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HC Source ® 1 STAFFING EFFECTIVENESS Dr. Jac Fitz-enz CEO Human Capital Source.

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1 HC Source ® 1 STAFFING EFFECTIVENESS Dr. Jac Fitz-enz CEO Human Capital Source

2 HC Source ® 2 WHAT TO MEASURE? The Choice of Metrics Depends on Business Initiatives

3 HC Source ® 3 THE BASIC PRINCIPLE OF PLANNING AND EVALUATING ceterus paribus All things being equal……

4 HC Source ® 4 CAUSES AND EFFECTS What Happened?: Activity: Cost, Time, Quantity Who – What – Where – When – How Much What Was the Intermediate Effect?: Improvement Quality – Innovation – Productivity – Service Goal Profitability – Market Share (Mission Accomplishment) Goal Profitability – Market Share (Mission Accomplishment) What Was the Market Effect?:

5 HC Source ® 5 Quality Hire Better Customer Service Customer Retention & Spend Marketing Spends on New Prospects Profit Increase SAMPLE: CETERUS PARIBUS FROM CAUSE TO EFFECT

6 HC Source ® 6 TIPS, TRICKS & SYSTEMS The One-Minute Recruiter Benchmarking Systems > > > > > Scan Plan ProcessIntegrate Evaluate

7 HC Source ® 7 STAFFING: A COMPLEX FUNCTION Strategy Structure Processes Skills Evaluation

8 HC Source ® 8 CORPORATE INITIATIVES DRIVE STAFFING DECISIONS Reduce Operating Expenses Shorten Time to Market Improve Customer Service Increase Gross Margins STRATEGIC LEVEL

9 HC Source ® 9 STRUCTURE SOURCING vs. RECRUITING / SELECTION Division of Labor and Motivation Communication Accountability Reward and Recognition ?

10 HC Source ® 10 MEASUREMENT INVERSION Future Values Process Efficiency Employee Productivity Pay & Benefits Costs Initial Cost to Hire Least Value Most Value Most Measured Least Measured

11 HC Source ® 11 EFFICIENCY OR EFFECTIVENESS? CostTime QuantityQuality Reaction

12 HC Source ® 12 SAMPLE METRICS QUANTITY Number hired / Recruiter Add Rate Replacement Rate Hire to Requisition Ratio Referral Rate Internal Fill Rate COST Cost per Hire Sign on Bonuses TIME Response Time Time to Fill Time to Start QUALITY Fit Rating Offer to Acceptance Rate REACTION Manager Satisfaction

13 HC Source ® 13 ACCOUNTABILITY SOURCINGRECRUITMENT Select (Cull) Interview Refer Confer/Advise Process: Quality Timeliness Satisfaction Produce Leads: Quantity Quality Timeliness COST

14 HC Source ® 14 ACTIVITY DATE ET Requisition... 2/1 Recruitment Plan.. 2/7+ 6 Begin Sourcing.. 2/10+ 9 First List... 2/22+21 Referral... 2/25+24 Selection... 4/15+64 Offer Made... 4/25+74 Accept / Reject.. 4/28+77 Onboarding... 5/8+87 Arrival... 5/20+99 TIME TRACKING POINTS

15 HC Source ® 15 Value Time Ad hoc HR Measures Benchmarks Scorecards Dashboards Correlations Leading Indicators Intangibles Predictability Causation Source: Boudreau & Ramstad, & HCS LEAPING THE DATA WALL 1980s 1990s2000s Measurement EraAnalytics Era (ACTIVITY) (VALUE)

16 HC Source ® 16 PROCESS EFFECTIVENESS N= Newspaper, M= Prof Mag, S= Search, E=Referral, J= Job Board, W= Walk In I= Personal Interview, G= Group Interview, T= Test, A= Assessment, O= Onboarding B= Performance, C= Pay Increases, P= Potential Rating, T= Tenure

17 HC Source ® 17 LINKED MEASURES INITIATIVES Cost Reduction > Time to Market > Customer Service > Gross Margins > EFFECTIVENESS Cost of Staffing Process Timing Fit (Quality) HR Productivity

18 HC Source ® 18 STATEGIC CAPACITY SCAN External and Internal forces affecting structural relational and human capital CAPABILITY PLANNING Workforce and Succession Planning PROCESS OPTIMIZATION Redesign Human Capital Processes Input – Throughput – Output SERVICE INTEGRATION Integrated Delivery of Human Capital Products and Services EVALUATION METRICS Leading Indicators and Intangible Measures for Predictability THE BIG PICTURE sourcing recruiting

19 HC Source ® 19 OUR PROBLEM Human Resources Production Sales & Marketing Customer Service S C&B PM L&D R

20 HC Source ® 20 INTEGRATION The first thing we've got to do is not to have silos. We had to design our culture and systems to focus on the customer, not on the product line. We reward the behavior we want, which is getting all of our customers' business. Dick Kovacevich CEO Wells Fargo Bank

21 HC Source ® 21 HCM Hire Pay Support Develop Inform INTEGRATED DELIVERY Plan R&D - Production Sales - Service IT - Finance

22 HC Source ® 22 Readiness Leadership K Worker Churn (Succession (Survey) (QIPS Levels) Planning) Engagement Culture Manager Effectiveness (Survey) (BPTW) (Tenure: Shrink-CS-T) Commitment Brand Awareness L&D Spend (Productivity (Employee Survey) (ROI Metrics) & Turnover) LEADING INDICATORS AND INTANGIBLES

23 HC Source ® 23 Vision Brand Culture Leadership Engagement Readiness Knowledge Management FORECASTERS & PREDICTORS

24 HC Source ® 24 WHAT & HOW TO DO IT 1. Adopt a new vision (Capability) 2. Connect to the Initiatives (Importance) 3. Find Competitive Advantages (Change) 4. Integrate Planning & Delivery (Synchronize) 5. Measure Predictors (Future Focus)

25 HC Source ® 25 THANK YOU Dr. Jac Fitz-enz Human Capital Source Pinotage Court – San Jose, CA 95135

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