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Review for Catherine, Called Birdy!

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1 Review for Catherine, Called Birdy!

2 Major Characters Catherine Lord Rollo Lady Aslinn Agnes Aelis
Uncle George Robert Thomas Edward Perkin Morwenna Meg Alf Shaggy Beard Ethelfritha

3 Catherine’s Suitors Rolf- Catherine acts like a villager and tells him that she has lumps and scars on her face. Said he didn’t want a wife with “wits lacking” Visitor from Kent- Catherine tells him that she has money and wants her dowry and her father throws a pot at him. Shaggy Beard- attempted to kill Catherine’s dog, describes him as a pig! Master Lack Wit- Catherine made herself look bad at the dinner table. Mouse bones in hair and dirt on her nose. Baron Fulk- Beats Lord Rollo at chess, Catherine sets fire to the privy with him in it. Stephen-Shaggy Beard’s son whom Catherine ends up marrying.

4 Character Relationships
Lord Rollo and Lady Aslinn Edward Thomas Catherine Robert Uncle George Aelis Meg married married married 7-year old duke(when he died who did Aelis marry??) Alf Ethelfritha

5 Major Events Catherine gets to see her first hanging
What happened with the Jews? Why does Edward want Catherine to start a diary? Why does Catherine keep sending suitors away? Catherine’s mother gets pregnant Catherine ends up marrying Stephen

6 Important Quotes “You are so much already, little bird. Why not cease your fearful pounding against the bars of your cage and be content?” Lady Aslinn “Daughters and fish spoil easily and are better not kept.” Lord Rollo “Beauty and rainbows soon pass away.” Morwenna “No, sir. Oh, no. She is a goodly lady, given that her wits are lacking and he back stooped. Mostly she is gently and quiet, when she is not locked up. And the pits on her face are much better now.” Catherine “You are lucky, Little Bird, for you have wings, But you must learn to master them.” Madame Joanna

7 Vocabulary Betrothal Suitor Serf Vellum Abbot Gallows Dowry Martyrs
Desloate Distress Giddy Romantic Excess Joust Pagan Putrid

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