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RELEASE OF THE 2001 CENSUS RESULTS March 2003. Release of the 2001 Census Content Media and formats Release schedule Arrangements for using the results.

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2 Release of the 2001 Census Content Media and formats Release schedule Arrangements for using the results

3 …first, a word on geography for Census outputs, all areas are made up of Output Areas (c.125 households) some areas are made up of current wards

4 Content of Census Output Standard area statistics Other statistical output Supporting information

5 Basis of Standard Area Statistics Requirement for both summary and detailed results for all areas Level of detail depends on size of area/population Requirement answered by 3 sets of tables

6 Standard Area Statistics Key Statistics Census Area Statistics Standard Tables Table specifications are on the National Statistics website

7 Key Statistics Simple categorisation of Census topics 30 tables, c.15 counts in each Available as counts or percentages Available for all geographies

8 KS01: Usual Resident Population

9 Whats New in Key Statistics ? Tables renumbered Separate table on Welsh language More meaningful comparisons with 1991 where possible Results for migration/distance travelled to work not in first release

10 Census Area Statistics Cross-tabulation of Census topics 150 tables - c.100 counts in each Includes 6 CAS Theme Tables 65 Univariate Tables Available for all geographies

11 CAS004: Age by Gender and Living Arrangements

12 Whats new in the Census Area Statistics ? Tables renumbered New household composition and revised Social Grade tables Revision of SIC categories to provide more information More detail on Country of Birth Tables on workplace population

13 Standard Tables Detailed cross-tabulation of Census topics 135 tables, c.500 cells each including 17 Theme Tables Available for Ward-based geographies

14 S004: Age by Sex and Living Arrangements

15 T01: Theme Table on Dependent Children

16 Whats New in Standard Tables ? Tables renumbered Output on religion to mirror ethnicity Theme Tables on ethnicity and religion Tables on workplace population Tables on Welsh language

17 Output and Geography

18 Table Numbering Key Statistics: numbered 1-25 by topic across UK Standard Tables: 1-68 UK; 101-145 England/Wales CAS Tables: Correspond to Standard Tables

19 Other Statistical Output Profiles Multi-Source Topic Reports Origin-Destination Statistics Headcounts

20 Profiles Summary of results for a single area c.50 counts Standard profiles for administrative geographies Special profiles for parlicons, postal sectors, small parishes and on the Welsh language

21 Multi-source Topic Reports Bringing together data from a variety of sources (incl. non-standard Census tabulations) 13 reports, including ethnicity & identity; religion; inequalities; and rural areas

22 Origin-Destination Statistics Information on migration and travel to work flows 14 migration tables, 11 workplace tables

23 Headcounts Counts of males, females and households for Output Areas and Unit Postcodes Allows estimation for postcodes and links to other datasets

24 Supporting Information Definitions Volume Output Area boundaries and geographical look-up files General and Quality Reports Product information

25 Release of Results Complete sets released as soon as possible Priority led by user requirement Range of media and formats

26 … for example, Key Statistics for LAs downloadable results and profiles on Neighbourhood Statistics website printed report pdf of report; commentaries and other information on NS website CD (Excel format) from Census Customer Services (CCS) Single-area summaries on email from CCS

27 Census Output Database(s) Standard output counts & geography Core funding Additional funding Bespoke output Additional funding Census Access ISB & partners Customer funding Bulk electronic Bulk electronic END USERS printCD Reps NeSS DATA OUTPUT FUNDING MEDIA Intermediaries adding value Reports Website

28 Media for Future Releases Detail in Output Prospectus but… –Standard Area Statistics will be made available through Neighbourhood Statistics –Will always be available from day of release on CD/DVD (Supertable/CSV formats) through CCS Census News will invite you to book CDs ahead of release

29 Schedule for Output Standard Area Statistics: Sept 02-Sept 03 OA boundaries March 03 Origin-Destination Statistics: late 2003 MSTRs: summaries in mid-2003; detailed reports through 2004 Commissioned output: from July 03

30 Schedule for Standard Area Statistics –Already published: –Population 2001 –Key Statistics for Local Authorities –Standard Tables for LAs - end-April –Next priorities –Key Statistics for OAs and above –Standard Tables for Wards More information in Output Prospectus

31 Arrangements for Use (1) To use the data within your organisation Must observe Conditions of Supply: –acknowledge copyright and source –respect confidentiality

32 Arrangements for Use (2) To publish the data Organisation must have Click-Use Licence from HMSO (obtainable from their website)

33 Arrangements for Use (3) To pass on the data to other organisations to publish Must have a Distribution Licence (or the receiving organisation has a Click-Use Licence)

34 …a note on Output Area boundaries OAs constructed with reference to boundaries provided by OS Digitised boundaries available from Census Customer Services Use is free except for value-added reselling - contact Census Customer Services

35 Costs of Census Results Standard Area Statistics are free in effect to the end user. Access will be free on the web Material costs (of CD/DVD) may be recovered (for large orders)

36 Commissioned Output Arranged through Census Customer Services Charge made for programming time (not for data itself)

37 Summary Headline results on all Census topics already published at LAD level More detailed results, and results for other geographies, will be published during 2003 Results available in reports; on CD; or on the web Standard statistics are free in effect to end user. Non-standard analyses can be commissioned from ONS Keep in touch with developments with the Census Output Prospectus and Census News

38 Keeping Up-to-Date 1. See Census Output Prospectus at: (updates notified by Census News) 2. To receive Census News email

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