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Handbook Test. Compliance Officers for GCTC are: Bob Perry, Lynelle Armstrong Gloria Wallace, Fran Topping Carol Valentine, Donna Stone Introduction Page.

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1 Handbook Test

2 Compliance Officers for GCTC are: Bob Perry, Lynelle Armstrong Gloria Wallace, Fran Topping Carol Valentine, Donna Stone Introduction Page 7 Carol Valentine, Donna Stone

3 General Information Page 6 To be officially enrolled and to be eligible to receive ______ a student must fill in completely the packet of forms including all signatures and return it to the office within the ________ of attendance or student will be _______. grades first week dropped

4 GCTC has cooperative agreements with the following colleges: (Name the three) Seminole State College Rose State College Reuters College St. Gregorys University Coffeyville Community College Mountain of Ozarks College Page 6 Seminole State College Rose State College

5 Each college cooperative agreement with GCTC will allow a student to work toward an degree. Page 6 applied associates

6 No printed material or literature may be distributed on any property of Gordon Cooper without the approval and consent of the school authorized by the Board of Education. Page 7 written

7 Students who have a complaint concerning the application of an established GCTC policy may obtain a complete copy of the grievance procedure from the _________. (Select one) Superintendent Asst. Principal Principal Policy and Procedure Manual in the EEC Page 7 Policy and Procedure Manual in the EEC

8 Pushing, crowding, hitting, pinching, and making fun of others are just a few methods used to others. Page 8 bully

9 The Education Enhancement Center is an _________of all GC programs; therefore, ___students will spend time in the EEC. Page 7 extension all

10 Any person requesting a copy of his/her cumulative student record must have his/her parent or guardian complete and submit ______________ to the Superintendent or his/her designee. Page 10 a written request

11 If students do not want to purchase school accident insurance, their parent/guardian must sign an insurance form indicating _________ or _______. Page 10 acceptancerejection

12 GCTC will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to any personal property brought on campus including vehicles or articles left in vehicles in case of _______________ or any other cause beyond or control. Page 11 fire, theft, accident,

13 In the event school should be cancelled, GC administration will notify the following TV and radio stations: KOCO TV (Ch 5) KFOR TV (Ch 4) KWTV TV (Ch 9) KGFF Radio (1450 AM) KWSH Radio (1260 AM) Page 11

14 Sexual harassment is unwanted conduct that must be sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it adversely affects a students education. Victims of sexual harassment should make complaints to the following people. 1.Teacher 2.Personnel in Student Service Office 3.Compliance Officer, Carol Valentine Page 7&8

15 Students bring visitors to the classroom or shops. May May not Page 14 May not

16 A Certificate of _________will be issued to a student when all competencies of a program are completed and the student will not be returning to the program in the future to earn additional competencies. Page 13 Completion

17 Any secondary or post-secondary student who is absent for more than 9 days during a semester shall face consequences as outlined in the Policy and Procedure Manual. Page 15 STUDENT EXPECTATIONS (Please review Attendance Policy).

18 Attendance is the responsibility of the. Parent Teacher Student Page 15

19 Perfect attendance awards are given to only those students who have completed one full year of the program with __ absences and/or ____________. Page 15 0 2 or less tardies

20 Adult or high school students who violate board approval attendance policy and are dropped, may be allowed to apply for readmission after __________________ of non-attendance. Page 15 one semester

21 tardies are counted as ___ absence. Page 18 Two Three Four Three one

22 In order to receive credit for being in attendance for a day, a student must not be absent for more than of that day. A hour and 15 minutes One Hour 30 minutes Page 18 One Hour

23 Students enrolled in full-time programs may request one leave of absence (LOA) during the school year. To be considered for an approved leave of absence, a student must provide the Principal with a written, signed, and dated request for leave of absence ____ to the leave of absence, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from doing so. Page 17 prior

24 Students may not be approved for more than one leave of absence in a ____________. The leave of absence request must be for a minimum of _ days and may not exceed a maximum of _ weeks. Page 17 12 month period 5 9

25 Students granted an approved leave of absence are expected to return to class at the end of the leave of absence. A student who ____________ at the end of absence will be _______ and, if the student received Title IV federal financial aid, may owe money back to the Federal Pell Grant program and to Gordon Cooper Technology Center. Page 17 does not return dropped

26 Having a gun in your possession while on campus is a FELONY. Guns or dangerous weapons ______ be brought onto either of the GCTC campuses. Page 19 cannot

27 Drugs, look-alike drugs, and alcoholic beverages, including beer, ___________ on the GCTC campuses Are Are not prohibited Page 19 Are prohibited

28 Dogs Against Drugs ___ utilized on the Gordon Cooper Technology Center campuses up help maintain school policy. Page 28 are

29 List Five areas that a GCTC administrator is legally allowed to search: 1.School locker 2.Vehicle 3.The students 4.Desks 5.Any other areas of school facilities Page 28

30 Under no circumstance will secondary or post-secondary students leave campus without permission from their instructor and the proper paperwork signed by __________ as well as a representative in the ______________ area. Page 17 the instructor Student Services

31 Students leaving without following the check out procedures ___ be _________. Page 17 Counted Absent Suspended will

32 Parking permits are obtained from the ___________ office. Page 29 Instructors Principals Student Services

33 All Gordon Cooper campuses are tobacco-free campuses. Smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco are prohibited. Page 29

34 All GCTC students are required to properly display a GCTC parking permit hanging from the ____________. Page 29 rear view mirror

35 Students are not allowed to use Wireless Communication Devices during class time, which is 8:15 -11:15 a.m. and 12:55 -3:55 p.m. They are to be turned off during these times. If a device goes off or is used during class the instructor or an administrator will ________ it. A second offense may result in _________. Page 31 confiscate suspension

36 Suspended students ______ be allowed to come to GCTC campus or attend extra- curricular activities or field trips until suspension is completed. Page 31 will not

37 A vehicle parked in student parking without a permit properly displayed will result in a ___________ being issued by the police officer. A second or additional offense will result in the student losing his/her _____________. Page 29 warning ticket driving privileges

38 If the restricted vehicle is driven on campus, it will be _____ at the students expense. Page 29 towed

39 Driving privileges will be revoked and the student will be required to ride the bus for the following reasons concerning driving to and from GC and while on campus: 1.Driving recklessly 2.Speeding 3.Or violating other rules and regulations 4.Excessive tardies Page 33

40 Students are permitted a ________ break for both the morning and afternoon sessions. Page 33 30 minute 20 minute 15 minute

41 Food and drinks are permitted only in the __________. Page 33 break areas

42 Students suspended for __ days or more will be provided with an Educational Plan. Written classroom work will be provided; however, the student must submit each _________ assignment before the next assignment will be given. Page 32 6 completed

43 Breaks are a privilege, which can be lost. No student is to remain in or around the classroom/lab/shop and must take their break in the inside break area or either of the two inside break areas. Page 33

44 Articles of clothing or appearance which offend public decency or which suggest or depict violations of law or school regulations _____ be permitted. These include, but are not limited to, shorts, halter tops, mini-skirts, crop tops, muscle shirts, and similar garments. Page 33 will not

45 If _________ checked out to students are lost, ________________ for the tools/books. Page 32 tools/books that student must pay

46 All minors who participate in field trips sponsored by a program at GCTC must have a __________________ signed by a parent or guardian. Page 34 field trip permission slip

47 Students must utilize ____________ transportation to and from the designed field trip or school sponsored trips. Page 34 school provided

48 The grading scale with the exception of Aviation and Practical Nursing is: 1.A= 90 to 100% 2.B= 80 to 89% 3.C= 70 to 79% 4.D= 60 to 69% 5.F= 59% and below 6.I= Incomplete 7.W= Withdrawal grade Page 34

49 Progress report are issued following the fourth week of each ________ period. Page 34 nine-week

50 Make-up work not turned in by the designated time will result in a grade of. Page 35 D D- 0 0

51 Grade reports/cards are issued each _______. Page 35 9 weeks

52 High school credit is determined by your _________, not ______. See your GCTC counselor for a copy of the possible academic credits by program that may by available upon approval from your high school. Page 35 high schoolGCTC

53 Bus service is a _______ to students and may be _______ a student when necessary. Page 36 privilege denied

54 Generally a student is eligible to participate on OJT during their last semester of class when the student has satisfactorily completed their programs ________ and ___________ and is making a grade of or better in their course work. B A C C Page 36 objectives competencies

55 OJT students must have all forms completed and filed with instructor and in the _________. Instructors Office Assistant Principals Office Principals office Principals Office Page 36

56 Student Services First week First 2 weeks First 3 weeks High school students can change from one program to another during the ____________. First week Page 39

57 Students needing to terminate their program of training before the end of the school year must take the following steps: 1. Obtain withdrawal form from Student Service Office 2. Return all school-owned books and unused supplies 3. Provide current address to office 4. Return withdrawal form signed by instructor or Student Services personnel for office clearance Page 40

58 To compare the withdrawal process, a high school student must have signatures of ______ and High School ________ or _________. Adult students must have the form signed by ________ office and ______________. Page 40 parentsprincipal counselor business financial aid office

59 Students who participate in CTSOs receive opportunity to go to _________________, compete in _______________, join National Technical Honor Society, join Presidents Advisory Council, compete in _____________, and run for local, state, and national office. Page 41 Leadership Workshops Leadership Contests Skills Competition

60 Before handling any hazardous materials or chemicals in the shop, the student will receive orientation which includes a complete review of _________________________ for hazardous chemicals. Page 42 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

61 All students enrolled at GC must wear safety eye protection in the shop. To help the student comply with this law, GC provides ________ free of charge. Page 42 one pair(s)

62 All students enrolled at GC must pass a safety test with a _____ accuracy. 80% 90% 100% Page 43

63 Tuition & Financial Assistance Adults students must make satisfactory progress in their program of study in order to keep their financial aid sponsorship. Satisfactory progress means ________________________________ ______________________ and maintaining a grade of ___ average or better. Page 51 B C C making satisfactory progress toward the completion of course study

64 GCTC provides the following Financial Aid assistance to eligible students for the purpose of obtaining a Completion Certificate: 1.Federal Pell Grant 2.Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant 3.Federal Work Study 4.VA Educational Benefits 5.Oklahoma GI Bill (SB 530) Pages 47

65 The End

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