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Implementation Research Team IS 31, Vision to Action

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1 Implementation Research Team IS 31, Vision to Action
Bridging the Gap: From Vision to Action Igniting Passion and Imagination to Introduce Positive Change Implementation Research Team IS 31, Vision to Action

2 Safety

3 The Team Bill Beck, WorleyParsons – Moderator
Paul Chinowsky, University of Colorado John Strickland, CH2M HILL Lisa Millet, URS Corporation Anna Franz, Architect of the Capitol

4 Learning Objectives Understand the Vision to Action relationship with other CII Implementation Publications Understand the Challenges from Peer Responses Case studies Be prepared to use the IMPACT tool

5 The VISION to ACTION Study
Paul Chinowsky, University of Colorado The VISION to ACTION Study

6 Let’s Test Where We Are Is senior management taking the lead in developing a vision for new practice implementations? Are individuals encouraged to submit recommendations for new practices? Are departments encouraged to implement and try new practices?

7 Where Vision to Action Fits
RS 166-1 VISION TO ACTION Celebrate Success Products Training Measure Results Product Implementation Product Champions/Review Boards Implementation Plan and Goals Self Audit Corporate Implementation Champion Corporate Commitment CII Products CII Support Benefit/Cost Data IMPACT RS & IR 246-2 RS 166-3 “IMPACT” and “HOT LIST”

8 Implementation Action
Igniting Change Through Vision Implementation Action IMPACT Tool IR246-2 The Implementation Planning Model: RS246-1b The Experience Reference Index Vision-to-Action Research Guidance The Implementation Planning Assistant

9 The Vision to Action Effort
The Issue: How to inspire an organization to move from an idea to implementation – how do you create a desire to innovate and change? The Objective: Make it easier and more effective The Process: Member Survey, Interviews, Case Studies The Result: Insights and assistance

10 Insights

11 Insights

12 Let’s Change the Perspective

13 The “Hot List” Make it a Priority Strategize Strategic Success Communicate a New Reality Inspire the Team Embrace the Vision

14 The “Hot List” (continued)
Be Loud and Proud Spread the Word Own it and Live it Drive the Train, Don’t Watch the Parade Grow the Flames, Not Just the Fire

15 Take A Journey Together

16 Take A Journey Together

17 A Quantitative Analysis

18 The innovator’s challenge
John Strickland The innovator’s challenge

19 Challenges to innovation
Many competing innovations Bias for stability Technology changes Lack of a robust process for shepherding the ideas

20 Enhancing innovation Increase direct contact
Co-location can yield amazing results Utilize small “breakout” sessions on large teams Focused effort Organizational support and recognition Direct client support

21 For example…… Discovering the potential Presenting the idea
Developing the track record The role of the client

22 Lisa Millet A URS Perspective









31 Anna Franz An AOC Perspective

32 Architect of the Capitol
AOC Mission: To serve Congress and the Supreme Court, preserve America’s Capitol, and inspire memorable experiences.

33 An AOC Perspective AOC Vision:
We will be an exceptional team, acclaimed for superior service, recognized as trusted stewards, and renowned for enriching people’s lives. Next Steps: Turn vision statement into actionable and measurable performance goals embraced by entire AOC team.

34 Thornton design for Capitol
An AOC Perspective ? Thornton design for Capitol ca. 1795 U.S. Capitol Dome 2014 Walter design for Dome ca. 1854

35 Paul Chinowsky The IMPACT Tool

36 IMPACT Demo The Questions The Overall Results The Quantitative Results
The Section Scores The Recommendations The Quantitative Results The Hot Areas Go Get Started

37 IMPACT Live Demonstration

38 Bill Beck Conclusion

39 Learning Objectives Understand the relationship with other Implementation Publications and Vision to Action Understand the Challenges from Peer Responses Case studies Be prepared to use the IMPACT tool

40 Vision to Action Implementation Research Team
William Beck, WorleyParsons Rick Bilotto, The Procter & Gamble Company Paul Chinowsky, University of Colorado Larry Daniels, Eastman Chemical Company Shari Davis, Audubon Engineering Company Bill Drust, Praxair Anna Franz, Architect of the Capitol Manuel A. Garcia, CII John Hewitt, Matrix Service Company Tamara Lynam, Burns & McDonnell Kamlesh Narwani, McDermott International Mauricio Rodriguez, Smithsonian Institution Hal Simonds, Siemans Energy Kindra Stockebrand, Dow Chemical Company David Tweedie, BIS Industrial Services Warren Yau, Teck Resources Limited

41 Implementation Strategy Committee (ISC)
William Beck WorleyParsons Richard Bilotto Procter & Gamble Paul Chinowsky Univ. of Colorado Rhianon Cookshaw WorleyParsons Jason Crain Hargrove Mike Davidson OPG Ketan Desai General Motors Tracie Griffitt Jacobs Gregory Kanteres Eastman Chemical Arch Lane Wood Group Mustang Tamara Lynam Burns & McDonnell Christine Merdon Architect of the Capitol Barry Rittberg Fluor Corporation Sara Simpson URS Corporation Stuart Stoves Yates Construction Steve Toon Bechtel Speedy Warner SAIC Constructors Nuria E. Ayala CII Erika Corbell Donna Rinehart Cindy King CII

42 Performance Improvement Workshop September 30 – October 2, 2014
Focused on: CII Product Implementation Best Practices New Practices Case Studies Networking Houston, Texas Earn at least 12 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits

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