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Yahoo! Experience with Hadoop OSCON 2007 Eric Baldeschwieler.

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1 Yahoo! Experience with Hadoop OSCON 2007 Eric Baldeschwieler

2 Yahoo! Inc. Why Yahoo! is investing in Hadoop We started with building better applications –Scale up web scale batch applications (search, ads, …) –Factor out common code from existing systems, so new applications will be easier to write –Manage the many clusters we have more easily The mission now includes research support –Build a huge data warehouse with many Yahoo! data sets –Couple it with a huge compute cluster and programming models to make using the data easy –Provide this as a service to our researchers –We are seeing great results! Experiments can be run much more quickly in this environment

3 Yahoo! Inc. Scaling Hadoop … while improving performance Hardware used in the benchmark –dual 2.8 GHz xeons with 4 SATA drives each –10:1 network oversubscription (100mBit all to all) Ideal Time - 1 hr Increasing size…

4 Yahoo! Inc. Hadoop Clusters We have ~10,000 machines running Hadoop Our largest cluster is currently 1600 nodes Nearly 1 petabyte of user data (compressed, unreplicated) We run roughly 10,000 research jobs / week

5 Yahoo! Inc. Example: Web Crawl Problem Detection The Problem –Yahoo! crawls billions of pages per day, how do you detect when one site has a problem? The Solution –We load the crawl logs into Hadoop (via a map-reduce job) –We aggregate reports by site over time and flag sites where the crawl behavior has changed –This generates a report to customer service every day –They contact web masters and get sites fixed

6 Yahoo! Inc. Example: Web Survey The Problem –How do you know if new web technologies or products are gaining adoption on the web? Is a micro-format being adopted by webmasters? Which web2.0 site badges are being used? The Solution –We load our web crawl into Hadoop every month –We scan this for use of various technologies / products –Thus tracing the adoption of such technologies over time

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