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1 Romina Mazzanti English a.a. 2005/2006. HISTORY The Valentino Fashion Group S.p.A. is a natural extension of the Marzotto Group’s industrial experience.

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1 1 Romina Mazzanti English a.a. 2005/2006

2 HISTORY The Valentino Fashion Group S.p.A. is a natural extension of the Marzotto Group’s industrial experience. Over the years, through specific acquisitions, it has gradually shifted approaches, becoming less production-oriented and more fashion-driven and market-oriented. 1980-1990 some big licensed brands were acquired, namely M Missoni and Marlboro Classics, in addition to the majority of the Hugo Boss stock, allowing the group to consolidate its presence in the international fashion business. 2002 with the acquisition of Valentino, one of the leaders of Italian style and creativity in the world of fashion and luxury, the group not only increased its portfolio of brands, but also boosted its presence in the luxury segment. By capitalising on Valentino’s international prestige, management came up with a turnaround plan that was based on expanding the range of products. 2005 a partial split separated the Valentino Fashion Group S.p.A. from the Marzotto Group’s textile business.

3 3 A brand is a symbol that distinguishes a product made by one firm from the others. Its image of glamour, exclusivity and strong style make Valentino a brand well known for the sophistication and elegance of its creations. Valentino Fashion Group S.p.a. includes the following brands: Valentino, Hugo Boss and M. Missoni. Hugo Boss operates in the international fashion and luxury market. The women’s and men’s clothing collections are enhanced by extensive accessories such as shoes, leather goods, watches, eyewear and fragrances, which are partially linked to third party licensing agreements. The Hugo Boss line consists of both formal and casual wear at various price levels.

4 4 The collection targets women between the ages of 25 and 40, women with an evident sense of class in her leisure pursuits as well as her professional endeavours. The collection is an imaginative interpretation of the traditional Missoni style; rich in colour and elegance, with refined patterns and materials.

5 5 COMPETITION The main competitors are: In Italy:In the word: ArmaniDior GucciChanel Dolce & Gabbana Ralph Lauren Cavalli …. Valentino Fashion Group S.p.A. is suffering from low cost Chinese imports. The impact of Chinese competition is leading to the loss of jobs. The Chinese market creates an opportunity so family firms often do no have the strength to survive in a difficult market. … AND FASHION PIRACY It is negaive for the company because Ruins the image Creates illegal income for the black market And for market share

6 6 ADVERTISING Advertising is an attempt to get the right message to the right people at the time. The company advertises through media, magazines, television, posters, internet (, ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES:  Originality  Big Impact  Revolution

7 7 The Valentino Fashion Group plays a vital role in the world of fashion and luxury, with a rich and well-diversified product range which includes clothing, accessories, and footwear for men and women. A luxury brand like Valentino Fashion Group is a synonym of high quality. Many consumers prefer to buy more expensive goods because they think they are superior. As a result of the superior quality materials and detailed tailoring, these creations are only for a highly select customers. Today it means durability, reliability, implies value for money and it also concerns with quality of service.

8 8 Vision Mission Today's fashion world is a framework, which enhances values such as style and research, creativity and innovation, technology and craftsmanship. Its distinctive feature is the skill to merge many spirits into a harmonious balance. They want To be the fashion world's protagonists in the fashion and luxury sectors Ensuring The highest quality standards in all market segments they serve Steadily focusing on the demands of an unwaveringly evolving cosmopolite consumer They pursue Excellence and innovation by establishing an on-going dialogue between passion and experience

9 9 PRINCIPLES: Creativity and Quality Continuity and Innovation Ethics The consumer’s Central Role Flexibility and Efficiency

10 10 The Valentino Fashion Group operates in over 100 countries, with more than 1,200 single-brand boutiques and 208 directly-managed shops. The Valentino Fashion Group has its main center to Milan, but it possesses many other Operating Centers in the word: Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo.

11 11 ORGANISATION Valentino Fashion Group S.p.A. ValentinoHugo BossM. Missoni Valentino Fashion Group is a limited company. A limited company is formed by a minimum of two shareholders, that is to say investors who have shares in the company. Any profits made by the company are divided among the shareholders in proportion to the amount they have invested and these payments are called dividends. In the UK there are two types of limited company: a)PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY b)PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY

12 12 BUSINESS SERVICES E.Bay, for example, is an on- line marketplace where people can buy or sell goods or services immediately. Valentino distributes its products in Italy and in foreign countries. Many customers prefer to buy these products on-line in order to save time and money.

13 13 THE END

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