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1 2012-13 Handbook Rules and Information for Students and Parents.

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1 1 2012-13 Handbook Rules and Information for Students and Parents

2 2 School Section General Information Regular Day~ Start and End Time Bell Schedule (for middle and high school) Attendance~ Tardy/Absences Make Up Work Behavior~ PBS Behavior Management~ Minor/Major Behavior Consequences

3 3 School Section Harassment Consequences Referrals Meal Assistance Close Campus Co-Curricular Activities Email Contact with Teachers

4 4 School Section Field Trips Conferences Office Access Parent Organization~ PTC, Boosters Student Recognitions and Awards Use of School Phones Report Cards

5 5 School Section Professional Learning Communities PLC~ Late Start Mondays Starting Mid-September After School Program Behavior Expectations Website~ School and District

6 6 High School Section Academic Guide Groups Link Crew Age if Majority~ 18 years old College Graduation Requirements Credit by Recovery Service to the Community Academic Dishonesty

7 7 High School Section ASB Cards Clubs Student Petitions Rooter Bus Transfers/Student Records Requests

8 8 High School Section Student Vehicles Parking Fee Visiting Students and Guests

9 9 District Section This section is the same for all handbooks Begins with Code of Conduct and list of discipline policies Federal Law requires expulsion for not less than 1 year for weapons

10 10 Code of Conduct Explains: –Discipline –Consequences Detention Suspension Expulsion Standards for Students with Disabilities

11 11 Code of Conduct Bus Transportation –Bus Safety –Bus Rules Closed Campus

12 12 Code of Conduct Clothing Guidelines (Dress Code) –Neat, Clean, with Shoes –No Gang affiliated clothing –No Shirts with alcohol, firearms, drugs pictures or offensive language –No Hats in buildings –Effective during school hours and at all school events

13 13 Code of Conduct Drug and alcohol free Harassment free Student rights –Civil rights

14 14 District Information Academic and Support Services –Alternative Education –Meal Assistance –Special Education –Title I –Reading Specialist –Homeless/Needy

15 15 Support Services Continued –504 –Speech/Language –TAG –Behavior Plans –Bilingual Ed (ELL) –Attendance Assistance

16 16 Additional Information Assessments Attendance –Excused –Unexcused –Pre-Planned Absence –Tardy/Truancy

17 17 Additional Information Attendance –Field Trips –Check Out During Day Bicycles/Skateboards/Scooters Books~ Library and Textbooks –Textbook Checkout and Responsibilities –Library Books –Fines, Fees, or consequences

18 18 Additional Information Building Security Change of Address/Telephone Complaints –Policies in Addendum

19 19 Additional Information Curriculum Demonstrations of Affection –No Snuggling –No Embracing –No Kissing, etc.

20 20 Graduation Information for High School Diplomas –Modified –State Diploma –Stayton High Diploma Policy in Addendum

21 21 Electronics Electronic Policy in Addendum Cell Phones –Off in building –Remain off and in backpack/purse or locker during day

22 22 Emergency School Closure Where to look, listen –Radio Stations –TV Stations –District Website –School Messenger Call or Text Message

23 23 Fines and Fees Fee list in addendum Debit Cards may be used to pay for lunch charges on District website under food service

24 24 Safety Drills Safety Evacuation Practice Fire Drills Earthquake Drills Lock Down Drills

25 25 Counseling Available Behavior Support Class Scheduling Scholarship Assistance (at high school level) Drug, Tobacco, and Alcohol Support Personal Support ~ Referrals

26 26 Health Support District Nurse Available ~ Health Protocols First Aid and Emergencies Communicable Diseases Hearing and Vision Screening Immunizations Medication Support on Field Trips

27 27 Additional Information Personal Possessions/Toys Breakfast and Lunch Program Search and Secure ~ Lockers/Person Student ID Cards Must Be Available (lanyard around neck, clipped to shirt, in pocket or purse) for upper grades

28 28 Parent Information Homeless Support Appointments/Concerns Volunteer Program Facility Use Communications ~ On-Line Access Parental Rights

29 29 Additional Information Student Records TAG Program Teen Parent Program (at High School) Transfers Visitors Withdrawal from School

30 30 Annual Notices Asbestos Directory Information Parent Involvement Teacher Qualifications Special Programs Educational Records

31 31 Addendum School Calendar, Phone Numbers Student Fee Schedule Illness~ When to Stay Home High School Athletic Handbook Middle School Athletic Handbook Sports Physical Form Electronic Communications Policy

32 32 Addendum ~ Policies Harassment Policy and Form Reporting Adult Sexual Conduct with Students Policy and Form Public Complaint Policy and Form Directory Information Policy Physical Exams and Immunization Policy Graduation Requirements~ Essential Skills

33 33 Handbook on Website Hard Copies Available in Office Signature Page ? Questions or Comments

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