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PERT Question of the Day

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1 PERT Question of the Day
Your car gets about 20 miles per gallon. You are planning to drive to see your friends who live about 850 miles away. How many gallons of gas will you need to purchase to make the trip to see your friends and to return home? Assume your tank is empty. a) About 20 gallons b) About 41 gallons c) About 85 gallons d) About 48 gallons

2 Relations and Functions Notes
Algebra Extension 2-1 pg 105

3 Relation Definition: a set of ordered pairs of input and output values EX: A motion detector tracks an egg as it drops to the ground, with input values (time) and output values (height) with the relation: {(0,10), (0.2, 9.4), (0.4, 7.4)…}

4 EX: Graphing Relations
Graph the relation {(0, 4), (-2, 3), (-1, 3), (-2, 2), (1, -3)}

5 Domain vs. Range The Domain of a relation is the set of all inputs, or x-coordinates The Range of a relation is the set of outputs, or y-coordinates

6 EX: What are the domain and range of the 10 data points?

7 Mapping Domain and Range
Represents a relation by linking domain elements to corresponding range elements with arrows EX: Map {(2, 8),(-1, 5),(0, 8),(-2, 3)} Domain Range

8 Classwork Part A Heading: AE 2-1 pg 109 #1-10
Complete #1-4 on graph paper You may work with ONE partner We will move on in 15 minutes

9 Functions Definition: a relation in which each element of the domain is paired with EXACTLY ONE element of the range. YES NO

10 EX: Is the relation a function?
{(-3, ½), (½, -3), (2, 2,), (3, 2)}

11 Vertical Line Used for determining whether or not a relation is a function on a graph How: scroll a line (pencil) vertically across a graph. If your line goes through more than one point at the same time, then the relation is not a function.

12 EX: A function or not a function, that is the question.

13 Classwork part B (add to previous)
Heading: pg 109 # 12-21 You may work with ONE partner Whole assignment is due by the end of class We will go over select answers towards the end of class.

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