts




7 Elements of a Den Meeting
Before the Meeting Starts While the Scouts Gather Opening Activities Preparing for Other Events Closing After the Meeting

8 Before the Meeting Starts
Set up the room Review meeting plans; make sure everything and everyone is ready Make sure all materials are ready and set out Gathering Collect Dues Record Achievements, Electives, or Activity Pin approvals Play Games, or Work on Puzzles Teach Skills Collect Paperwork (e.g., permission slips, Blue & Gold reservations) Opening Pledge of Allegiance Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack Boy Scout Oath and Law in Webelos Dens Roll Call Uniform Inspection

9 Preparing for Other Events
Activities Games Crafts Storytelling Tricks or Stunts Skits or Songs Advancement Work as per the Den and Pack Meeting Resource Guide Preparing for Other Events Webelos Den Campout Pack Family Campout Den or Pack Day Trip or Outing Presentation at the next Pack Meeting

10 Closing After the Meeting What is Your Role in All These Areas?
Announcements Reminders Closing Thoughts After the Meeting Help Denner and Assistant Denner Supervise the Cleanup Make Sure You Have Packed Up Everything You Brought Discuss the Meeting Good Points, Problems, and Areas for Improvement with the Den Leader Discuss What You Will Be Doing at the Next Meeting What is Your Role in All These Areas? What You and the Den Leader Determine What It Will Be





RESOURCES TO SERVE AS A DEN CHIEF CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING Do You Have or Will You Have Other Activities during either the Entire School Year or Part of the School Year? Sports? Band? Chorus? Religious Education? After-school job? Dancing Lessons? Driving Lessons? Orthodontist? Does the Den Meeting Time Overlap Your School Day? Middle School Dismissal is Generally Later than Elementary School Dismissal. Den Meetings are Sometimes Held in the Elementary Schools and Start only a Few Minutes after the End of the School Day. It Might Still be a Half Hour before You're Dismissed. Are You Prepared to Pay Your Own Way? Cub Scout Camporee? Pack Campout or “Camp-In”? Webelos Den Campout? Pack Day Trip? Do You Have Transportation To and From Den and Pack Meetings?













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