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Juicing Vegetables Is it better than eating them?.

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1 Juicing Vegetables Is it better than eating them?

2 Why dont people eat vegetables? They dont taste good Lack of convenience in preparation - most fruits and vegetables require washing and peeling, perhaps chopping, steaming or boiling to really enjoy Most restaurant menus are meat or grain based - vegetables are an afterthought in most dishes Salads in restaurants are mostly iceberg lettuce (one of the least nutritious vegetables, and a few tomatoes - topped with cheese, croutons and fatty dressings Cost prohibitive - vegetables are expensive

3 Cant I just eat my fruits and vegetables? Much of the nutrition supplied by a vegetable is wasted to fuel its own digestion The body has to break down all food into liquid, then process the nutrients Humans would have to eat five pounds of fruits and veggies a day to intake sufficient nutrients, wasting tons of energy to process and digest it all properly Unless consumed raw, fruits and veggies lose significant amounts of enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the cooking process Vegetables today have a fraction of the nutrients they had 35-40 years ago

4 You get more nutrients from foods when they are raw - juice is raw food Raw food is much more easily digested than cooked food When you drink juice, nutrients are delivered to your blood stream within minutes Juicing removes all the fiber so your body only has to process the liquid nutrients You get the same digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals as if you had eaten the fruits and vegetables Why juice?

5 Health Benefits of Juice Drinking different kinds of juices have many positive effects on the body, due to the high vitamin and mineral content found in various vegetables - here are a few examples Beets - Cleanse the blood, strengthen the liver and gall bladder, good source of carotenoids that help in the prevention of cancer, high in manganese, which is important for brain function. Broccoli - Full of vitamins B1 and C, and 45% of its calories are protein.

6 Cabbage - Excellent source of selenium, which fights cancer, protects against heart disease, improves arthritis, slows the aging process, and increases male potency - also contains glutamine, which is excellent for healing ulcers and other stomach disorders Celery - Excellent blood builder, good for headaches, mixed with apple juice it cleanses the body of carbon dioxide, cools the body, and helps with muscle cramps and fatigue during workouts Benefits contd

7 Benefits...again Carrots - an 8oz glass contains 20,000mg of Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant known for helping fight cancer. Great source of energy, rich in organic calcium for bones and teeth, helps cleanse the liver, contains beta- carotene which is a natural protector against skin cancer Cucumber - suspected to help in reducing hair loss

8 Garlic - reduces blood pressure, lowers LDL, boosts immune system Dark green lettuce (various types) - contain sulfur, chlorine, silicon, B complex, all contributing to hair growth, healthy skin, and defense against lung cancer Parsley - one of the highest sources of chlorophyll, which acts like iron to oxidize the blood, cleanses the kidneys, liver and urinary tract Radishes - helps clear sinus cavities and calm a sore throat

9 Conclusion Eating vegetables provides the same nutrients as juicing them, however juice provides the body with more nutrients than raw vegetables, as none of them are wasted in the digestive process Juice allows for a larger quantity of nutrients to be consumed and absorbed by the body, due to removing the fiber. One example of this is that 5 carrots amounts to about 1 cup of juice. This also gives the digestive tract a break, as there is no solid food to breakdown It is much easier to get your daily nutrient intake from juicing rather than from eating vegetables

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