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Copyright © 2005 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Product Features and Technologies Qosmio F20.

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2 Copyright © 2005 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Product Features and Technologies Qosmio F20

3 October 20052/2/ Hybrid TV tuner Video quality Processing power Natural UI Internet Communication Home network Mobility Quick play DVD/HDD recording Sound quality Surround technology Qosmio – Core Technology TV Audio PC DVD/HDD Player/Recorder

4 October 20053/3/ Qosmio – Core Technology Qosmio core technology: QosmioPlayer QosmioEngine Qosmio core technology: QosmioPlayer QosmioEngine "Qosmio core technology is the fundamental technology behind realizing 4-in-1 functionality "Qosmio core technology is the fundamental technology behind realizing 4-in-1 functionality

5 October 20054/4/ Qosmio – Core Technology

6 October 20055/5/ Create your own universe and express yourself with Qosmio Born from the convergence of the TV and PC worlds, Qosmio means my personal universe Designed to be the best mobile hub for smart entertainment that you control Qosmio integrates advanced technologies to make your life simpler and more entertaining: –High-quality TV with built-in analogue and digital (DVB-T) TV tuner –Enhanced video capabilities with QosmioEngine and QosmioPlayer –Harman Kardon ® speakers and SRS ® TruSurround XT technology and SRS ® WOW –Digital playback and recording, as well as home networking capabilities The Qosmio F20 is the hottest design concept on the market, whether you use it with other electronic devices or as a stand-alone system

7 October 20056/6/ Qosmio F20 Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Media Center Edition 2005 QosmioPlayer - for instant-on entertainment 15.4 Toshiba TruBrite WXGA + TFT display brightness 450 cd/m 2 QosmioEngine – for an advanced video experience Harman Kardon ® stereo speakers Remote Control for MCE and QosmioPlayer DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive Built-in analogue and digital (DVB-T) TV tuner w/ MPEG2 hardware encoder SRS ® TruSurround XT technology and SRS ® WOW HD to go offers High Definition quality content on the go

8 October 20057/7/ Qosmio F20 - System Architecture QosmioEngine DVD HDD LCD Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue) Wireless LAN 802.11b/g IEEE1394 Harman Kardon ® stereo speakers CPU MCH (Chipset) System Memory ICH (Chipset) GPU Video Processor Sound Circuit PCI-X bus 15.4 TruBrite WXGA TFT display

9 October 20058/8/ Key features on Qosmio F20 1. QosmioEngine 1-1. Digital Sharpness 1-2. Black / White Extension 1-3. LCD Over Drive 1-4. De-Interlacing 1-5. Colour Adjustment 1-6. Edge Enhancement 1-7. De-ringing 1-8. De-blocking 1-9.Picture Enhancement Utility 2. Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue) 2-1. Ghost Reduction 2-2. Y/C Separation 2-3. Time Base Corrector 3. Display and Output 3-1. LCD Specifications 3-2. Brightness control 3-3. AV-In 3-4. D-Connector/Component- Out/SCART 3-5. HD to go High Definition viewing 3-6. External Primary Monitor 4. Sound 4-1. Harman Kardon ® Speaker 4-2. SRS ® TruSurround XT technology and SRS ® WOW 4-3. S/PDIF 4-4. Intel® High Definition Audio 5. User Interface 5-1. QosmioPlayer 5-2. AV buttons and remote control 5-3. Bridge Media slot 6. System unit 6-1. Intel® Centrino Mobile Technology 6-2. Seamless communication 6-3. ConfigFree software utiltiy 6-4. Toshiba Summit 6-5. NVIDIA® GeForce FX Go6600 6-6. DVD Super-Multi (Double Layer) drive 6-7. All-in-one convenience 6-8. Microsoft® Office OneNote 2003 6-9. Toshiba Software & Solutions 6-10.Technical Specifications

10 October 20059/9/ 1. QosmioEngine 1-1. Digital Sharpness 1-2. Black / White Extension 1-3. LCD Over Drive 1-4. De-Interlacing 1-5. Colour Adjustment 1-6. Edge Enhancement 1-7. De-Ringing 1-8. De-Blocking 1-9. Picture Enhancement Utility Media Decode Engine (MPEG2) Audio Enhancement System QosmioEngine Sound Circuit TruBrite LCD Harman Kardon Speaker (30mmΦ) Video decoder Video Input Ant. Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue) MPEG Encoder Sound decoder Ghost Reducer (Where available) Y/C Separation (Where available)

11 October 200510/ QosmioEngine Another function of the QosmioEngine is: Video Monitor Function The Qosmio LCD screen can be used as an LCD monitor, together with a gaming console, a digital still camera, a DV camera or as a subnote PC Video output

12 October 200511/ Fine details are not clearly visible Sharpens the image both in horizontal and vertical directions The edge of the image is more emphasized and easy to recognize 1-1. Digital Sharpness (available under QosmioPlayer) [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

13 October 200512/ Dark images tend to hide colour contrast, while light images tend to wash out colour contrast Increase contrast levels in both dark and light images Bring out the details in dark images, while making colours in lighter images more vibrant 1-2. Black / White Extension (available under QosmioPlayer Live TV) [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

14 October 200513/ LCD response time is too slow for rapidly moving images/pictures Increase apparent response speeds in effected areas of the video image Better quality in rapidly moving video such as sports and subtitles 1-3. LCD Over Drive (available under QosmioPlayer Live TV and WinDVD) [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

15 October 200514/ Analog input is transmitted in an interlaced signal which creates a jagged picture being displayed Converts interlaces the transmitted signal into progressive scan images, which are displayed through the LCD Images in frequent and rapid motion are displayed smoothly 1-4. De-Interlacing [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

16 October 200515/ De-tuned hardware control parameters can produce incorrect colour levels Provides extensive testing of control parameters for gamma, brightness and colour balance in a video Results in more realistic, cleaner, lifelike images 1-5. Colour Adjustment (available under Windows only) [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

17 October 200516/ Analog video edges are poorly defined Add or replace graduation pixels and segmentalized pixels Objects in analog video are displayed more clearly 1-6. Edge Enhancement (available under Windows only) [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

18 October 200517/ Noise, which is called ringing noise, will be displayed around text such as closed captio Reduce ringing noise Improve the sharpness of character edge 1-7. De-ringing (available under QosmioPlayer DVD/TV replay) [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

19 October 200518/ Block noise such as mosaic noise occurs while MPEG2 stream is play backing Reduce block noise Improves video playback quality 1-8. De-blocking (available under QosmioPlayer DVD/TV replay) [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

20 October 200519/ TV or movie playback doesnt look good under certain lighting conditions Easily change the settings of the LCD and QosmioEngine features Experience ideal viewing, when watching TV or movies under different lighting conditions 1-9. Picture Enhancement Utility [Problem] [Function] [Benefit] Windows

21 October 200520/ 2. Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue) Media Decode Engine (MPEG2) Audio Enhancement System Sound Circuit Harman Kardon Speaker (30mmΦ) Video decoder Video Input Ant. Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue) MPEG Encoder Sound decoder Ghost Reducer (Where available) Y/C Separation (Where available) TruBrite LCD QosmioEngine Video processor (HW/SW hybrid solution) Digital Sharpness De-Interlacing Colour Adjustment Edge Enhancement Digital Noise Reduction 10-bit AD Converter Picture Enhancement Utility 2-1. Ghost Reducer 2-2. Y/C Separation 2-3. Time Base Corrector

22 October 200521/ Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue) with MPEG2 Hardware encoder (Qosmio TV Tuner) DBV-T/analog terrestrial TV tuner supporting worldwide TV broadcasting formats –(NTSC, PAL, SECAM) MPEG2 Hardware encoder LSI Noise reduction circuits are embedded in Qosmio TV tuner Video decoder Video Input Ant. Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue) MPEG Encoder Sound decoder Ghost Reducer (Where available) Y/C Separation (Where available)

23 October 200522/ Images appear to be displayed with shadow / ghost edges Decrease the ghost in images (For GCR signal only) The edge of the image is clearer and better images are displayed 2-1. Ghost Reduction [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

24 October 200523/ Colours which appear in images, bleed into each other and the clarity of the picture is reduced or appears distorted Separates colour and brightness signals, to produce clearer images Helps to reduce the flicker, colour bleed and artifacting in the displayed image, producing a clear, crisp, well-balanced image 2-2. Y/C separation [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

25 October 200524/ Degraded or irregular video signals create unclear images Correct flicker, strain and colour shading on images which occurs from irregular rotation or degraded signal output Clearer images are produced, with less distortion 2-3. Time Base Corrector [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

26 October 200525/ Media Decode Engine (MPEG2) Audio Enhancement System QosmioEngine Sound Circuit TruBrite LCD Harman Kardon Speaker (30mmΦ) Video decoder Ant. Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue) MPEG Encoder Sound decoder Ghost Reducer (Where available) Y/C Separation (Where available) S-VIDEO out RGB out Video Input 3-1.LCD Specifications 3-2.Brightness control 3-3.AV-in 3-4.D-Connector/ Component-Out/SCART 3-5.HD to go 3-6.External Primary Monitor 3. Display and Output

27 October 200526/ 3-1. LCD Specifications Widescreen 15.4 WXGA Toshiba TruBrite TFT display Doubles the display brightness, without increasing power consumption Brightness: 450 cd/m 2 Resolution: 1,280 x 800 resolution FL tube LCD Hard coating Anti-glare coating Ambient light [Previous Toshiba Clear SuperView LCD] Light diffused LCD Hard coating Anti-glare coating Ambient light [TruBrite LCD] NEW backlight system Introduces new system that prevents diffusion and directs light straight through to the front panel! 2 FL tubes configured without TruBritewith TruBrite

28 October 200527/ 3-2. Brightness Control Control the LCD brightness via the short-cut button on the AV panel or remote control Easy to control LCD brightness depending on our usage scenario. In the case of watching TV or DVD, enjoy brighter pictures or images [Problem] [Function] [Benefit] Brightness Control Button Remote Control

29 October 200528/ Monitor-in cable is bundled Monitor-in Button 3-3. AV-in Directly connect a digital camera, game console or other AV device to the LCD panel Be able to use LCD as monitor Utilize the ultra-bright and large screen, display capabilities [Problem] [Function] [Benefit]

30 October 200529/ 3-4. D-Connector/Component-Out/SCART D-Connector Bundled Scart Cable [Benefit] Be able to use LCD-TV as monitor.

31 October 200530/ 3-5. HD to go – enjoy now the ultimate thrill of mobile High Definition viewing! The High Definition video revolution is already underway. With HD to go from Toshiba, HD viewing is now going mobile. Experience video images so vibrant and alive that they seem almost tangible. HD to go, Toshibas innovative combination of powerful performance, advanced graphics and outstanding widescreen technology, delivers the ultimate thrill of mobile High Definition viewing. Ensuring smooth playback of WMV HD content Widescreen 720p resolution (minimum) HD to go proposition: For WMV content/ WMV encoding technology Cannot read HD-DVDs or decode H.264 standard ! For H.264 encoding technology (notebooks need a higher processing power than for WMV)

32 October 200531/ 3-6. External Primary Monitor New Extended desktop selection. On single or clone mode, user can switch to extended desktop by Fn-F5 utility. Primary, secondary selection. In addition, on extended desktop mode, user can exchange primary and secondary. Advantage –User can use External Monitor as Primary in multi monitor usage User scenario –Main screen is external monitor such as CRT or DVI –Taskbar or application start on external monitor in multi monitor mode How to change external monitor as primary –With simple operation, user can switch to multi monitor mode: New Hotkey utility (Fn+F5) or NVIDIA utility Multi monitor LCD: Primary Single LCD etc Multi monitor CRT/TFT: Primary

33 October 200532/ 4-1.Harman Kardon ® speakers 4-2.SRS ® TruSurround XT technology and SRS® WOW 4-3.S/PDIF 4. Sound Media Decode Engine (MPEG2) Audio Enhancement System QosmioEngine Sound Circuit LCD Harman Kardon Speaker (30mmΦ) Video decoder Video Input Ant. Hybrid TV Tuner (DBV-T/analogue MPEG Encoder Sound decoder Ghost Reducer ( Where available ) Y/C Separation (Where available)

34 October 200533/ Industry-leading Harman Kardon ® speakers (φ30mm) are integrated into the Qosmio unit, delivering enhanced sound capabilities. More powerful sound and a broader range of frequencies are available. 4-1. Harman Kardon ® speakers [Function] [Benefit]

35 October 200534/ 4-2. SRS Labs Technology Virtual Surround Sound With Dialog Clarity, Increased Bass (TruBass) and Expanded Sound Stage (TruSurround) Dialog Clarity –Speech and center dialog becomes much clearer and crisper, making it easier to discern from todays sophisticated movie effects TruBass –Create incredible deep rich bass from all speaker types and headphones TruSurround –Dolby certified technology that allows for a virtualized surround sound experience from any two-speaker playback system SRS –the reproduced sound is much closer to what the artist originally intended and to that of a live performance. Like live performances, SRS has no critical listening position (sweet-spot) FOCUS –An audio enhancement technology that has the unique capability of elevating the frontal sound-field from a pair of stereo speakers above the actual speakers location TruBass –Create incredible deep rich bass from all speaker types and headphones SRS® TruSurround XT technology SRS® WOW SRS® TruSurround XT is only available for WinDVD applications. SRS® WOW is available for Windows Media Player 9 in standard Windows interface and for QosmioPlayer. Please check your system specifications to ensure optimal results.

36 October 200535/ 4-3. S/PDIF (only in Windows mode, no support for QosmioPlayer) Provides an optical connection to audio equipment Less noise results in higher quality audio signal S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) is an audio transfer interface that enables digital sound output without a conversion to analog. This results in a higher quality of sound as the digital signal does not need to be translated to analogue when being transferred from one device to another (such as a DVD player and Dolby Digital decoder). [Function] [Benefit] WinDVD : Dolby stereo WinDVD creator : Dolby AC-3 QosmioPlayer : Dolby stereo

37 October 200536/ 4- 4. Intel ® High Definition Audio The Qosmio series have 2-channel audio codec compatible with the Intel ® High Definition (HD) Audio Interface. –This codec provides Stereo 24-bit resolution with sample rates up to 96kHz. It is able to play back at higher audio format than previous system(AC97). –if 24 bit / 96kHz sound source played… 2 4 =16 times accuracy of sound volume than AC97. 2 times range of possibility playback frequency than AC97. 24 bit up to 96 KHz

38 October 200537/ 5. User Interface 5-1. QosmioPlayer 5-2. AV buttons and Remote Control 5-3. Bridge Media slot

39 October 200538/ Even when the Qosmio unit is off, TV can be quickly accessed via the AV Control Buttons on the system or the Remote Control Full scan support: enjoy TV functionality anywhere you go with analog connection via full scan In addition to channel and volume control and selection, Brightness Control can be performed via the AV Control Buttons on the system 5-1. QosmioPlayer (TV) Remote Control QosmioPlayer (TV) supports analogue TV only

40 October 200539/ 5-1. QosmioPlayer (CD/DVD) Even when the PC is off, listening to CD music and watching DVD can be performed at the push of a button, via the AV Control Buttons on the system or the Remote Contol High quality video can be viewed through the QosmioEngine technology Remote Control

41 October 200540/ 5-1. QosmioPlayer (TV recording) You can record TV program and save maximum 10 files in QosmioPlayer. If recording area becomes full, QosmioPlayer stop recording automatically. Remote Control QosmioPlayer (TV) supports analogue TV only

42 October 200541/ 5-2. AV Buttons QosmioPlayer - TV Qosmio Player – CD/DVD Play/Pause STOP Previous track Next track Record Brightness On Screen Display TV-out

43 October 200542/ 5-3. 5-in-1 Bridge Media slot Features of SD Card and xD-Picture Card slot: –Postage stamp-sized – ideal for mobile devices –Write-protect switch prevents inadvertent overwriting of image or audio data –High data transfer rate: 2 MB/s Applications of SD Memory Card and MultiMedia Card : –Storage of data that requires high levels of security: –Content that requires copyright protection (books, music) –Personal identity data (mobile phone address book) –Content that requires intellectual property right protection –Bridge media between MP3 players, digital cameras and many more Features of the Memory Stick® Card and Memory Stick Pro : –Compact and easy-to-use / portability –High reliability - to shock and vibration –Content versatility – easy to share info

44 October 200543/ 6. System unit 6-1.Intel ® Centrino mobile technology 6-2.Seamless communication 6-3.ConfigFree software overview 6-4.Toshiba Summit 6-5.NVIDIA ® GeForce FX Go6600 6-6.DVD Super-Multi drive (Double Layer) 6-7.All-in-one convenience 6-8.Microsoft ® Office OneNote 2003 6-9.Toshiba Software & Solutions 6-10.Technical Specifications

45 October 200544/ 6-1. Intel ® Centrino mobile technology Thanks to the latest Intel ® Centrino Mobile Technology including - Intel ® Pentium ® M processors (up to 533 MHz Front-Side Bus and supporting Enhanced Speed Step Technology and Execute Disable Bit) - Mobile Intel ® 915PM Express chipset (up to 533 MHz Front-side Bus and Intel® Power Saving Technology) - Intel ® PRO/Wireless 2200BG network connection (supports latest wireless standards (IEEE 802.11ABG) and new optional PROSet/Wireless software. v.9.0 with improved GUI for simplified WLAN capabilities) The new Intel ® Centrino mobile technology features PCI Express technology which doubles data transfer rates and improves graphics performance.

46 October 200545/ 6-2. Seamless communication Qosmio offers a broad range of connectivity capabilities: i.LINK ® (IEEE 1394) port and integrated Bridge Media slot (SD Card, xD Card and Memory Stick) allow easy transfer of data to and from digital devices. International 56 Kbps V.90 modem (V.92 ready) offers unlimited global connection Ethernet LAN port allows users to connect to local area networks 3 x USB 2.0 ports allowing transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps Wireless LAN 802.11b/g for high-speed access to company networks or the Internet

47 October 200546/ 6-3. ConfigFree software utility Connectivity Doctor Analyze your network connection and assist in fixing the problem. Enables an easy and automatic switch between network configurations. Profile Settings Get connect with the members nearby. Members icon will show around the table, and document can be shared by dragging the file on the center. ConfigFree Summit Displays nearby active WiFi access point in radar GUI. Draw a line to connect to devices. Wireless radar 1 2 3 4 What is ConfigFree? Makes it easy for non-technical users to connect wired and wireless networks and share files amongst locally connected users.

48 October 200547/ W-WAN Auto Connect Feature It will automatically dial up with Mobile Data / 3G Card when both LAN & WLAN are disconnected Dial up Device Selection Select which device to dial-up with. (supports any device such as data cards or 3G cards that can be used by dial-up) Auto Launch of Program Select Program to execute after Dial-up connection (e.g VPN client, IE) NEW Automatically switch between LAN/WLAN/WAN Version 5.7 6-3. ConfigFree Automatic Network Device Switch New main features

49 October 200548/ 6-4. Toshiba summit Summary of features and benefits Quickly send files to other computers and devices in the local area Create a virtual meeting room, inviting all the local computers you want to have access to your file Simply drag and drop files into the middle of the room or send it directly to one of the participant only Provides a quick share feature by drag and drop a file onto the wireless radar icon What is the Toshiba summit? Toshiba Summit software to increase productivity, featuring efficient wireless conferencing functionality – including file sharing and chat.

50 October 200549/ 6-5. NVIDIA ® GeForce FX Go6600 Introducing the ultimate mobile graphics solution for mobile entertainment computing with DX9 support The NVIDIA® GeForce FX Go6600 graphics processing units deliver brilliant video and 3D graphics for both the road warrior and the multimedia enthusiast: UNPARALLED VIDEO VIEWING: NVIDIA's PureVideo technology SUPPORT FOR THE LATEST 3D GAMES AND APPLICATIONS: Microsoft DirectX 9 Shader Model 3.0 LEADING PERFORMANCE FOR MULTIMEDIA NOTEBOOKS: Advanced GeForce6Architecture with NVIDIA PowerMizer 5.0 technology NVIDIA® GeForce Go 6600, 128 MB DDR SDRAM, PCI Express x 16 Memory Interface 128-bit Memory Bandwidth (GBps) 11.2 GBps Fill Rate (pixels/sec.) 3 billion Vertices/Second 300 million RAMDACs 400 MHz

51 October 200550/ 6-6. DVD Super Multi drive (Double Layer) - Explore the possibilities includes bundled Intervideo and Sonic software create your personal video DVDs daily back up media for data and video play CDs and DVDs Copy / burn CDs and DVDs edit and update files (cut commercials, add and delete files) and much more.... Integrated DVD Super Multi drive allows users to copy all types of DVDs onto disc, while Double Layer supports recordable DVDs featuring two separate recording layers that can store 8.5 GB of data.

52 October 200551/ Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 –With all the power and functionality of Windows XP, plus new features that allow you to watch and record TV, manage your music collection, play DVDs, and much, much more. Sonic RecordNow! –Sonic RecordNow! is the easiest way to burn and copy CDs/DVDs and share data InterVideo® WinDVD Creator 2 Platinum –WinDVD Creator 2 Platinum is a new generation of DVD creation software. A truly integrated product, WinDVD Creator 2 Platinum is the easiest and fastest DVD-making program there is, allowing you to create high-quality DVDs in a fraction of the time taken by other similar software Windows Movie Maker 2 –Windows Movie Maker 2 makes home movie-making fun and easy. You can create, edit, and share your movies through a few simple actions. 6-7. All-in-one convenience

53 October 200552/ OneNote 2003 can help you gather and share information in meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions, phone conferences, and classesjust about anywhere you work with ideas and notes With its intuitive interface - organised just like a paper notebook - users can readily manage multiple sources of information, including: handwritten or typed notes, drawings, audio recordings, web page content and other information. 6-8. Microsoft ® Office OneNote 2003 bundled For quick and easy note organisation plus a vast selection of software and utility tools for maximum productivity on the area = show example on the area = hide example

54 October 200553/ 6-9. Toshiba Software & Solutions Toshiba has formed a strategic partnership with Element 5 to provide customers with an easy method of acquiring software solutions for their Qosmio. Customers can select and purchase SW titles from a list of the industries leading software vendors. Toshiba provides the customer with the convenience and added-value of purchasing key applications and solutions at discounted rates.

55 October 200554/ 6-10. Technical Specifications ModelQosmio F20 - 138 Processor/ Technology Intel® Centrino mobile technology including Intel® Pentium® M processor 760 (2.00 GHz, 533 MHz Front Side Bus, 2 MB 2nd level cache), Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG network connection and Intel® 915 PM Express chipset Operating systemMicrosoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition Display15.4 Toshiba TruBrite WXGA TFT display, resolution: 1,440 x 900, brightness: 450 cd/m2 Hard disk100 GB ( 5,400 rpm) Enhanced IDE (ATA-6) System memory1,024 (512 + 512) MB, maximum expandability: 2,048 MB, technology: DDR2 RAM Optical deviceDVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive Graphics adapterNVIDIA® GeForce Go 6600, 128 MB DDR SDRAM TV tunerBuilt-in hybrid analogue and digital (DVB-T) TV Tuner Pointing deviceTouch Pad Wired and wireless communication Ethernet LAN, international V.90 modem (V.92 ready), Wireless LAN (802.11b/g) Sound systemToshiba Bass Enhanced Sound System with SRS® TruSurround XT System and SRS® WOW, built-in Harman Kardon® stereo speakers, volume dial InterfacesDC-in, external microphone, external monitor, headphone, i.LINK® (IEEE1394), Monitor-in (Line-in), RJ-11, RJ-45, S-Video-in (Composite/Line-in), S-Video-out, S/PDIF (Headphone), built-in speaker, 3x USB 2.0, Dolby AC3 digital, D-Video out Expansion5-in-1 Bridge Media Slot, PC Card slot for 1x Type II card, 2x memory slots (1 to configure) BatteryMain, technology: lithium-ion, maximum life: up to 2:53 (Mobile Mark) hours Bundled softwareInterVideo® WinDVD Creator 2 Platinum, Microsoft® Office OneNote 2003*, online user manual, Sonic Record Now!, SRS® TruSurround XT technology for virtual surround sound, Toshiba ConfigFree, Toshiba utilities and drivers, Windows Movie Maker 2, Norton Internet Security 2005 (includes free Internet updates for 90 days) Bundled hardwareAC adapter, D-Connector to SCART cable, antenna cable, Remote Control, Monitor-in cable, modem cable, s-Video cable Special featuresAV buttons (Internet, QosmioPlayer, Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind, Forward, Record, Brightness, Zoom-out, Zoom-in), QosmioEngine for advanced video experience, QosmioPlayer for instant-on entertainment Security featuresBIOS password, HDD password on request, keyboard lock, main hard disk (by screw),main memory (by screw), slot for Kensington Cable Lock, supervisor password, system password security, user password, Wireless LAN switch Physical dimensionsW x L x H: 378 x 285 x 43 mm, weight: 3.90 kg Warranty2-year international warranty. Upgrade your standard warranty with Toshiba warranty extension and uplift packs. Contact your nearest Toshiba Authorised Reseller for details.


57 October 200556/ Disclaimers 1. Screen will dim when the computer is operated on battery power. 2. When using QosmioPlayer, the Remote Control Devise will not function. (This disclaimer applies to the MCE models only. ) 3. TV Tuner will function only in the country where the computer was purchased. 4. All images are simulated for purposes of illustration. 5. Over a period of time, and depending on the usage of the computer, the brightness of the LCD Screen will deteriorate. This is an intrinsic characteristic of LCD technology. 6.The Qosmio Player is not a Windows based application. When using the Qosmio Player, the Audio / Video recording feature will not function. In addition, battery life will be less than when using similar applications in the Windows Operating System. 7.Central Processing Unit (CPU) Performance Disclaimer. CPU performance in your computer product may vary from specifications under the following conditions: 1.use of certain external peripheral products 2.use of battery power instead of AC power 3.use of certain multimedia, computer generated graphics or video applications 4.use of standard telephone lines or low speed network connections 5.use of complex modeling software, such as high end computer aided design applications 6.use of several applications or functionalities simultaneously 7.use of computer in areas with low air pressure (high altitude >1,000 meters or >3,280 feet above sea level) 8.use of computer at temperatures outside the range of 5°C to 30°C (41°F to 86° F) or >25°C (77°F) at high altitude (all temperature references are approximate and may vary depending on the specific computer model – please refer to your Resource Guide or visit the Toshiba website at for details). CPU performance may also vary from specifications due to design configuration. Under some conditions, your computer product may automatically shut-down. This is a normal protective feature designed to reduce the risk of lost data or damage to the product when used outside recommended conditions. To avoid risk of lost data, always make back-up copies of data by periodically storing it on an external storage medium. For optimum performance, use your computer product only under recommended conditions. Read additional restrictions under Environmental Conditions in your product Resource Guide. Contact Toshiba Technical Service and Support for more information

58 October 200557/ Disclaimers 8. Your LCD display has a brightness approaching that of a TV device. We recommend that you adjust the brightness of your LCD to a comfortable level to prevent possible strain on your eyes. 9. Copy protection technology included in certain media may prevent or limit recording or viewing of the media. 10. SRS TruSurround XT is available only when using WinDVD applications. SRS WOW is available only when using Windows Media Player 9. 11. If you have to operate your PC during a thunderstorm and are connecting the TV tuner to an outside antenna, you should operate your PC using AC power mode. The AC adapter offers some protection against (but does not entirely prevent) possible electric shock caused by lightning. For complete protection, do not operate your PC during a thunderstorm. 12.Available storage capacity will also be less if the product includes one or more pre-installed operating systems, such as the Microsoft Operating System and/or pre-installed software applications, or media content. Actual formatted capacity may vary. 13.Wired and wireless communication capabilities to be applied in countries where approved. 14.Battery life may vary depending on applications, power management settings and features utilized. Recharge time varies depending on usage. Battery may not charge while computer is consuming full power. After a period of time, the battery will lose its ability to perform at maximum capacity and will need to be replaced. This is normal for all batteries. To purchase a new battery pack, see your accessories information that shipped with your computer or visit the Toshiba web site at 15.Small bright dots may appear on your TFT display when you turn on your PC. Your display contains an extremely large number of thin-film transistors (TFT) and is manufactured using high-precision technology. Any small bright dots that may appear on your display are an intrinsic characteristic of the TFT manufacturing technology. 16.Weight may vary depending on product configuration, vendor components, manufacturing variability and options 17.Certain notebook chassis are designed to accommodate all possible configurations for an entire product series. Your selected model may not have all the features and specifications corresponding to all of the icons or

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