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Micromanagement Generation Y Individuality Participation Confident Convergence Collaboration Open Opportunity Wireless Online Mentoring Leadership Social.

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1 micromanagement Generation Y Individuality Participation Confident Convergence Collaboration Open Opportunity Wireless Online Mentoring Leadership Social Movements Blogs iPod Video Mobility RSS Google Data Driven Productive Diverse Adaptable Instantaneous Facilitation Mobile Associative lifestyle family passion problem solvers technology continuous partial attention dream job value systems interactive internet easily bored environment seeks mentors be respectful conform soccer camp myspacejust be yourself job environment guitar hero personal planner uncertainty expectations karate credibility bureaucracy safety equality determination stand up for yourself impacting college feedback piercings respect yourself opportunity cell phones feedback two incomes american idol reality TV you can do anything global high school express yourself american international facebook famous pursue happiness wikipedia mac vs pc sportsiTunes basketball adolescence single relationships dating automation competition simplicity helicopter parents team orientated 911 online government web 2.0 connected instant praised Characteristics Direct democracy iraq war terrorism

2 This presentation has been developed for the benefit of those who desire to better understand common characteristics of Generation Y and who are interested in positively facilitating their transition into an intergenerational workforce. The presentation identifies common characteristics of the generation, as a starting point, in order to understand the motivations of employees and for the benefit of developing strategic and tactical approaches to disconnects between generational values and business needs. The presentation makes use of generalities and may not represent everyone. We invite anyone with edits, updates or inputs to this presentation to post them as comments at The content of this presentation will be continually updated in an attempt to be as inclusive and representative as possible.

3 There are over 70 million people in the US belonging to Generation Y.

4 Births (in thousands) Birth Year Baby Boomers Gen Y Gen X

5 25% Generation Y is currently ~ of the US workforce, and is projected to be ~47% of the US workforce by 2014.

6 Columbine The 2000 Election Crisis 9-11 Cable Reality TV The Iraq War Terrorism Internet Columbia Accident Technology Gaming Starbucks Gen Y Formative Events Challenger Accident MTV SpaceShipOne Google iTunes Napster Franchises Oprah Daily Show Southpark Simpsons Celebrity Scandals Online Shopping eBay mac vs. pc Global Warming CDs youTube abu ghraib Blogging

7 These and many other formative events shaped their view of the world.

8 Many describe this generation as:

9 a generation that isindividualistic Generation Y is more individualistic than earlier generations and seeks autonomy in their opinions and behavior.

10 a generation that isteam-oriented Many in Generation Y enjoy working in groups where they can share their ideas and talents.

11 a generation that isconfident Generation Y was raised with advice such as anything is possible, to follow your dreams, to be what you want to be, to pursue happiness, and to just be yourselves.

12 a generation that isambitious … and ambitions grow stronger for those that attend college. Technical excellence is a starting point and is inherently assumed.

13 a generation that isexpecting Expectations arise from absorbing the culture and environment around them. Many have high expectations for salary, job flexibility, lifestyle, technology, and the future.

14 a generation that isfamous More opportunities for ordinary people to find and audience on the internet or on reality TV shows. Generation Y tends to be very comfortable with social interactions.

15 a generation that isopen Generation Y is more willing to share feelings and personal information. Opportunity linked to willingness to share online.

16 a generation that isdirect Generation Y will give and expect honest feedback.

17 a generation that isempowered Generation Y was encouraged to pursue happiness, follow their dreams, and embrace individuality. They have a strong sense of responsibility.

18 a generation that iswired & wireless Generation Y enjoys the convenience of communicating electronically and wirelessly. Yet, many are equally concerned about privacy.

19 a generation that isglobal Generation Y grew up in and interacts with a world that is connected, accessible, interactive and open.

20 a generation that ismobile Work at the office, the coffee shop, the hotel lobby, or the airport. Always on the move.

21 a generation that isindependent For many, childhood filled with instability, unpredictability, and uncertainty. Many do not have an expectation for lifetime employment.

22 a generation that isinformation rich Many get bored or frustrated if the information flow is poor or too slow. Continuous partial attention and multi-tasking may be a result.

23 a generation that isassociative Many are attracted to large social movements and are civic or mission minded. Many value associations and relationships in making decisions.

24 a generation that isinstantaneous Generation Y is used to giving and receiving information immediately. Anything is just a Google search away.

25 a generation that isalways on Their networks and conversations dont end. Many are comfortable blurring the lines between work and life.

26 a generation that isimpatient Many raised in an environment and conditioned for instant gratification. Sometimes unrealistically so.

27 a generation that isadaptable Generation Y is quick to cope with complexity and can adjust accordingly.

28 a generation that isdiverse Generation Y is a diverse group in many ways including race, religion, and lifestyle.

29 a generation that is here …and is already having a large impact on the workforce!

30 This generation has a lot to offer the workforce. It is…

31 a generation that can absorb discontinuous information and make meaning of it.

32 leverage their optimism for a better future. a generation that can

33 use tools and create technology to change the world in new ways. a generation that can

34 cope with extreme complexity. a generation that can

35 provide energy and insight into process and system improvements. a generation that can

36 be extremely productive and supportive, if engaged. a generation that can

37 negotiate diverse or international situations well. a generation that can

38 innovate and communicate in new and distinctive ways. a generation that can

39 Failure for many in Generation Y is: Not pursuing an opportunity; not trying Not effectively managing school, work, and life balance Not being true to oneself; compromising integrity Not succeeding; not being challenged Being normal

40 Expectations for the work environment: Being valued and engaged Appreciate open communication and feedback Value diversity and globalization Flexible, informal, decentralized work environments Like team atmospheres Measured on results, not time spent on the job Follow leaders based on credibility Not necessarily afraid of losing their job Like to learn by hands-on opportunities Openly talk about career paths and options Desire the workplace to be fun

41 Thoughts for Generation Y: Understand and respect other perspectives Seek out mentors Use technology to make the job easier Set goals. Take risks. Ask to be involved Strive to understand the system Be willing to compromise Share your success and enable others Volunteer, Invest, Network Smile If all else fails, wear a suit

42 Thoughts for Employers: Understand and respect other perspectives Offer to be a mentor Create custom career paths Remember how the previous generation misunderstood you Allow for a collaborative, participatory environment Provide an opportunity to learn by doing Develop interactive training Encourage skill development Allow for flexible, personalized work environments Involve others in the big picture

43 General Content: Based on the Generation Y Perspectives Presentation, 2007; as well as numerous interviews, books, articles, blogs, and websites. Some content adopted from Generation Me by Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D, Cover art inspired from: Advice: Gathered through various research, discussions, and observations Additional Reading: Original presentation given at the International Space Development Conference, May 29 - June Last updated: 09 June 2008

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