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Innovations in Coordinating Care In Disease Management.

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1 Innovations in Coordinating Care In Disease Management

2 Panelists Dr. John Neff - P rofessor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington and Director of the Center for Children with Special Needs at Seattle Childrens Hospital Dr. Eric Coleman - Associate Professor of Medicine and Acting Head of the Division of Health Care Policy and Research at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Dr. Gerard Anderson - P rofessor of Public Health and Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Ed Wagner – Director, MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, Group Health Cooperative, and Improving Chronic Illness Care, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

3 Care Coordination: What the Public Thinks Important One place you go for care that knows you and coordinates your care Coordinate is an active verb! Doctors you see have your information Doctors and nurses working closely as teams

4 Why is Poor Coordination of Concern? Florida vs. Minnesota Barrier to an Approriate Care Plan that includes priorities and patient preferences Safety threats from conflicting treatments or approaches Patient/family forced to deal with disagreeing providers Undermines role and credibility of of primary care Inefficiencies for patients and providers – duplication, unnecessary information gathering

5 Will a focus on coordination give primary care new life? New models of primary care from AAFP and ACP

6 Care coordination is the deliberate integration of patient care activities between two or more participants involved in a patients care to facilitate the appropriate delivery of health care services. Integrating care involves the marshalling of personnel and other resources needed to carry out all required patient care activities, and is often managed by the exchange of information among participants responsible for different aspects of care. Care Coordination: the Professional View

7 deliberate integration of patient care activities What does integrate mean – to combine or blend into a unifying whole To generate a single treatment plan The public expects their doctor to do it

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