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Nuclear Chemistry.

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1 Nuclear Chemistry

2 Chemical vs. Nuclear Reactions
Chemical reactions involve valence electrons and atoms bonding together. Nuclear Reactions involve the nucleus of atoms.

3 What makes an atom stable?
Proton to Neutron Ratio is just right. Strong Nuclear Force is what holds the nucleus together

4 What is Radioactivity? Atoms with unstable nuclei cause radioactivity.
The proton to neutron ratio is not balanced, so the strong force doesn’t hold the nucleus together. The unstable nuclei breaks into smaller (more stable) atoms and release energy.

5 Here is a picture!

6 Nuclear Fission Reactions
Occur spontaneously Occur in atoms with more than 83 protons Emit radiation- particles with energy

7 Types of Radiation Alpha particles 2 protons, 2 neutrons
Helium nucleus 2+ charge Beta Particle similar to an electron 1- charge No mass Gamma ray no mass no charge high energy Show them the symbols

8 How powerful are these particles?

9 Nuclear Decay Reactions
Write the parent isotope on the left side of the arrow. Place the emission particle (what is lost) on the right side of the arrow. Place the daughter isotope on the right side of the arrow.

10 Example Uranium-238 decays by emitting an alpha particle to form thorium-234. 23892U  Th He

11 Now you try! Potassium-40 decays to calcium-40 by beta emission.
4019K  Ca ß

12 Practice Nuclear Reaction Problems
Write the equation for the beta emission by Ni-59. Write the equation for the alpha emission by Ra-226.

13 Nuclear Fusion Small atoms are brought together to form a larger atom.
Process that occurs on the sun…provides a lot of energy.

14 Why is it important?

15 Nuclear Medicine Radioactive isotopes are injected or ingested.
Detectors “see” the particles and can provide an image that help doctors diagnose problems. Can also be used to treat conditions such as cancer.

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