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Small Business Resource Power Point Series Writing Articles for the Web.

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2 Small Business Resource Power Point Series Writing Articles for the Web

3 Why Write Articles? Writing articles can provide you with enormous amount of exposure on the Web. A little time and effort creating and writing a free content article is relatively straightforward provided you follow some basic principles. However ideally you must believe in what you are writing about.

4 Why Write Articles cont. Internet Users want quality content. Depending on your sphere of interest there can be considerable amount of competition – so try and find a niche area of interest to get established.

5 Content is Important Every Web site owner wants content and hundreds of writers want their content visible on the Web. Articles that give good information or explain how to achieve something are usually best, and will be read most often.

6 Preparation is Vital Assume that writing for the web is different to writing for the off-line world. People tend to scan read when reading online. Be professional and take your article writing seriously. Write about something you know professionally. Don't write exactly as you speak.

7 Do Your Research Identify your target audience then target your article to your audience with "focussed information". Research what article writers are currently writing about, their style and their relevance to your audience.

8 Where to Distribute? Decide how you are going to distribute your article across the internet. Apart from your website and an auto-responder there are sites which accept articles and distribute to other website owners. Talk to other website owners with sites in your sphere of interest who may be keen to republish your article on their site or e-zine.

9 The Importance of the Title Failure to give your article a catchy title that will grab attention and make people want to read may lead to reduced circulation. Keep your title reasonably short. Put some thought and effort into your heading - again to get your reader's immediate attention. Think AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

10 Issues of Format There are no fixed rules but because people want immediate information online and have limited time try to keep your paragraphs short. Write briefly and concisely keeping your article under 1,500 words. Most content users only accept between 500 and 2,000 words and 65 words per line in text format.

11 Decide Your Writing Style Are you going to use a humorous style or very factual or are you able to deploy a conversational style? A combination of these styles is also possible. But do not talk down to your readers or impose dogma. Many authors advise to try to write from "your heart", so that you come across as a REAL person. Just write what comes naturally with INTEGRITY...and BE YOURSELF

12 Article Style cont. Best of all develop your own style as it’s so easy to appear to "borrow" too much from others content. Originality with quality advice will get published. Conclude with a strong message. Your final point should summarise your article or instil your reader to take further action.

13 Why Write an Article? Remember why you are doing this – if it is to generate business consider giving free samples with your article. This will get visitors to your site which is an easy way to collect a list of addresses for promotion purposes.

14 Finish with…. Make sure you end with your resource stating who you are, how you wish to be contacted, your web address and of course your copyright notice. Make it clear whether or not you grant re-print rights and if you do what these are.

15 Check and Re-check Re-read and re-read, until you get it "just right." "Aim for perfection, but settle for excellence" in your article writing. Make sure your layout is good as this greatly enhances your prospects of getting published. Do a grammar and spell-check. Go over your article carefully and be an editor yourself. Ask yourself – does this flow?

16 PowerPoint Content As such, the contents should not be relied upon and professional advice should be taken in specific cases. In addition, none of the content of this PowerPoint or related publications or links will form any part of any contract between us or constitutes an offer by Strategic Marketing Ventures Ltd

17 Powerpoint User Guidelines These Powerpoints are for the personal use of members of any of the online marketing resource centres provided by Small Business Resource Ltd. Members may download these Powerpoints and re-brand and amend provided the following attribution is stated at the end. “This Powerpoint has been sourced from Small Business Resource Ltd.”

18 Reasons to join To get more PowerPoints like these To get free downloads To get discounts on our services To get access to our resource centre Many other Powerpoints in this series in the members area

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