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Dr Tag Elsir Mahjoub Third Sudan Consortium Meeting Oslo, May 6 - 7, 2008 Progress of CPA Implementation.

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1 Dr Tag Elsir Mahjoub Third Sudan Consortium Meeting Oslo, May 6 - 7, 2008 Progress of CPA Implementation

2 2 Introduction This overview of progress covers the following areas: Power-sharing agreement Wealth-sharing agreement CPA implementation in South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Abyei Security arrangements Political partnership between the NCP and the SPLM Other progress

3 3 Power sharing agreement: overview Despite slower than expected implementation, significant progress has been made on several fronts Interim National Constitution adopted in July 2005 and Government of National Unity established in September 2005 National Legislature, comprising the National Assembly and Council of States, was formed in August 2005. Membership is allocated according to CPA, Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement and Darfur Peace Agreement Several laws have been passed including, recently, the National Audit Chamber Bill, Electronic Deal Bill, Electronic Crime Bill, Auditing and Finance Procedures Bill, Armed Forces Bill

4 4 Power sharing agreement: Commissions CommissionMandateEstablished Technical ad hoc Border Committee Map January 1956 border between N and S Sudan September 2005 Assessment and Evaluation Commission Evaluate CPA implementation with the Parties October 2005 Assessment and Evaluation Commissions for Blue Nile and South Kordofan Monitor implementation of CPA protocols on Blue Nile and South Kordofan July 2007 National Population Census Council Plan for the censusJanuary 2006 National Constitutional Review Commission Restructuring Constitution in accordance with the power sharing formula and INC January 2006 Other commissions established include: National Petroleum Commission (NPC); Ceasefire Political Commission (CPC); Fiscal and Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission (FFAMC); National Judicial Service Commission and the National Civil Service Commission Other commissions/councils to be established soon include: National Human Rights Commission, National Land Commission and council for developing/promoting languages

5 5 National Judiciary National Judicial Service Commission Act enacted in October 2005 and the Commission was established in December 2005 Constitutional Court established in December 2005

6 6 The National Capital Khartoum State Constitution adopted in May 2006 5 ministerial posts allocated to NCP, two to the SPLM, two to other northern political groups and one reserved for Darfur representative Khartoum State Local Governance Bill enacted in August 2006 Commission on the Protection of the Rights of Non- Muslims in the National Capital has been established and is operational – ensuring that non-muslims are not adversely affected by Sharia Law

7 7 Preparation for Elections Fair, free and transparent elections envisaged for 2009, covering the National Assembly, the Council of States, Legislature for Southern Sudan, state assemblies, state governors, county governments, and the President of Sudan and the President of Southern Sudan Draft Election Law has been prepared by the NCRC NCP and SPLM have not yet arrived at a joint position on some of the articles in the draft Election Law National Election Commission to be constituted following the adoption of the Election Law by the National Assembly

8 8 Wealth Sharing Agreement CPA establishes principles for equitable revenue sharing from the oil sector National Petroleum Commission (NPC) established to formulate policies on the oil sector and monitor implementation Joint technical committee meets regularly to monitor and calculate oil revenues First full session of the NPC in April 2007 agreed mechanism for negotiating new oil contracts FFAMC established to ensure prompt and transparent allocation of funds to lower levels of Government

9 9 Implementation of CPA in South Kordofan Boundaries of South Kordofan State established in August 2005 – requiring merger of some parts of West Kordofan into South Kordofan Legislative Council formed in December 2005 and caretaker government in early 2006 State Constitution adopted in December 2006 CPA stipulates that governor should switch between SPLM and NCP after 18 months. Accordingly, the first SPLM nominated governor was replaced by NCP nominee in July 2007

10 10 Implementation of CPA in Blue Nile State government formed in December 2005 State legislative body established with 55% of seats allocated to NCP and 45% to SPLM First NCP-nominated governor replaced in July 2007 by SPLM nominee, in accordance with the CPA

11 11 Implementation of CPA in Abyei Civilian administration has not been established due to disagreement over the boundaries of Abyei As part of an agreement reached in December 2007, the President agreed to create a mechanism for implementation of the Abyei Protocol First Vice President in his capacity as SPLM Chairman has appointed Edward Lino as SPLM Chairman for Abyei, with overall administrative responsibility for the area, pending establishment of a civilian administration Four options for the final solution of the Abyei disagreement have been passed to the joint political committee for consideration and recommendation: –A political solution –Consideration by the Constitutional Court –Arbitration –Inviting the experts to defend their recommendations regarding the border

12 12 Security arrangements – institutional mechanisms CPA Security Protocol envisaged a collaborative approach, with two armed forces, together with Joint Integrated Units (JIUs) Institutional arrangements that have been established include: –Ceasefire Political Commission (CPC): to supervise and monitor implementation of the permanent ceasefire and security modalities –Ceasefire Joint Military Committee (CJMC): to co-ordinate implementation of the ceasefire and security modalities –Area Joint Military Committees (AJMCs) to co-ordinate ceasefire related monitoring and verification in the sectors The CPC reports to the President, and is expected to settle deadlocks referred to it by the CJMC Joint Defence Board (JDB) has been established Consultations are underway regarding the National Security Service/National Security Act. SPLM Deputy Director of the Intelligence and Security Bureau has been appointed, together with 107 SPLM officers

13 13 Redeployment of forces CPA required Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) to redeploy 72% from South Sudan by January 2007, and 100% by July 2007 –Total redeployment of SAF, verified by CJMC, was 78% by March 2008. With inclusion of voluntarily demobilised SAF soldiers, redeployment is 98% CPA required the SPLA to redeploy from East Sudan by January 2006, and from South Kordofan and Blue Nile after the full formation of the JIUs –SPLA redeployment from East Sudan completed by July 2006 –SPLA redeployment from South Kordofan and Blue Nile now underway. As of end March 2008, 11% redeployment has been verified by the CJMC JDB is responsible for co-ordination between SAF and SPLA and for command of the JIUs. As of February 2008, JIUs reached 85% of authorised strength of 39,639

14 14 Other armed groups CPA requires that all other armed groups aligned to either Party, should be integrated into the forces (army, police, prisons or wildlife service) of one of the Parties – or disarmed, demobilised and reintegrated into civilian life Other Armed Groups Collaborative Committee (OAGCC) established to oversee this process SPLA signed Juba Declaration on Unity and Integration of SPLA and the Southern Sudan Defence Forces In May 2007, SAF declared that there were no more SAF- aligned OAGs in Southern Sudan

15 15 De-mining and DDR National Council for De-mining has been established, responsible for de-mining programming, in coordination with the UN and other national and international bodies National Council for Disarmament, Demobilisation and Re- integration (DDR) has been established North and South Sudan DDR Commissions have also been established, and are currently operational

16 16 Political partnership between the NCP and the SPLM The NCP and SPLM have agreed on a combined mechanism to spur the CPA implementation process and enhance political partnership. This includes: –Joint annual meetings of the Leadership Bureau of the NCP and the Political Bureau of the SPLM –Quarterly meetings of a joint leadership committee of each party –Monthly meetings of a joint political follow-up committee and, if necessary, subsidiary committees (economic, political, security) The joint leadership committee and follow-up committee have held a series of meetings. Conclusions reached include: –Establishment of an interim administration for Abyei –Establishment of a national executive committee to examine the performance of national institutions in South Sudan and relations between the National level, South Sudan level and Southern states –Establishment of a committee for information and media co-ordination

17 17 Political partnership between the NCP and the SPLM (cont.) No final agreement has been reached within the political follow-up committee on the executive mechanisms for the interim administration of Abyei The executive committee has agreed a number of decisions regarding the schedules of competencies in the INC at National, South Sudan and state levels. Implementation of these recommendations has already started

18 18 Other progress Multi-Donor Trust Funds (MDTFs) have been established for the North and the South Central Bank established and the new currency (the Pound) has smoothly replaced the Dinar Fifth National Census is underway Tripartite agreements have been reached between the Government of National Unity, UNHCR and neighbouring countries to facilitate the repatriation of Sudanese refugees Significant progress has been made to resettle IDPs in the South and other war-affected areas

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