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TENCompetence Management Issues: WP1 Eric Kluijfhout.

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2 TENCompetence Management Issues: WP1 Eric Kluijfhout

3 Management structure Secretariat Executive Committee Consortium Board Techn. Standards & Architect. C. Scientific Standards C. Valorisation C. Project Standards & QA C. WP2WP3WP4WP5WP6WP7WP8WP9WP10

4 Composition Consortium Board: all partners Executive Committee: five members + secretary Project Standards & Quality Assurance: all partners Technical Standards & Architecture: all partners Scientific Standards: max. 7 members Valorisation: partners + associate partners

5 Consortium Management (WP1) tasks Establish the Consortium management organization Further specify operational procedures in a Consortium Handbook Establish a Quality Assurance and Risk Management strategy Provide financial, legal and logistical support through the Secretariat Assist the Board in monitoring and QA Coordinate and integrate progress and financial reporting to the Commission Coordinate and integrate cycle plan development

6 Consortium Management outputs Management structure implemented Consortium Handbook, incl. Gender Mainstreaming Action Plan Quality Assurance Plan, incl. Risk management Required deliverables towards the Commission Detailed cycle-2 work plan (months 13-30)

7 18-month planning & monitoring agenda: Deliverables-cycle: internal delivery; assessment; submission to Commission Quarterly input monitoring 6-monthly (internal) progress reporting and monitoring Annual (external) progress reporting and monitoring Cycle planning and management Meetings (Board, Executive Cie, …….)

8 Secretariat Jos van den Broek: Administration, finances, general support/logistics Peter van Rosmalen: Counterpart to the WP-leaders Eric Kluijfhout: Secretary to the Consortium Board and Executive Committee; external communication (incl. Commission)

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