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Managing the Philanthropy Office Step Three: Supporting Fund Development.

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1 Managing the Philanthropy Office Step Three: Supporting Fund Development

2 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.2 Step Three Outline Systems and Processes Fund Development Committee of the Board Fund Development Budget

3 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.3 Systems and Processes

4 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.4 Success Requires… …Your leadership, Vision, strategic plan, multi-year revenue projections, a giving and getting board, fundraising priorities, a strong CDO and staff It also requires SYSTEMS and PROCESSES

5 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.5 Start with a Plan Just as you have a good strategic and tactical plan for the Agency, the Fund Development office needs a strong, detailed plan as well. See Fund Development Plan and Template in Tools and TemplatesFund Development Plan For more in-depth information on planning go to the CDO version of this sectionCDO version of this section

6 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.6 Provide Infrastructure Database software Gift and interaction documentation Bigs and Littles information captured and kept Trained personnel

7 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.7 Provide Procedures and Protocols Gift Crediting guidelines – it is important to know what to accept and how to credit different types of gifts Gift Crediting guidelines Research Goals – researching prospective donors is an important function Research Goals Stewardship Plan, Template & Calendar – will increase giving and help you keep your donors Stewardship Plan, & Calendar

8 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.8 Provide Training and Consultation AFP and other local programs Shadow the best shops in your area BBBSA

9 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.9 Consider Hiring a Consultant Ask the best development shops in your area who they use Interview several Check references carefully A consultant can provide perspective, help you problem solve, provide on- site Board training

10 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.10 Seek Support from National Database Stewardship Web tools Workshops, regional and national meetings Conference calls Assessments, consulting and problem solving

11 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.11 Fund Development Committee of the Board

12 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.12 This is a Partnership with your CDO and Board Members

13 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.13 Provide Access to the Board Appoint a strong and willing Chair of the Development Committee See Sample Development Committee Charge in Tools and TemplatesSample Development Committee Charge

14 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.14 Building Relationships with The Board The CDO should have complete access to the Board as long as he or she keeps you informed in a timely manner They are leadership and major gift donors who need an engagement and solicitation strategy They provide her access to others They help her engage, solicit and steward others

15 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.15 Fund Development Budget

16 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.16 The Budget In addition to staff and infrastructure, there should be adequate resources for: Mailings Events Travel Professional Development Communications materials Stewardship materials including photographs Research tools

17 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.17 Next Steps Go to Step Four to learn more about Performance Measures and MetricsStep Four

18 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.18 Tools and Templates Sample Development Committee Charge Sample Development Committee Charge Fund Development Budget Template Fund Development Budget Template Fund Development Plan and Template Fund Development Plan

19 © BBBSA & The Osborne Group, Inc.19 Tools and Templates Gift Crediting guidelines Annual Giving Calendar Research Goals Stewardship Plan, Calendar, and Template Stewardship Plan, Calendar,

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