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Fourth GML relay (Emmen, 26 January 2006) Fourth GML relay (Emmen, 26 January 2006)

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1 Fourth GML relay (Emmen, 26 January 2006) Fourth GML relay (Emmen, 26 January 2006)

2 1 st GML relay: Univ. Wageningen, NL 12 June 2001 Laser-Scan, Ionic (and Intergraph) 2 nd GML relay: TDN, Emmen NL 13 December 2002 Intergraph, eXQte/FME, Bentley, ESRI, Snowflake, Oracle and Laser-Scan

3 3 rd GML relay: Delft University of Technology, NL 17 November 2004 Autodesk, Bentley, Intergraph, ESRI and Geodan Reading of TOP10NL GML did go well Writing in TOP10NL schema difficult Not all combinations did work

4 4 th GML relay: TD Kadaster, Emmen NL 26 January 2006 What is different this time? 1.Based on GML 3 (ISO standardization) 2.Based on new NEN3610 (December 2005) 3.No prototype, but real TOP10NL product 4.Some off-line practice before live relay 5.Validation against TOP10NL schema between participants

5 Participants 1.Autodesk: Chris Berends, Randy Benjamins 2.Bentley: Kees van Prooijen, Oscar Custers 3.Cadcorp: Martin Daly, Martin Schäfer 4.ESRI: Miloš v. Leeuwen, Rob Kimman 5.Ionic: Alain Hubert, Bernard Snyers, Bart de Lathouwer 6.Intergraph: Frank Langelaan and Pieter Jongert 7.Snowflake/ Eddie Curtis/ MapInfo: Wim Nijmeijer


7 Procedure today (vendors did receive GML document on 12 October 2005): 1.Order of relay will be drawn 2.Whole GML is read/written in TOP10NL schema, new object inserted (house in empty field) 3.Files: data1snowflake.xml data2esri.xml, etc 4.Transfer on USB memory stick 5.In case of errors no discussion, back to start document (analysis 6.Time per participant 25 min  alarm bell (first relay, then explain GML developments)

8 Program 10:00 Registration, coffee, tea 10:30 Welcome Sieb Dijkstra, Director TD Kadaster 10:40 Introduction GML Relay Peter van Oosterom 10:50 Introduction TOP10NL by Nico Bakker 11:20 Relay Part 1 (3 slots) 12:35 Lunch 13:30 GML, NEN3610/2005, TOP10NL Wilko Quak 14:00 Relay Part 2 (2 slots) 14:50 Coffee, tea break 15:10 Relay Part 3 (2 slots) 16:00 Panel discussion 16:30 Conclusion and close, drinks, etc.

9 Let’s hope it will be a boring relay…

10 Then it has been a successful event! And some GML3 challenges can be added for the next time: topology, 3D, curves,… Good luck to all participants Now start with the draw for the order

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