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Earthquake Resistant Expansion Joint using Hinge Finger Type 2007. 12 We make the happy world ! ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. ILWON.

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1 Earthquake Resistant Expansion Joint using Hinge Finger Type We make the happy world ! ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. ILWON

2 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. ·Earthquake zone on the plate boundary -New Zealand, USA, Japan (Earthquake-resistant advanced countries) 1.Status of earthquake Damage 1)Geological earthquake ·Earthquake zone within the plate -USA: Northeastern area -China: Jaeseong Earthquake in 1975 Tangshan Earthquake in 1976

3 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 2) Major earthquakes of the world (since 1900s) OrderDate of occurrenceAreaNo. of casualty (people)Magnitude Northern area, Pakistan86, Sumatra, Indonesia283, Southern area, Iran31, Gujarat, India20, Izmit, Turkey15, Rasht, Iran45, Armenia (the Soviet Union)30, Tangshan, China242, Peru66, Erzincan, Turkey23, Kanto, Japan143, Kansu, China180, Messina, Italy120, (Over 10,000 casualty)

4 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 3) Example of damaged bridge by earthquake Kobe earthquake, Japan -Date of occurrence : Casualty : 6,300 people -Wounded : 35,000 people -Magnitude : 7.2

5 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. Loma Prieta earthquake - Year of occurrence : Magnitude : Among 4,250 bridges ·Minor damage: 89 ·Major damage: 11 Collapse of the upper part of the steel trust bridge (Oakland Bay Bridge) Breakdown of the punching in the upper structure (State Highway Bridge)

6 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. Northridge earthquake - Date of occurrence : Jan 17, Casualty : 57 people - Wounded : 90,000 people Antelope Valley Freeway Santa Monica Freeway

7 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 2. Improvement of aseismatic performance in Bridges Road standard specifications, Ministry of Construction, 1992 Earthquake resistant design criteria, Ministry of construction & Transportation, 1997 Road bridge design criteria, Ministry of construction & Transportation, 2000 Road bridge design criteria, Ministry of construction & Transportation, ) Standard of earthquake-resistant design

8 ILWONTECH Co.,Ltd. 2) Basic policy of the earthquake-resistant design Purpose of earthquake-resistant design Securing the quake-proof ability in order to minimize the damage of the bridge caused by the earthquake Basic concept of earthquake-resistant design criteria Minimizing casualties. Allowing partial damage in bridge members but preventing entire collapse in case of earthquakes. Making it possible to perform the basic function of the bridge in case of earthquake. The Design Criteria can be applied to all area in South Korea. A creative work can be acknowledged to develop more advanced design even though it does not follow the rule.

9 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 3) Aseismatic level of the Road Bridge and seismic design Aseismatic level Bridge Average cycle of occurrence of seismic design First class Bridges - Bridges on highway, driveway, special city road, metropolitan road or general local highway - Bridge on roads built for preventing disaster in local area, city and province and important bridges considered in daily planned traffic volume - Elevated bridge passing over the road building first class bridge against the earthquake 1000 years Second class - Bridges excluded in the first class of the aseismatic level 500 years

10 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 4) Response Correction Factor In case of satisfying all the design requirements for the earthquake-resistant design, designed seismic force for each member and joint part of bridge is the value of the elastic seismic force divided by the response correction factor., In case of the lower structure, however, the longitudinal force and shearing force are not divided by response correction factor. Lower structure R Connection part (1) R Box frame type pier 2Abutment of the upper structure 0.8 Steel concrete pile frame (Bent) 1. In case of using vertical pile only 3 2. In case of using more than one batter pile 2 Expansion within a span of the upper structure 0.8 Single column 3 Column, pier or pile frame and cab beam or upper structure 1.0 Steel or composite steel or concrete pile frame 1. In case of using vertical pile only 5 2. In case of using more than one batter pile 3 Column or pier & base 1.0 Multiple frame 5 Note : (1) The connection part means the device delivering the shearing force and compressive force between members and includes bridge bearings and shearing key. At this time, the response correction factor is applied to the elastic seismic force into the working direction.

11 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 5) Change of the concept in earthquake-resistant design The existing earthquake-resistant design : increasing the strength of the structure Beginning of the modern earthquake resistant design caused by Messina earthquake in Italy with magnitude 7.5 in 1908 Building the structure stronger can resist from the horizontal load generated by earthquakes Aiming the prevention of collapse Allowing the structural damage Increasing seismic movement of the inside of the structure A new earthquake-resistant design : controlling the seismic movement of the structure Seismic movement control system reducing the required strength by using seismic isolation system or energy dissipation system

12 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 6) Earthquake-proof system for bridges Approach of the earthquake-proof system Earthquake is the energetic phenomenon and the earthquake energy concentrate on the fixed structure giving the damage The Large plate displacement Structural deformation Induced energy Damage Earthquake

13 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. Damage of the expansion joint and anti-falling pin Damage of Rahmen pier (fixed axis) Upper plate falling down Damage of Rahmen tie beam pier

14 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. Plate displacement Induced energy Application of aseismatic system The system prevents the earthquake and terminates its energy. It makes smaller energy come into the structure reliving the remaining energy.

15 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 7)Development Status for the seismic prevention system Bearing system – rubber bearing · Long cyclic function : Flexible horizontal transformation ability Changing up to 600% in rubber shearing deformation · Vertical load support function: sufficient load supporting ability Supporting up to maximum 147 Mpa/cm 2

16 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. Supporting device - LRB, HDR · Seismic isolation support integrated with damping function · Support injecting lead with excellent plasticity · Support using high damping rubber

17 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. Damper ·Oil damper Using low viscosity fluid Low dependency on temperature Complicated inner structure ·Viscosity damper Using high viscosity fluid High dependency on temperature Simple inner structure Upper Plate Structure Measuring Device Quake Isolation Device (Friction Bearing, Lead Rubber Bearing) Reaction energy fixed anchor Quick Release Jack

18 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. Device preventing the bridge falling ·Cable confining device from SEEE company Upper Plate Expansion Joint Cable type Bridge falling block system pier Buffer Bearing Spring Stopping Plate Protection Cab Connection Cable (PC Cable) Nut Cladding material (Polyethylene resin) Buffering (Bearing plate + Buffer packing) Mansion

19 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 1) ERJ - Use : long-span vertical expansion joint - Expansion : 300 ~ 800mm 3. Earthquake Resistant Expansion Joint (ERJ) of Finger type structure by using Hinge Patent NO , NO Assigned to Technical Innovation Class A in the propriety evaluation of new technology idea

20 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 2) ERJ (Earthquake Resistant Expansion Joint) Deal drawing (Rubber Plate)

21 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 3) ERJ standard cross sectional view

22 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 3) ERJ ground plan course of a vehicle Direction of a vehicle

23 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 4) Characteristics of ERJ movement Longitudinal movement Transversal movement Up& Down movement

24 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 5) Detailed drawing of the Rubber Seal in the lower part Bonding picture Installation picture

25 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. 6) Comparison Table of earthquake-resistant expansion joints Classification Earthquake-resistant expansion joints (ILWON) Earthquake-resistant expansion joints (Other companies) StructureSimpleComplicated Movement feature Enough to move into three directions of X, Y, and Z axles Limited up & down movement into Z axle Allow the movement into X and Y axles Maintenance -Partial repair due to its unit structure -can be replaced the Rubber Seal only from the lower laying gap without any traffic control - No traffic control - Partial repair is impossible due to its monolithic structure - Full traffic control Applicability Easy to construct due to its simple structure - Requires heavy equipment for the installation due to its monolithic structure - Full traffic control Ride quality Satisfactory with its Finger type structure - Heavy noise with its discontinuous structural feature reducing the ride quality Product price (Expansion 400mm) Low price, about USD 9,700 / meter High price, about 17,100 / meter

26 ILWONTECH Co., Ltd. Thank you so much!!

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