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Welcome Again SCM (Logistics Approach) Course Facilitator M.Tariq Yousafzai.

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1 Welcome Again SCM (Logistics Approach) Course Facilitator M.Tariq Yousafzai








9 QUIZ 1 Bullwhip Effect

10 Bullwhip Effect Tier 2 Suppliers Tier 1 Suppliers ProducerDistributorRetailer Final Customer Amount of inventory =

11 Inventories are progressively larger moving backward through the supply chain

12 Warming up for another one…

13 Disintermediation?

14 Reducing one or more steps in a supply chain by cutting out one or more intermediaries Such as DELL

15 Lets make you slightly dizzy

16 Lead Time How can we reduce the lead time?

17 How well do you know yourself? 1.Do you know exactly what you want to do after when you graduate? 2.Do you know how your current studies relate to your personal/professional goals? 3.Have you researched the industry/company you are interested in? 4.Do you know what qualifications are required to enter the workforce? 5.Have you identified/completed an internship opportunity to enhance your skills? 6.Have you analyzed your strengths and weaknesses? 7.Do you know which life values you cannot comprise when finalizing your career options? 8.Can you explain why you are more qualified than others? 9.Do you know what where you want to be 5 years from now? 10.Can you tell me why I should hire you in 30 seconds?

18 Which type are you? G ROWL Y AP, Y AP H OWL W OOF

19 How does it effect an interview? InterviewerIntervieweeHow should you react? ? ? ?

20 The Supply Chain OperationsReference (SCOR) ModelThis model was attempts to integrate wellknown concepts of process reengineering,benchmarking, and process measurementinto a cross functional relationship by: Capturing the as is state of a process and derive the to be future state(reengineering); l

21 - Quantify the operational performance of similar companies and establish internaltargets based on best-in-class results(benchmarking); and, Characterize and describe the management practices and softwaresolutions that will result in best inclass performance (best practice analysis).

22 SCOR is Based on Five Distinct Management Processes

23 The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model This model attempts to integrate well known concepts of process reengineering, benchmarking, and process measurement into a cross functional relationship by: –Capturing the as is state of a process and derive the to be future state (reengineering); –Quantify the operational performance of similar companies and establish best of class performance (benchmarking); and, –Characterize and describe the management processes that will result in best in class performance (best practice analysis).









32 !

33 . Morning Meeting MTO (Make to Order) Is a manufacturing process in which manufacturing starts only after a customer's order is received. (POD) Forms of MTO vary, for example, an assembly process starts when demand actually occurs or manufacturing starts with development planning.

34 MTS (Made to Stock) The opposite business model is to manufacture products for stock MTS (Make to Stock), which is push-type production. There are also BTO (Build to Order) and ATO (Assemble To Order) in which assembly starts according to demand

35 Assembling after receiving a customer's orders is "ATO (Assemble To Order)" and starting with development designing is "ETO (Engineer To Order)". Construction by general contractors and plant construction by engineering companies are categorized as ETO.

36 Even if the production quantity increases, if push-type products that are manufactured by MTS can be manufactured by pull-type production such as MTO and ATO models using SCM software or information technology, then there will be greater business opportunities. Rush to the case study!

37 ATO (Assemble To Order) of computers by Dell Inc.and production of sports bicycle by National Bicycle Industrial Co., Ltd. are examples of creating a new business model by matching the diversification of products with ATO, BTO, ETO, and with new-style marketing

38 TEAM HDX Analyze the recomedations by Randall regarding the facility setup.Would You tell Limmer to follow this recommandations or go with another setup? Why? What is your opinion of Krisheads selection of the labor cost KPI? Is it on target or somewhat flawed? Should Limmer get on that flight to Jakarta? If he makes the trip, what should he investigate on his tour? Develop a process map depicting product flows for the HDTV supply chain and note the potential problem areas and bottlenecks that may impact the success of Team HDX?

39 Catnap Pet Products Given its volume growth and supply chain process changes, what technology challenges will CPP face? As the scope of CPP supply chain expands, which information technology capabilities will be most important for the company to pursue? From an information sharing view point, how will the requirements of PETCO and TARGET differ from CPPs current customer base? How should CPP respond to these requirements?

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