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Phoenix Rising By Karen Hesse.

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1 Phoenix Rising By Karen Hesse

2 Characters Nyle Sumner-13 year old girl who lives with her grandmother
Nyle’s grandmother-Nyle lives with her on the farm Muncie Harris-Nyle’s friend/she is very short with blonde hair and glasses Ripley Powers-15 year old boy who likes to pick on Muncie and Nyle Ezra Trent-a 15 year old boy who was sickened by the “accident” Mrs. Trent-Ezra’s mother

3 Setting The farm where Nyle and her grandmother live.
The farm is in the town of North Haversham The story mentions the town of Cookshire where the accident took place.

4 Chapters 1-5 We learn that there was an “accident” and that they people in North Haversham have to wear masks on their faces when they are outside. Nyle and Muncie find one of Nyle’s sheep has been killed by Ripley Powers’ dog. Nyle notices that the curtain in the back bedroom is closed and that worries her. Nyle learns that her grandmother has taken in a mother and son (Mrs. Trent and Ezra) who were effected by the accident. We learn that the accident happened at a nuclear plant and radiation leaked out making people sick and killing others. Nyle sees Ezra but does not talk to him at first. Nyle takes a book to read to Ezra.

5 Chapters 6-12 The town gets word that they can throw away their protective masks. Ezra is very sick and now his mother is getting sicker too. Ezra finally speaks to Nyle Nyle likes Ezra and doesn’t want him to die. Ezra appears to be getting better and he and Nyle talk a lot. Nyle sees Ezra and his mother in the window but so does Muncie. She wants to know who they are. Nyle’s grandmother worries that Nyle is getting too close to Ezra and will be hurt when Ezra and his mother leave.

6 Chapters 13-17 Nyle and her grandmother get another dog for the farm and for Ezra. Ezra is not happy with getting the puppy and is afraid it will get him sick. Ezra comes out of the back room into the kitchen something he hasn’t done in months. Nyle visits her aunt and uncle’s farm. It is not safe to live there. Her one cousin is sick from radiation poisoning. Nyle and Ezra are hanging out more.

7 Chapters 18-26 Nyle is asked to bring school work home to Ezra.
Ezra is cleared to go outside. Ezra tells Nyle about the day of the accident. Munice is mad at Nyle for not telling her about Ezra and tells Nyle to leave her alone. Mrs. Trent and Ezra go with Nyle and her grandmother to a concert at the school. Ezra writes a letter to Nyle to thank her for all she has done.

8 Chapters 27-28 Riley beats up Ezra because he thinks Ezra is a “mutant”. Muncie comes to Nyle and Ezra’s rescue. Nyle’s grandmother, Mrs. Trent and Ezra leave without telling Nyle where they are going. We learn that Ezra has leukemia. Nyle visits Ezra in the hospital. Ezra dies.

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