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Transwestern Pipeline

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1 Transwestern Pipeline
Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission June 28, 2005

2 Agenda Quick Overview of Transwestern Pipeline San Juan Expansion 2005
Phoenix Lateral Expansion Q & A

3 Southern Union Company Organizational Structure
GE Corporation & Others El Paso Citrus Holding 50% 50% 50% Missouri Gas Energy Panhandle Energy CCE Holdings PG Energy 100% Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Trunkline Gas Company 50% Transwestern Citrus Corp. New England Gas Sea Robin Pipeline Trunkline LNG 100% Florida Gas Transmission PEI Power Southwest Gas Storage FERC Regulated Local Distribution Companies Electric Co-Gen Plant

4 Operating Units 4

5 .500 1.235 1.21 .650 .263 .750 .560 LEGEND PIPELINE COMPRESSOR STATION
FIELD COMPRESSOR All figures are Bcf/day

6 Transwestern Pipeline San Juan Expansion
375 MMcf/d increased San Juan lateral capacity Added 72 miles of 36” pipeline and 16,500 incremental hp Total cost - $150 million including interconnects 90% subscribed under 10-year contracts Became operation in May 2005

7 San Juan Basin / Rockies Supply Capability (Bcf/d)
San Juan Plants to TW I/B Link Northwest Pipeline TransColorado Chaco plant Blanco plant Total


9 Project Key Elements Filing process with FERC follows successful San Juan expansion process All Shippers desire firm upstream rights (access to San Juan & Rockies production basins) Phoenix customers require: 16 hour day delivery capability Minimum 525 psig delivery pressure ACC pre-approval of transport cost recovery

10 Timeline Q2 2007 In Service August-October 2005
Utilities file/receive ACC pre-approval Contract contingencies removed October 2006 Receive FERC Certificate Construction Begins July 2005 Expansion Agreements Executed February 2005 Received initial shipper term sheets and began negotiations on expansion agreements Began preliminary route design work August 2005 Commence Stakeholder Efforts, Including Open Houses Q2 2007 In Service Q Complete stakeholder process Draft Environmental Impact Statement File FERC applications Order pipe

11 Information Website: Commercial Contacts:
Commercial Contacts: Business Development Kevin Hyatt Lorraine Lindberg Mark McConnell Capacity Marketing TK Lohman Paul Y’Barbo

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