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University of Canterbury Wine Club White wines of the Loire Valley Friday 16 th July 2010.

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1 University of Canterbury Wine Club White wines of the Loire Valley Friday 16 th July 2010

2 The Loire Valley

3 Loire Whites La Loire

4 Loire Whites Chateau Amboise

5 Loire Whites Coquelicots

6 Loire Whites Caves Duhart Eleveur de Vouvray

7 Muscadet Near the mouth of the Loire river, consisting of the AOC Muscadet, and three sub-appellations Muscadet-Sevre et Maine, Muscadet-Coteaux de la Loire and Muscadet-Cotes de Grandlieu The only grape variety permitted in any of the AOC Muscadet is the Melon de Bourgogne grape, often referred to simply as melon Often light bodied and dry, with very little residual sugar. A bit tangy and slightly sparkly. Recommended with seafood. Most muscadets should be drunk within three years of production, although some can be cellared for 10+ years.

8 Domaine des Dorices Muscadet Cuvee Hermine dOr 2008 Leon Boullault – winemaker A group of 6 winemakers, including Leon Boullault, have tastings to decide that years Hermine dOr wines.To be an Hermine a wine must score no less than 15/20 Large bodied, full flavoured Muscadet with lots of nice nuances – musk, minerals. Its quite expansive and mouth-filling, yet softly textured $21.50

9 Domaine des Dorices Muscadet Grand Garde 2005 Aged on lees for 36 months 93/100 – Wine Advocate fantastic aromatic melange. Rich in texture after two years on lees. $37.95

10 Sancerre Eastern part of the Loire valley, most of which is on the left bank of the Loire opposite Pouilly-Fume. Primarily associated with Sauvignon Blanc Classic Sancerre sauvignon blanc described as bone dry and highly aromatic, with intense flavours of peaches and gooseberries

11 Pouilly-Fume Opposite Sancerre, on the right-bank of the Loire river Wines from Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume often compared Made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety Characterized by smoky flavours and minerality One of its most celebrated winegrowers was the late Didier Dagueneau

12 Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2008 The Pascal Jolivet Domaine represents 74.25 acres, with vineyards for the Sancerre appellation close to the villages of Bue, Verdigny and Ste Gemme. Pascal Jolivets wine-making philosophy is to allow nature to take its course, as much as possible. The grape juice is fermented naturally, without adding cultivated yeasts in conjunction with thermoregulation. Classic flavours of pear, guava and lime are enlivened by brisk acidity and a pungent flintiness, demonstrating a delicate harmony of components and a fine, silky texture – 91/100 points, Wine & Spirits $36.00

13 Pascal Jolivet Pouilly-Fume 2008 The Pascal Jolivet Domaine represents 8 hectares of Pouilly Fume appellation in the villages of Tracy and Les Loges. Fermented with wild yeasts in stainless steel tanks in conjunction with thermoregulation. …masses of tropical fruits, a soft buttery richness and an excellent toastiness beneath it all, with mineral and chalk characters expanding the imagination right through to a finish thats longer than the second leg of the Tour de France. – $36.00

14 Raffle time!

15 Vouvray Located in the Touraine district just east of the city of Tours This AOC is almost exclusively dedicated to Chenin blanc Wine production is variable, with cooler years promoting the production of the dry sec and sparkling Vouvray, while warmer vintages encourage the production of sweet meolleux or liquoreux styles

16 Vouvray – sweetness levels Sec: the driest level with less than 4g/l residual sugar Demi-sec: an off dry style with between 4 to 12 g/l of residual sugar Moelleux: a sweet, often botrytized style with 12 to 45 g/l of residual sugar. Moelleux is French for mellow Doux: the sweetest style with more than 45 g/l of residual sugar. The term liquoreux or liquor-like may appear on the label to describe the almost syrupy sweet nature

17 Chateau Gaudrelle Sec 2006 Alexander Monmousseau – winemaker Chateau Gaudrelle offers pure, complex wines considered among the finest of the appellation. 100% Chenin Blanc classic, off-dry style - silky- smooth, with aromas of honey and ripe apples $23.50

18 Chateau Gaudrelle Sec Tendre 2008 AOC Vouvray 100% Chenin Blanc (Pineau de Loire) Assembled from three different cru of the property: Clos de Vigneau, les Gues dAmants and la Gaudrelle. 12 week cool fermentation using only indigenous yeasts …possessing a fine, yet discreet nose of apricots, plums, and flavours. Very clean with a perfect acid balance. Mouth filling, round, soft and supple…(with) ample length. $24.50

19 Chauteau Gaudrelle Reserve Speciale 2003 AOC Vouvray 100% late harvest Chenin Blanc Dried apricots on the nose, with a wonderful concentration of fruit on the palate, and beautiful rich honeyed flavours. Well-balanced, light, fine and elegant with a long finish. From the Wine Club cellars $27.75

20 Domaine des Baumard Quarts-de-Chaume 2006 Jean Baumard – now retired and succeeded by his son, Florent. Made by hand-selecting bunches of very ripe Chenin Blanc, often with high levels of pourriture noble When enjoyed young, the bouquet is a complex mix of peach, apricot and subtle flowers. As the wine ages 10 years or more, the bouquet becomes more honeyed and the flavour deepends, with an attractive bitter finish balancing the sweetness. $48.89

21 Wine of the night! …and a castle… Chateau de Chambord – the largest in the Loire Valley

22 Next tasting: 6 th August Spanish Reds

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