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ECMOD London, Oct 6-7 th, 2010 Terry Jukes - President B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence, LLC.

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1 ECMOD London, Oct 6-7 th, 2010 Terry Jukes - President B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence, LLC.

2 ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com2 We Are Conductors! Most B2B marketers today are conductors of their multi-channel orchestra. Conducting has become increasingly complicated with many new instruments. Historically, spending on outbound telesales has steadily grown. Recently online marketing expenditures have skyrocketed.

3 Typical B2B DMers invest in…. Catalog/solo/mailings Inbound sales & marketing Outbound sales & marketing Online Web presence/online catalog Paid search Organic search Email Other? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com3 B2B Marketing Investments @ WWW

4 Offline: 1. Retail stores? 2. PR? 3. Sponsorships? 4. Distribution deals? 5. Field sales? 6. Dealer networks? 7. Wholesale? Online: 1. Webinars? 2. Podcasts? 3. Online videos? 4. Blogging? 5. Landing pages? 6. Net gnat brands? 7. Content ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com4 … Plus Other Marketing Investments

5 ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com5 How do we evaluate our various activities in a way that allows us to constantly adapt and re-balance our investments?

6 How do you effectively measure all your diverse activity with a common yardstick and effectively allocate your scarce marketing dollars? How do you move towards real time, automated, customer driven, interactive, marketing spending? Where do you start? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com6 Where To Begin?

7 What are some of the commonly used measurements? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com7

8 Orders # Sales $ Net RRs % New orders, sales, RRs. Incremental orders, sales, RRs. AOV, MOV Margin $,% Costs (fixed and variable) Contribution margin New site/name acquisition costs. Repurchase rates Retention LTV Others? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com8 Common Campaign Measurements

9 RR, AOV, MOV, LPO, UPO, $/cat, $/page, Sales first 14 or 21 days…to forecast Sales by product category Performance vs. forecast (curve) Yr/Yr results Merge/purge results, match back results Seed measurements-timeliness, quality Marketing contribution Others? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com9 Mail Measurements: Catalog, Solo Mail

10 By Dept. Sales, calls, orders, total talk time, man-hours, payroll, $sales/$payroll, available time/paid time, data collection, up sell, retention, By Rep: Sales, calls, orders, UPO, LPO, available time, total talk time, avg talk time, quality (qualitative), data collection, up sell, retention Product test scores (training) Others? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com10 Inbound Phone Measurements

11 By Dept. Net leads, Calls, connects, presentations, talk time, closes, rejects, Sales, AOV, MOV, UPO, LPO, coverage/penetration of file, returns, payroll/overhead to sales, retention/react. By Rep. Calls, connects, presentations, talk time, available time, closes, rejects, Sales, AOV, UPO, LPO, performance rank, returns, retention/react, quality. Other? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com11 Outbound (Program) Telesales

12 By rep: # accts assigned, Q/Q, Y/Y acct growth/decline and comparison to control, site penetration (share of wallet), product category penetration, sales trends by site, calls, talk time, personalized faxes/emails sent/received, quotes presented, talk time, available talk time, paid time, $/names managed/mailed, AOV, LPO, UPO, personalization/custom order rate, name/site retention/order frequency….and the qualitative measures. By dept. All of the above, payroll/overhead to name, site and revenue growth. Other? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com12 Account Management Sales

13 Traffic sources, search terms, site rank Direct entry URL Proprietary versus non-proprietary search terms Organic listing or PPC Links/Affiliates/Email => landing page Pages opened, viewed, printed, time spent. New visitors vs. repeat visitors. Registrations…varying levels. Total visits, page views, driver of visit? Abandon shopping carts. Other? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com13 Website Measurements WWW

14 For each activity, develop a summary of what you put out (costs, time) compared to what you get back and when/where. Where you dont have hard numbers, assign a judgmental value or allocation. Come to a bottom line to be used for comparing and balancing your marketing investments. Continue to improve and refine your measurement system. Find ways to make it work versus reasons why it cant. Avoid silo decision making. ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com14 Measuring Multi-channel Marketing

15 ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com15 What Could Another $100K Produce? ActivityLast $100K?Next $100KAction Prospect Mail Generate sales($50,000)($75,000)Hold Acquire new customers$100,000$75,000Invest Customer Mail Generate sales$200,000$100,000Hold Retain names/sites$50,000$10,000Hold Inbound sales training$300,000 Invest OBTM Program 1$500,000$300,000Invest Program 2$100,000($50,000)Hold Program 3$10,000($90,000)Reduce Program 4 - New $400,000Test Online Mktg Site$1,000,000$250,000Hold SEM$1,000,000$1,500,000Invest PPC$700,000$200,000Hold Email$2,000,000$300,000Hold PR Sponsorships Field Sales Other

16 Is there an opportunity to improve matchback processes? Capture source data for online orders. Direct entry (branded)URL Proprietary or non-proprietary search term Click on search result or PPC ad. Capture sales rep code National acct rep and OBTM rep ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com16 MatchBack PLUS

17 What marketing activity gets what % of the credit? Online order, direct entry URL, assigned rep? Online order, proprietary search, PPC click, no catalog mailed? Online order, non-proprietary search, catalog mailed? Online order, non-proprietary search, PPC, competitors catalog mailed. Inbound phone order, OBTM called? Online order from email campaign? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com17 Fractionally Allocate Orders

18 Situation: B2B Catalog with inbound, outbound (program and relationship) and online marketing efforts. How were various efforts measured, assessed, rewarded? ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com18 Case Study – B2B Catalog

19 Inbound Sales Reps given training & quality standards Comparative performance posted and discussed Monthly bonuses for top quartile performers Sales, Gross Margin AOV Up-sell = units per order/UPO Cross-sell = lines per order/LPO Did not reward calls, call length, time connected, etc. ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com19 Case Study – B2B Catalog

20 Program telemarketing Dials, talk time, file penetration, presentations coached with guidelines. Orders, sales and margins rewarded with percentage commission. Credit given for inbound orders received from customers pitched within 14 days. No extra credit given for callback (inbound)orders. ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com20 Case Study – B2B Catalog

21 Relationship sales Approx. 500 assigned accounts with prior year orders/revenue/margin base established. Annual/quarterly goals set. New account and penetration of existing goals set. Monthly commission paid on incremental gross margin generated. All catalog and promotional expenses charged to the reps P&L. Ghost territory held for comparison ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com21 Case Study – B2B Catalog

22 Catalog mailings Source code tracking with quarterly match back analysis. Catalogs had item pre-fix codes and some had special pricing ($.97) Direct entry and proprietary search term orders 80% allocated to the mailings. White mail 100% catalog ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com22 Case Study – B2B Catalog

23 Email programs Triggered Order, Ship confirmation, Abandon Cart, New customer (name), Account details change, Lapsed customer Promotional Consumables continuity Seasonal products and annual events (i.e. back to school) New product introductions Cross-sell offers Non-seasonal events (i.e. oil spill) CTRs, conversion, promo products vs. other. ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com23 Case Study – B2B Catalog @

24 SEM Non-proprietary search terms captured to order 80% credit to SEO, 20% site maintenance PPC Non-proprietary search terms, Click PPC -80% SEO, 20% PPC Click organic listing – 100% SEO Affiliates & Online advertising 100% to activity ECMOD 2010 www.B2BDMI.com24 Case Study – B2B Catalog WWW

25 Terry Jukes - President B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence LLC

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