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June 14, 2010 Prepared by: Emily Newark Account Manager, BDC.

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1 June 14, 2010 Prepared by: Emily Newark Account Manager, BDC


3 Recession exacerbated the problem Time is limited Highly mobile workforce If you dont proactively look for these people; others will.


5 High paying jobs wont come to the area without an educated workforce. its a cycle High paying jobs are an integral part of a strong economy – spinoff effect to the rest of the community

6 These factors are all leading to a competitive nature amongst communities to attract a young, educated workforce. Young adults are twice as likely to move to other states or provinces as middle-aged people. Cities/areas recognize the future of their economies depends on attracting young professionals NOW!....

7 Mom, Dad, I am moving home.

8 McGill University, Montreal, Quebec GO HABS GO!!!!

9 Opportunity!

10 Not just about experience, but exposure to the opportunities that exist in the area. Importance of programs such as the Summer Job Placement Program Our local employers have to recognize the long-term value of hiring summer students within their industry


12 Vitality – strong economies attract strong individuals Participate in on-campus recruitment and summer-job programs Stress the natural strengths of the area Relatively low cost of living Security – good place to raise a family Proximity to border Educational facilities Affordable recreational activities; golf clubs, the River, sports teams etc. -


14 Globe and Mail article from June 01, 2010, Full list of Top 50 Employers for Young People There are several factors which stand out amongst the top employers: Environmentally friendly Immediate health benefits Generous annual vacations starting after one year Top-ups to maternity leave Alternative or flexible work options Professional development opportunities & mentorship Subsidies for additional education* These are no longer seen as perks!

15 We need to encourage our YPs to become active members in our community organizations Brockville Chamber Future Leaders Initiative Rotarac Its about more than just inclusion; its about empowerment and a sense of contribution Highlight the work & successes of our younger citizens

16 Sports leagues Music scene Outdoor activities Creative arts Diversity Restaurants Schools Access to health care

17 Job security – vitality of the economy The engagement in the community, the sense of contribution to the area and quality of life, are what ultimately lead to retention.

18 Engage your YPs to serve on boards and commissions In meaningful & challenging roles Encourage top-employers to participate in student summer job placement programs Market directly to the younger generation Organize music festivals, cultural festivals that include appeal to young adults - EXPOSURE

19 As an economic area we need to provide YPs with the opportunities, sense of purpose, resources and social avenues that make them want to come live and prosper in our area. THE FUTURE OF OUR ECONOMIC PROSPERITY DEPENDS ON IT!

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