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Scholarship Application Seminar

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1 Scholarship Application Seminar
Sacred Heart Church Education Commission's Scholarship Application Seminar SACRED HEART MEMBERS ONLY

2 Sacred Heart Education Commission Seminar
Information provided must allow reader to evaluate the  applicant’s financial need academic promise and community involvement Seminar Purpose Preview scholarship application Know how to prepare any application


4 on the Education Commission Website
CHECKLIST ONLY COMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED. PLEASE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE ENCLOSED DOUCUMENTATION BEFORE SUBMISSION. PLACE A CHECKMARK BY EACH ENCLOSED DOCUMENT  THREE (3) Reference letters DATED and SIGNED –No More Than Two (2) Years Old Verification of all income information (e.g. a copy of YOUR / FAMILY HOUSEHOLD W-2) Provide copies of official documentation of family financial income Proof of enrollment or acceptance at the school you will attend. Provide copy as proof A letter about your personal goals Fully completed application form ___________________ Sacred Heart Church Participation/ Involvement / Volunteer Transcripts Helpful Information can be found in Questions & Answers (Q & A) section on the Education Commission Website

5 Sacred Heart Education Commission Seminar
Strategies Read application thoroughly Follow directions Answer all questions Submit by deadline date Clean, legible Integrity Recheck/proofread Make copies of all forms for your personal records Write an essay that answers to the theme

6 Sacred Heart Education Commission Seminar
Remember, your application should say to the evaluator The applicant has followed instructions, the application is complete, documentation has been provided and the applicant can be supported We will examine KEY points of the application

7 Email Addresses reflect positively / negatively on YOU
Personal Information Legal Name Date of Birth address Telephone Number(s) Address (Number Street) City or Town State Zip Code 05/12/88 John Francis Rae Hot Addresses reflect positively / negatively on YOU 4520 West Northend Ave. Detroit MI 48201 Please attach a letter about your current educational and personal goals. Include any information you believe would help us evaluate your application. References (current within the last two (2) years) Please submit three (3) letters of recommendation DATED AND SIGNED with this application. The letters can be included with your application, faxed to (313) , or mailed to Sacred Heart Church, 1000 Eliot, Detroit, MI You should verify all three letters arrive before the application deadline.

8 Past Academic Information
Include information about the last three years. Include earlier information if it will help us evaluate your application. Attach a list if you need more room. School Name Address Dates Attended Grade Point Average Michigan State University 123 Main Campus Drive East Michigan 48923 09/2004 – 06/2007 3.50 Current Academic Information Please include proof of acceptance or current enrollment at this institution, such as a copy of your student identification card or a copy of your letter of acceptance. If you are currently enrolled, send a transcript of your grades. If you are just starting at this school, send a transcript from the last school you attended. For example, if you are a college freshman, please send a high school transcript.

9 Name of College, University or Vocational School where you plan to use the scholarship
Address (Number Street) Field of Study (Major) City or Town State Zip Code Student Status (e.g. freshman) Sacred Heart Church Community Service Contributions to your community can include extra-curricular activities or volunteer work. Sacred Heart Organizations involvement/ participation will be given the highest weight. If you need more room, please attach a list of your additional services to the community. What type of Sacred Heart Community Services activities should be listed? Community Services should include your participation in Sacred Heart Church Organizations such as: Administration Commission, African American Focus Play, Altar Servers, Arts Committee, Bazaar Volunteer, Body & Spirit Dance Adult Ministry, Cancer Support Team, Choir (Youth / Adult), Christmas Program, Community Affairs, Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance, Economic Development Commission, Education Commission, Employment Resource Committee, Faithful Few, Friends of the Bereaved, Friends of the Sick & Shut In, Haiti Committee, Health Task Force, Inter Faith Golden Circle, Intonjane, Junior Daughters, Junior Knights, Knights of Peter Claver, Inc., Ladies Auxiliary of St. Peter Claver, Men of Isuthu, Ministers of Faith, Ministers of Service, Sacred Heart Herald, Social Affairs Commission, St. Vincent DePaul, Usher Board, Worship Commission, Youth Council, Youth Liturgical Dancers Note: Other outside community services may be listed but a higher weight will be given to your participation at Sacred Heart Church. Sacred Heart Organization / Participation /Involvement List Dates Other Community Service Name of activity or organization Youth Choir 2007 to present

10 Immediate Family Information
Please indicate the head of the household with an asterisk ‘*’. Family information here is similar to the way it is reported on a W-4. If you are financially independent, you should report only your income. If you are married, have children, or if you are a dependent child you should include income information for your household. If you need more room, please attach the information. Family Address (Number Street) Family Size City or Town State Zip Code Home Telephone Number Applicant Name Age Family Member Names Relation to applicant Head (s) of Household Father 40 John Smith Mother 38 Anna L. Smith Sister 14 Barbara Smith Do Not Use Nicknames

11 Financial Information
Please furnish official substantiation for the income information provided, e.g. copies of a W-2, Social Security statement, Other Statements of Income, Financial Aid applications. Please send copies of your important documents. Applicant’s Employer Employer’s Address (Number Street) City or Town State Zip Code Names of Other Grants, Scholarships or Loans Awarded to Applicant Amount Annual Incomes in the Past Year: Combined Head of Household Income Applicant Total Household PELL Grant $1,000.00 $38,00.00 $8,000.00 $46,000.00

12 As with all official documents remember to Sign and Date
Signature Today’s Date Helen J. Jones 05/20/10 Applications, including all supporting documentation, for the scholarships must be returned to Father Thomas by June 30th. If you have any questions about how to fill out this application, please contact Frieda Thorne at (313) or Bonnie Walker at (248) You may Bonnie Walker at

13 Sacred Heart Education Commission Seminar
We will examine a Good and Bad Essay

14 Bad Personal Statement

15 Bad Personal Statement
My name is Zhane Fullerton. I am applying for the Scared Hart Scholarship. I need this money in order to become a industrial engine. I have been accepted to Oakland County Community College in the fall of I am 18. I need this money because I am in a household with three other siblings planning to go to college. This money will help me to pay for tuition, a new car, gas money, and room and board at the university. I believe if you give me this money I will try my hardest to prove to you that I can make it .

16 Bad Personal Statement
Industrial engines make lots of money and I am ready to do what I have to do in order to earn a lot of money and provide for my parents as my parents have provided for me.

17 Bad Personal Statement
I am struggling with being on my own. The fee for going to OCCC is thousands of dollars. I know that giving me this scholarship will help me with paying the costs of the tuition and them some. With the assistance of my parish family, my mother, and other scholarships, I will be one step closer to achieving my dream.

18 Good Personal Statement

19 Good Personal Statement
People are often told that education is important. People are told that a person must strive for an education. It is a recent occurrence that people have been told that there is money out there for them. Therefore, I shall seek it. My dream is to become an industrial engineer. Industrial engineers help to shape the future of our society. It is commonly defined that industrial engineers are people that help to make society run more efficiently; they work to eliminate wastes of time, energy, money, resources, and other materials.

20 Good Personal Statement
Our society is bogged down with the ‘red tape’ of government, the ‘red tape’ of policies, and the old standards of doing things. For instance, the oil industry is inefficient. The use of oil from the Middle East is hurting our country. As an industrial engineer, it would be my job to find out how to develop an energy source that can replace oil, is safer than oil, and is more accessible to the country, without depending on foreign suppliers.

21 Good Personal Statement cont.
It is necessary that someone change the status quo to make things better and efficient for the future generations of our society. Being eighteen years old, graduating from high school and going to college I will be on the road to achieve this possible reality.

22 Good Personal Statement
The engineering program at Oakland County Community College is a great program that I am scheduled to be apart of in the fall of With the assistance of my parish family, my mother, and other scholarships, I will be one step closer to achieving my dream. Thank you for taking the time in reading my application. Zhane Fullerton

23 What not to Do Do not complete in pencil No stained papers
Do not staple anything Do not wait until the last minute to fill out the application, IT SHOWS with omitted information and errors

24 Plan ahead Place papers in a large envelope Have neat papers Typed or in black/blue ink When in doubt ask questions

Sacred Heart Church Education Commission SACRED HEART MEMBERS ONLY

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