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Class work Friday 26th January

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1 Class work Friday 26th January
What is a conscience? How do Catholics make moral decisions?

2 What’s going on?

3 Learning Objectives To know about the role of conscience in decision making. To be able to explain the churches teaching on the role of conscience.

4 Learning Outcomes To know that the Church teaches that a conscience needs to be developed and informed. To develop skills of communication and reasoned argument. (Citizenship)

5 Spiderman Watch the clip of the Spiderman.
How do you think Peter feels? Has he used his conscience?

6 What is a conscience? Conscience is an inner feeling about the goodness or badness of an action.

7 What influences a person when making a moral decision:
Family Friends TV/Adverts/films Bible The tradition of the church Conscience Ideas from books/magazines Role models Other religious influences (e.g. the Koran for Muslims) Consider a moral decision you might have to make (e.g. to tell your friends about a piece of juicy but damaging gossip) Select the things that would influence your decision and sort highest to lowest influence.

8 Susan is a Catholic and she has a strong faith
Susan believes in justice – people should not be treated unfairly. She has read in the Gospels that Jesus always seemed to be on the side of the ‘under dog’ Gary in a bully Gary stole Mary’s (Susan’s best friend) dinner money last week Gary got in with a bad crowd a couple of years ago Susan is in a room on her own where Gary has left his bag with his dinner money. No one knows that she is there Getting money back from Gary would make Mary happier ‘The end does not justify the means’ Catechism of the Catholic Church 1753 Susan feels bad about stealing but he deserves it Gary doesn’t really realise the harm he does, he thinks it’s a bit of a joke Gary lives with his Mum and she never gives him much pocket money, as she is too hard up Mary is really upset but too shy to do anything about the money being stolen One of the Ten Commandments says ‘You shall not steal’ Jesus said ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ Jesus said ‘Forgive your enemies’ Susan has never stolen anything before in her life

9 Will Susan steal Gary’s dinner money?
Look at the statement cards below and work out whether or not she is likely to take the money.

10 Catholics and moral decision making
What do you think would influence a committed Catholic. Why?

11 What does the church say about conscience?
‘ is obliged to follow faithfully what he knows to be right and just….’ (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1778 ‘Conscience is the law of the mind’ J.H. Newman ‘The conscience must be informed ….The education of the conscience is a lifelong task….’ Catechism of the Catholic Church 1783 Read these statements from the Catechism, discuss their meaning

12 How can we inform our conscience?
Catholics believe that the word of God found in Church teaching and Scripture is a sure guide by which a Christian conscience can be formed.

13 How can we inform our conscience ?
Christians believe that worship, prayer and reflection are vital in order to take in the word of God, enabling the proper formation of Christian conscience.

14 How can we inform our conscience?
A Christian conscience is also educated by the example and words of wise and experienced Christians.

15 Could a Catholic follow their conscience and still steal the money?

16 Questions: How are Catholics supposed to make moral decisions?
How might the Bible influence a Catholic? How would the teaching of the church influence a Catholic in making a moral decision? Why is a conscience important for a Catholic?

17 Plenary What is a conscience? What is an informed conscience?
How would a Christian try to develop an informed conscience? Conscience Thankfully, our conciences, (the Treehouse as its metaphor) is supposed to keep us from doing things that are wrong. It casts no shadow. And when we ignore it and do harm, it still casts no shadow, at least not one that others can see.

18 Learning Outcomes To know that the Church teaches that a conscience needs to be developed and informed. To develop skills of communication and reasoned argument. (Citizenship)

19 Plenary: Top tips Write 5 top tips/golden rules for a Catholic
when making a moral decision.







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