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Where Does Waldo Work? T raining Webinar Sponsored by AFP and HEP June 23, 2010 Terry Handler, T. Handler Consulting.

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1 Where Does Waldo Work? T raining Webinar Sponsored by AFP and HEP June 23, 2010 Terry Handler, T. Handler Consulting

2 Learning Objectives After participating in this session, you will be able to: Identify new opportunities for obtaining employment information from your constituents Be able to approach vendors who have employment information for your constituents Apply employment information more effectively in advancing the mission of your organization Establish and improve matching gift information internally and with your donors Increase your matching gifts income

3 Where Does Waldo Work? And why do I care??? Employment information is key in prospect identification Many constituents may prefer to receive information from your organization at their place of work Employment information and contact numbers are critical for major gift fundraisers and relationship building Employment information can help drive a more effective matching gift program

4 Where Does Waldo Work? Who needs Waldos work information: Prospect Identification for Research, Major Gifts, Volunteers and Members Major Gifts and Leadership programs to contact Annual Giving for Matching Gifts $ increases Corporate/Fdn to maintain, expand relationships. Records to clean, connect, enhance value Gifts to identify, confirm and limit surprises

5 Where Does Waldo Work? Sources of employment information Individual Employer Government Research Companies

6 Where Does Waldo Work? Points of contact with individual for finding employment information Membership directories On-line communities Fellow constituents Events Telemarketing solicitations Social networking sites

7 Where Does Waldo Work? Companies Fellow employees Professional directories Association membership

8 Where Does Waldo Work? Government Tax records Real estate holdings Securities filings

9 Where Does Waldo Work? Research companies With name, address, e-mail, research is possible across many publicly available databases AlumniFinder (Lexis/Nexis) offers People at Work Mines networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) Mines state and county records, probate, associations Corporate Affiliations (Lexis/Nexiis) provides work data Over 1 million personnel names and titles HEP Data offers Employer Find Mines more than 100 databases Meshes with their matching gift identification service

10 Where Does Waldo Work? Refresh standards New data, content, locations Setup and testing Workflow, update and management processes Maturing needs Priorities and overlapping needs by user depts. Access and reporting Cleaning and refreshing Consolidate resources, sources, techniques Communicate, participate and engage with users

11 Where Does Waldo Work? Keep up with the sources

12 Where Does Waldo Work? Keep up with the sources Electronic data sources and tools Update data services, tools Use power of people Projects and large updates Timing impact from and for depts Resources up front and in the plans Ongoing and daily Prioritize, tie to business Enable data staff

13 Where Does Waldo Work?...... And is it a Matching Gift Company? Finding Matching Gift Companies Donor Provided Information Obtaining information from donors Approaches to encourage donors to find their employers Services to Find Matching Gift Companies Interactive services Online and look-up services Database matching services

14 Waldos E-Match Example - St. Jude Childrens Online Service (by HEP)

15 Example Tool to Find Matches - AutoMatch by HEP Finds Matching Gift Eligible Donors by screening those not previously identified as match eligible against HEPs database Screens client files where client has employer information Hit rates average 4-12% over what they have currently Newly released version of software

16 Example Service: AutoMatch Totals & Statistics

17 Example Service: Employer Find Finds Employer Information on 15-40% of a file when no client employer information is available How it works Screen client files against ten+ databases containing over 70+ million records Data comes from publicly available data and databases including the internet Can then run that file using Automatch to Find more matching gift eligible constituents Typical match for first time can be around 20%

18 Example Service: EmployerFind

19 Effective pages – The Maryland Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

20 Waldos Summary Efforts to maintain current employment information can benefit organizations in many ways Individuals are the best source of employment information and should be solicited for this information at multiple points of contact Companies are increasingly providing services that will research employment information for nonprofit organizations Matching Gifts potential can be identified and increased with more employment data from donors and with help from resources like HEP

21 THANK YOU! Waldo Works for a Matching Gift Company Terry Handler, T. Handler Consulting 612-817-7752 AFP - HEP/AFP -

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