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Prime Solar Network Overview of the Solar Broker Sales Opportunity

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1 Prime Solar Network Overview of the Solar Broker Sales Opportunity
Prepared by: Prime Solar, LLC t/a Prime Solar Network

2 The Solar Market is Growing Rapidly
Rapid growth even through the recession Huge growth ahead still SEIA Report,” U.S. Solar Market Insight” 1st Quarter 2011

3 Solar Business Opportunities
The traditional business path Become a solar installer/integrator Requires installation capability, with technical training and contractor’s license Significant competition Significant resources to start a business A New Business Model Become a Solar Broker with Prime Solar Network

4 Prime Solar Network Now Growing In:
California Oregon Washington Nevada Arizona Hawaii Colorado New Jersey New York Maryland Massachusetts Connecticut Delaware Pennsylvania New Mexico North Carolina Ohio Louisiana Illinois Florida Exclusive sales territories available for licensing Some territories not available

5 What is a Solar Broker? A PSN Solar Broker helps clients to shop the complex solar market Market solar in a territory Provide Solar iQuote remote estimates Get multiple bids from preferred installers Guide selection of the optimal solution Save clients time and money

6 How Solar Brokers Work Traditional Sales Solar Broker Client Sales
Installers Client interacts with salesmen Takes more time for client Broker gets multiple bids

7 Advantages for Solar Brokers: Save Clients Money
Competitive bidding Objective guidance Reduced pricing on materials Efficient sales process

8 Advantages for Solar Brokers: Save Clients Time
Author: Andy Black

9 Advantages for Solar Broker: Earning Potential
For in-house sales employee commission typically 5-6% On a $30K residential project = ~$1500 For solar broker gross revenue to the broker of 7-12% On a $30K residential project = ~$3000 Additional revenue from employees in the broker business

10 Solar Broker Earning Potential
If a solar broker sells 1 project a week Average project $30,000 In a year = $148,200 gross broker revenue (Assumes 10% broker gross) With larger projects, greater income If a broker also has 4 commissioned sales people working for them in a territory If each sales person grosses another $150K Additional $328,000 gross for broker Estimates for illustrative purposes only

11 Benefits for a PSN Solar Broker
Exclusive sales territory Extensive Training Marketing Support Back office support Financing options Web Development with SEO, vertical integration Own your own business, not an employee

12 PSN Solar Broker Training
Comprehensive Training Manual Technical guide to solar Non-technical startup issues Newsletter with industry updates Technical support Developing Webinars

13 PSN Marketing Support Web Site Development, with SEO content
Solar iQuote remote cost benefit analysis National marketing and media relations Analysis of local market Analysis of Google Adwords campaign Creation of marketing materials Templates for agreements with clients and installers

14 To Find Out More About Becoming a Solar Broker
Contact Information: Prime Solar, LLC 823 West Park Avenue, #256 Ocean, NJ 07712

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