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Three morality plays for an amoral age.

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1 Three morality plays for an amoral age.
AS WE FORGIVE Three morality plays for an amoral age. By Tom Holloway Director & Dramaturge Julian Meyrick Performed by Robert Jarman

2 When is doing the wrong thing, the right thing?
Are their limits to even the most absolute moral law? Can evil ever be justified?

3 Review: Hobart Mercury
“This is theatre at first glance, of utter simplicity – one actor, three stories, three blokes, three different chairs. Yet the ethical, even spiritual complexities are immense. Can revenge restore what’s been taken from you? Can hate heal? Is forgiveness of the unforgiveable, possible?” Review: Hobart Mercury 30 sec

4 “On stage for 80 minutes, Jarman draws us in like a raconteur at a dinner party, delivering his monologues with naturalism akin to confidences between friends. His stories are spell-binding, gut-wrenching, riveting, even as their sentiments are shockingly subversive.” Review: Arts Hub 2013 13

5 “The performance Robert has created is one of those incredible things you only get to see on stage rarely. I travel the world with my plays and see amazing actors create incredible performances, but I have never seen anything like Robert in this play. Truthful... Subtle... Layered... This is a performance that should give him the national attention that he absolutely deserves.” Tom Holloway 18

6 Review: Write Response 2013
“The writing is beautiful and truly reflective of the dialogue we have with ourselves; unfinished sentences, questioning, repetition... it is like Holloway has been eaves dropping on the internal chatter of three damaged souls.” Review: Write Response 2013 13

7 Review: Write Response 2013
“All these stories are so familiar. We relate to the characters, the stories, the sentiment. But this doesn't make it pedestrian, quite the opposite, we invest in the narratives, we go on the ride in this exploration of alternative moral decision making.” Review: Write Response 2013 15

8 Review: Write Response
“The cellist plays an evocative score composed by Raffaele Marcellino, which married beautifully with the lighting, projected images and mood created through Holloway's script.” Review: Write Response 10

9 Review: Write Response 2013
“His exploration into our moral dilemma is an interesting subject, especially in an age where self-help books about forgiveness and inner peace are thriving.” Review: Write Response 2013 9

10 “Robert Jarman displays the extraordinary range and depths of his skills as a character actor.  Robert’s work in As We Forgive amply demonstrates quality, commitment and precision of the highest kind.”  Julian Meyrick 10

11 We are so much less than we could be.

12 loyal STC and Belvoir subscribers
“I was recently in Hobart and attended As We Forgive at the Theatre Royal. What a show – what a great actor Robert Jarman is… The first act in particular was one of the most gripping pieces of theatre I have watched.” Margaret Harte & Terry Anson, loyal STC and Belvoir subscribers 14

13 Now touted as one of the hottest writers in the country, Tom Holloway was mentored and supported by Robert Jarman from the start of his career. He has created the characters in As We Forgive especially for Robert. “For them, and us, the fruits of their work together are more than ample.” Review: Arts Hub 2013 15

14 Review: Hobart Mercury
“This is mature drama, elegantly and meticulously prepared - the autumnal images of photographer Lisa Garland beautifully handled.  Like all great theatre we just come out feeling that little bit more human.” Review: Hobart Mercury 15


16 Three morality plays for an amoral age.
AS WE FORGIVE Three morality plays for an amoral age. By Tom Holloway Director & Dramaturge Julian Meyrick Performed by Robert Jarman

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