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Effecten eGGZ dr. Jeroen Ruwaard Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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1 Effecten eGGZ dr. Jeroen Ruwaard Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2 Answering the question ‘Does Computer-Aided Psychotherapy work?’ is like answering the query ‘Do drugs work?’ - Marks, Cavanagh & Gega, 2007


4 E-health What Is eHealth (3): A Systematic Review of Published Definitions - Oh, Rizo, Enkin & Jadad (2005) Concepts, definitions, and applications: The terminology chaos of Internet-supported psychotherapeutic interventions - Barak, A. (2013)

5 JaarAuteurKlachtgebieddNNT 2007Spekdepressie angst begeleid onbegeleid Anderssondepressie begeleid onbegeleid Cuijpersangst begeleid ondersteund onbegeleid Andrewsangst depressie Richardsdepressie0.63 Meta-analyse

6 No free lunch? Cuijpers P, Marks IM, Van Straten A, Cavanagh K, Gega L, et al. (2009) Computer- aided psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders: A meta-analytic review. Cogn Behav Ther 38(2): 66–82.

7 Implementatie

8 Ruwaard, J. (2013). The efficacy and effectiveness of online CBT. Amsterdam: Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Amsterdam. ISBN:

9 9 RCT’s AantalN Burnout1239 Boulimie1105 Depressie154 Paniekstoornis158 Posttraumatische stress4360 Seksueel trauma Ruwaard, J., Lange, A., Schrieken, B. & Emmelkamp, P. (2011). Efficacy and Effectiveness of Online Cognitive Behavioral Treatment: A decade of Interapy Research. Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine Advanced Technologies in Behavioral, Social and Neurosciences. B.K. Wiederhold, S. Bouchard and G. Riva. Amsterdam, The Interactive Media Institute and IOS Press: 9-14.

10 Werkzaam

11 Praktijkstudie N Burnout470 Depressie413 Paniekstoornis139 Posttraumatische stress Ruwaard, J., Lange, A., Schrieken, B., Dolan, C.V. & Emmelkamp, P. (2012) The effectiveness of online cognitive behavioral treatment in routine clinical practice. PLoS One, doi: /cpp.1767

12 Aanvangsklachten

13 ̶ ̶ ̶ Onderzoek Praktijk


15 Aangemeld n = 2965 No Show n=505 Screening n = 2460 Gestopt n = 599 Afgewezen n = 361 Gestart n = 1500 Afgerond 71% (77%) Dropout 29% (23)% Ter overweging (1)

16 Ter overweging (2)

17 Is computerised CBT really helpful for adult depression? A meta-analytic re-evaluation of CCBT for adult depression in terms of clinical implementation and methodological validity – So, Yamaguchi, Hashimoto, Sado, Furukawa, & McCrone (2013). Is Working Memory Training effective? A meta- analytic review. - Melby-Lervåg, M. & Hulme, C. (2012) En bovendien…


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