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The GEAR UP/STAR Summer Bridge Program

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1 The GEAR UP/STAR Summer Bridge Program
In partnership with The College of Education, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

2 What is the GEAR UP/STAR?
GEAR UP: Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programming. STAR: Students Training for Academic Readiness GEAR UP/STAR helps introduce you to post-secondary opportunities, which are opportunities after high school

3 What is the GEAR UP/STAR Summer Bridge Program?
Fun activities in subjects that will help you be successful Developed for you by your Faculty Fellows

4 The Summer Bridge Program includes:
The Summer Bridge Leadership and Communication Institute The Summer Math Institute The Summer Bridge Science Institute The Summer Spanish/ Eng/LA Institute

5 When and where will it take place?
June 23 – July 11: Rising 8th graders June 30 – July 18: Rising 9th graders First two weeks: at your school (times TBA) Final week: at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)

6 Summer Bridge Leadership and Communication Institute
Faculty Fellow: Dr. Shawn Wahl

7 Institute Topics Leadership and communication skills
Getting ready for college Teamwork Motivation Attitude Computer and media literacy Professionalism Citizenship

8 The Summer Math Institute
Faculty Fellows: Dr. Mufid Abudiab Dr. Faye Bruun

9 7th Graders going into 8th Grade
Campus Tour Scavenger Hunt on Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus Using Geometry Sketchpad on laptop computers Hector P. Garcia Statue study Math Survivor game

10 8th Graders going into 9th grade
Campus Tour Scavenger Hunt on Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus Math Survivor game Pythagorean Theorem using Baseball diamond Transformations using “Momentum” statue

11 You’ll take a campus tour…

12 You’ll go on a math scavenger hunt

13 You’ll use technology with laptops and Geometry Sketchpad

14 You’ll study proportion using campus statues

15 You’ll play Math Islander Survivor (No one is “voted off” the island!)

16 Baseball…or the Pythagorean Theorem?

17 The Summer Bridge Science Institute
Dive In! Faculty Fellows: Ms. Sandra Cherniss and Mr. Mark McNamara

18 Get immersed in science research

19 Catch the Wave Use exciting scientific equipment and investigate the Ward Island ecosystems.

20 Wade In! Discover the fun of learning more about marine life and coastal processes.

21 "Sea" it for yourself! Study the marine organisms living in Corpus Christi Bay.

22 Bring a parent... Share the experience of science in action!

23 The Summer Spanish/Eng/LA Institute
¡Vamos! Let’s Go! Faculty Fellow: Ms. Deborah Levensailor

24 España (Spain) La historia del español empieza aquí.
The story of Spanish begins here.

25 Madrid La capital de España. The capital of Spain. Museo del Prado
La cultura y la tradición

26 Sevilla (Andalucía) La tierra de la feria, el baile sevillano,
y la música flamenca. The land of the fair, Sevillian dance and Flamenco music . El baile La guitarra

27 El puerto de Santa María (The Port of the Santa María)
El viaje al nuevo mundo. The voyage to the new world. El año de 1492 Niña, Pinta, y Santa María

28 El Caribe Cuba Puerto Rico República Dominicana The Caribbean
Spanish is spoken here

29 Florida Una palabra española que significa «flowered» en inglés.
A Spanish word that means “flowered” in English.

30 México La conquista española. The Spanish Conquest.

31 Los dos novios (The Sweethearts)
Popocatépetl y Iztaccíhuatl Sleeping Woman Smoking Mountain Active volcano Dormant volcano (Activo) (Dormir = to sleep)

32 California San Diego San Diego, Texas Census 2000 highlights:
Seventh largest city in the U.S., by population; city with the 10th largest population growth in the 1990s (1,223,400 people) San Diego, Texas The population, at the time of the 2000 census, was 4,753 people.

33 ¡Vamos a San Diego! Let’s go to San Diego!

34 Texas

35 Two things my family and I have to be willing to do:
I will attend all three weeks First two weeks: Leadership Institute at your school Third week: Institute at TAMUCC One or both of my parents will come to the last day of the institute at TAMUCC

36 How can I sign up? Sign up with your principal or guidance counselor

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