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So you want to get published? Kristen L. Mauk PhD, DNP, RN, CRRN, GCNS-BC, GNP-BC, FAAN President Senior Care Central.

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1 So you want to get published? Kristen L. Mauk PhD, DNP, RN, CRRN, GCNS-BC, GNP-BC, FAAN President Senior Care Central

2 Simple strategies for successful writing and publishing start now - just do it! always have a project (have several!) be willing to take chances say yes! write about what you know become an expert in an emerging field believe in the merit of your work

3 Strategies (contd) make everything you write count for something every presentation should become an article or basis of a book chapter some authors recommend not doing another presentation until the paper for the last one is written and sent to a publisher start a collection of author guidelines

4 For the novice writer start with an article in a familiar journal in your field commentary, opinion, case study pieces are often good starting points do your homework - find out what has been published in the last year - fill in the gaps know the journal where you wish to submit - read it, study it, look at the credentials of other authors, find out their acceptance rate and turn around times

5 The novice writer (contd) do not waste your time submitting to the most difficult or prestigious journal first - that will come later consider a team approach - write with a more experienced author or mentor or friend be sure your article is in the format of the journal - use a checklist write your material for the audience - what do they want to read?

6 The novice writer (contd) give your manuscript the best chance for success – strong cover letter – no errors, have an experienced proof-reader – follow the author guidelines – fill a gap – if research, must have scientific rigor, even if results statistically insignificant – check on the use of scientific language (third person versus first person {I, me, we} language)

7 For the new faculty member what are the requirements vs. expectations for tenure/promotion? be clear on the type of publications expected: research? clinical? commentary? any? see your faculty handbook for guidance preference for grants vs. publications? talk to peers, department chair, your Dean about expectations in your college/department

8 New faculty (contd) explore the opportunities for publishing in your job, department, or college is there support for writing (such as a Writing Center) at your university? have a program of research – publish your college papers, thesis, dissertation work as soon as possible

9 Remember… do not get discouraged with rejection (Dr. Seuss first book was rejected 27 times!) remember that much of successful writing is finding the right fit expect to do re-writes when you get a rejection letter, re-evaluate if the material is good, re-submit elsewhere when you get an accepted with revisions letter, rejoice! Then make the revisions…

10 Revisions evaluate your suggested revisions carefully – change according to good suggestions – justify not changing in the letter that accompanies your re-writes – remember that everyone who evaluates your work has an opinion (and they all may differ)

11 A word about books and book chapters…. Start with a book chapter in someone elses edited book Write several chapters in various books before trying your own A book is a long-term commitment, much like having a baby from idea to conception to birth! Read contracts carefully

12 Insider tips Feel free to negotiate within reason (on number of complimentary books, a little on royalties) Consider editing a work versus writing it all by yourself - what best fits this material/subject? Know your audience, competition, and the market

13 Additional tips Be easy to work with, do excellent and timely work, and people will remember you Be difficult to work with, do sloppy work that is always late, and people will also remember you! BE how you want to be remembered! Celebrate each publication. You earned it.

14 In summary Whether you are writing for promotion, tenure, personal goal achievement, or other reasons, make all of your writing count Our written words have the potential to reach more people with our ideas than will most of our speaking engagements or paper presentations

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