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Census Transportation Planning Package Ed J. Christopher FHWA Resource Center near Chicago 19900 Governors Drive Olympia Fields, IL 60461 708-283-3534.

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1 Census Transportation Planning Package Ed J. Christopher FHWA Resource Center near Chicago 19900 Governors Drive Olympia Fields, IL 60461 708-283-3534 June 3, 2004

2 Today Briefly overview the CTPP Punctuate some of the more technical issues to be aware of when working with your data Give you some TIPs for getting started

3 What is the CTPP? The Census Transportation Planning Package is a set of special tabulations from the long form of the decennial census designed by transportation planners for transportation planners It summarizes the data At Residence At Workplace Flows between Home and Work

4 What are the CTPP Products? Tabulations at Residence Tabulations at Workplace Flows between Home and Work Part 1Part 2Part 3 Part 1Part 2 Part 3

5 Who paid for it? Buyers/Users Direct Cost Tables 1960OMB?????? 1970112 $0.6 M 43 1980152 $2.0 M 82 1990 $2.5 M 120 2000 $3.0 M 203 All States and MPOs and MPOs

6 When is it due out? Residence Based Tables Oct 2002 Mar. 03 April June July-August 2003 June July-August 2003 CTPP is coming out in 3- waves Workplace & Worker Flow Tables Summer 2003 Fall 2003 ------------------- --------------- ------------ ------------------------- ------------ --------------- Winter 2003-2004 and Spring / Summer 2004 ____ ------

7 Why all the delay? Disclosure Review Board Negotiations (Sept 2001 to Jan 2002)---5 months People Living in Group Quarters Issues (Jan to May 2003)---5 months Inexcusable delays caused by CB on whether or not 13 tables in CTPP Part 1 could be released. Finally, CB agreed to allow all but 3 Tables originally identified Dave Clawson, AASHTO

8 Why the 2003 Delay? Group Quarters Issue Fear by Census Bureau that one could identify the characteristics of workers who live in group quarters by subtraction SF3--Workers who live in Households and Group Quarters CTPP-- Workers who live in Households Workers who live in Group Quarters - = Modes Used Modes Used Modes Used

9 The CAT CTPP Access Tool How is it packaged? ASCII Too

10 What is the Distribution Process? CDs with Extraction Software To MPOs and States First (ASCII also available ) 30 Day review period Corrections made Corrections made Quantities prepared and Redistributed BTS (and others) distribution program(s)

11 What is the Production Process? Typical Process Preliminary ASCII file produced Preliminary ASCII file produced Preliminary CAT prepared-IVT files Review and Correction Period Final ASCII produced Final CAT produced

12 Currently, Where are we? Part 1 -- Residence Data BTS has Final ASCII version on TranStats Census is working on Final CAT Files Part 2Work Place Data Preliminary ASCII on TranStats Census working on Corrections Part 3 Flow Data Slightly different process

13 Part 3 Home Work Flow Tables ACSII files on BTS Server Tract to Tract (May 7) TAZ to TAZ (May 25) CAT Software Distributed Julyish? No Corrections Expected

14 Will there be Training? Yes! Sort of

15 Provides all basics on understanding, using and working with the CTPP data in a transportation planning context


17 Sample Variable List NOTE: Age has 3 levels, clusters or elements

18 Sample Table List

19 Disclosure Review Board


21 Mode to Work Circa 1990 For 2000 (ROUNDED) Total352350 (not 355!) Drive Alone212210 Carpool4645 Transit5960 Walk3335 Bike24 Example of Rounding True Total 354

22 Using the CTPP, 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = ? Pop Quiz! a) 30c) 35e) 40 b) 45d) 50f) Any of the Above Here's a real life example using the CTPP Part 2 data. Let's say my boss asks as simple question: "How many transit commuters are at work in the Bay Area?" Using the Part 2 data, I am able to provide my boss 15 different answers! Chuck Purvis, MTC



25 Chicago CBD - CTPP 2000 Data

26 1.Obtain your "regional control totals" from the most geographically aggregate summary levels. 2.Avoid aggregating (summing together) your geographies 3.Avoid aggregating categories. 4.Sum as few categories as possible. 5.Adjust (de-round, un-round) as you see fit. SF3 or PUMS can provide control totals to adjust the CTPP Part 1 data. 6.Develop a sense of humor. Rounding Tips So it is "close enough for government work"

27 No record threshold Must have 3 unweighted records

28 Workers at Work Counts vs. Other Employment Sources Total jobs are HIGHER than CTPP worker counts CTPP uses NAICS, others may use SIC Multi-site businesses and job types not reported consistently Census 2000 employment estimates vs CPS Extended Allocation for CTPP small areas

29 When I get my CTPP CD-ROM Home What should I do?

30 Pop it into your CD Drive

31 Explore what is on it



34 X

35 Install the Viewer Software


37 I let it put it the data viewer with all my other operating programs


39 After the machine rebooted and the 2020 data viewer (aka the browser) was successfully installed here is what I did

40 Looked to see what was on CD

41 Browsed all the files and directories


43 Created a Directory Structure where I wanted to keep the Data and Sessions 800 meg

44 Moved files from CD including Docs

45 Off to the races using my CTPP

46 With all this said and done now what can I do? Build Regional and sub-area Data Profiles Add Trends to your Profiles Make the Information Available Incorporate data into Planning Process

47 Stay Connected Are You on the CTPP-News Listserve? Have You Seen our Newsletter (the Status Report)?

48 When Mining Your Census Data Keep us in Mind Let Us Know What You Have Done We Are Always Interested Want to… Want to… Show Off Your Work? Show Off Your Work? Gain National Exposure? Gain National Exposure? Meet Other Data Users? Meet Other Data Users? Tour Washington DC? Tour Washington DC? Sound Exciting? TRB Urban Data and Information Systems Committee Ed Christopher-Chair (708-283-3534)

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