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The Nephrology Oral History Project

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1 The Nephrology Oral History Project
Dugan W. Maddux, MD FACP April 29, 2009 Click Here to Begin the Program

2 Introduction

3 Robert A. Gutman, MD “Harvey Gentry”
Harvey Gentry, Clyde Shields, Dr. Scribner & Rolin Heming Photo Courtesy of University of Washington Archives Graduated from medical school at the University of Florida in 1962 Trained in nephrology at the University of Washington with Dr. Belding Scribner In the late 1960s he returned to Durham, North Carolina to develop one of the early dialysis programs at the Durham VA

4 John Bower, MD “Scribner Shunt”
Attended the Medical College of Virginia in 1957 Completed nephrology training at MCV and assisted with the early renal transplant program there In 1965 he moved to the University of Mississippi and opened one of the first federally funded dialysis units in the country

5 Kolff & Scribner “Early Interviews”
Willem Kolff, MD Belding Scribner, MD Courtesy University of Washington Archive Video Courtesy Alex Rosenblum

6 Frank Gotch, MD “The Guessing Game”
Co-inventor of the hollow fiber dialyzer Described the Urea Kinetic Model - Kt/V Graduated from medical school in 1953 Started the dialysis program for Acute Renal Failure in San Francisco in 1961

7 John Sadler, MD “Guitar String Seldinger Technique”
Residency and Fellowship at Grady Hospital in Atlanta in 1960 Founding member and first president of the Renal Physicians Association Current President and CEO of the Independent Dialysis Foundation Past Chair of the Division of Nephrology at the University of Maryland

8 Richard Drake, MD “Blowing a Fuse”
Graduated from medical school in 1959 In 1963 while practicing nephrology he worked with Charlie Willock to design the Drake Willock dialysis machine

9 Christopher Blagg, MD “The 1st Proportioned Pump Single Patient Machine”
Graduated from medical school at the University of Leeds in 1954 In 1958 he worked in the first active dialysis program in the United Kingdom Came to Seattle for a special fellowship in 1963 and returned to live and work in Seattle in 1966 Past-President of the RPA and the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs Currently Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the University of Washington

10 The Self Care Dialysis of Mr. Palmer

11 Nathan Levin, MD “Thank Goodness We Got Through This Today”
Trained in nephrology in South Africa and participated in early dialysis treatments there in the 1950s In 1962 came to Chicago for a United States Public Health Service Fellowship Instrumental in developing KDOQI guidelines Past president of the RPA and currently the Medical and Research Director at the Renal Research Institute

12 Two Final Thoughts “How Could We Not Do It?”
“….I don’t know what you’re going to die of, but I can guarantee you that you will not die of kidney failure.” - John Bower, MD “You Will Never Die of Kidney Disease” “How Could We Not Do It?” “….if we did it the patients lived and if we didn’t they died.” - John Sadler, MD


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