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E-Journal Proposal NAP October 3, 2010 Washington, DC.

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1 E-Journal Proposal NAP October 3, 2010 Washington, DC

2 Title HEALTH CARE POLICY: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

3 Existing Journals Open Access – Open Access Health Services and Policy (UK) Standard – Health Policy – Health Policy and Planning – Healthcare Policy – Journal of Health Services Research and Policy – Journal of Health Care Law and Policy – Journal of Public Health Policy

4 Niche Exclusive Focus on Health Policy- few Open Access- very few Interdisciplinary- none Interdisciplinary, Health Care Policy, Open Access

5 Platform E-based (no paper version) Open Access Alone Vs. Consortium (Bentham Open)

6 Editorial Board Steering Committee – Editor – Associate Editors – Develop Concept (by 01.01.11) – Experience with Journal Editing and/or Scholarship Editorial Board – Editor (NAP membership required) – 3-5 Associate Editors (NAP membership required) – 25 Members (NAP membership required) Prestige Vs. Knowledge Workers Call to the membership – Reviewers (NAP and Non-NAP members)

7 Pragmatics Submission open to NAP and non-NAP members 250 pages per year 2 issues per year/volume Peer reviewed First issue or two on existing policy papers Build on prior journal Free Attempt to be indexed within one to two years in each of the academy citation sources (e.g., PsyInfo)

8 Content Policy Papers – Review – Opinion Empirical Case Studies Demonstration (organizational projects) Possible – Reflective Practice – Bio/Obits – Book Reviews – Interviews

9 Budget Start-up – Staff – Internet Consulting Ongoing – Staff – Internet Access – Consortium

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