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Priaxor fungicide Advanced Chemistry for Soybeans Introducing:

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1 Priaxor fungicide Advanced Chemistry for Soybeans Introducing:

2 Priaxor fungicide improves performance over Headline ® fungicide Priaxor fungicide: Advanced Chemistry for Soybeans More Consistent Performance New Mode of Action Delivers better disease control Consistently Higher Yields Continuous Protection Unique redistribution and mobility throughout the leaf Leaf surface acts as a reservoir for continuous product release days of long lasting protection Proven Plant Health Benefits Xemium plus Headline® Fungicide Powerful tool for resistance management Broad spectrum fungicide active on key soybean diseases Preventative and Post Infection Control

3 Priaxor fungicide: Unique Delivery Drives Consistent Performance Xemium is adsorbed to waxy layer and evenly transported in leaves Upper epidermis Lower epidermis Palisade cells Phloem Xylem Xemium depot after application

4 Priaxor Fungicide: Mobility and Differentiation Displays rapid mobility in leaves Untreated Priaxor Treated zone Leaf Base Leaf Tip zone Other SDHI Leaf Rust rust 1 day preventative. Source: Dr. Speakman, APR/FM

5 R1 R3R5 Soybean Use Recommendations *Based on BASF Research results Apply at R3 for optimal results Use Rate: 4oz 0.25% NIS

6 Priaxor fungicide: Disease Spectrum Priaxor has broad spectrum disease activity Key Diseases controlled: Aerial Web blight Alternaria leaf spot Anthracnose Cercospora blight Frogeye Leaf Spot Pod and Stem Blight Septoria Brown Spot Soybean Rust

7 BASF Fungicides: Leading innovations for all your crops Corn W. Wheat Soybeans Please visit for the latest information

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