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Dan Fox Senior Capacity Planning Consultant

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1 Dan Fox Senior Capacity Planning Consultant
WPA Presentation Dan Fox Senior Capacity Planning Consultant

2 Nicor Gas Overview Background information Supply Portfolio
Pipeline Interconnects Gas Purchasing

3 Nicor Gas’ Service Territory
Subsidiary of Nicor Inc. 2 million customers 1-2% annual growth rate Adding 30,000 customers annually Annual sendout exceeds 500 Bcf (50% Sales/ 50% End-users) Illinois

4 Nicor Gas Customer Mix (% of 2002 Deliveries)
2% 29% 41% Residential Commercial Industrial 19% 8% 1% Sales Transportation

5 Nicor Gas’ Portfolio Designed Peak Day sendout - 5.2 Bcf
Planned 2.8 Bcf/d Nicor Gas storage withdrawal 140 Bcf top gas capacity in 7 locations Aquifer based 1 Bcf/d injection capability Illinois

6 Nicor Gas’ Portfolio (continued)
1.8 Bcf/d of pipeline transport capacity Remaining filled with citygate purchases Illinois

7 Nicor Gas System Map Nicor Gas territory Major gas main
Crystal Lake Rockford Schaumburg DeKalb Oak Brook Naperville Joliet Bloomington Kankakee Major gas main Underground gas storage field Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America Northern Natural Gas Midwestern Gas Transmission Panhandle Energies ANR Pipeline Alliance Pipeline Northern Border Vector Horizon Guardian

8 Major Pipeline Suppliers to Chicago Area
Midwestern/Tenn. Natural Gas Pipeline Northern Natural ANR Pipeline Northern Border Panhandle Eastern Trunkline Gas Co. Alliance Pipeline

9 Nicor Gas - Natural Gas Pipeline of America
Nicor Gas Interconnects 82 locations Approximately 1.0 BCF of transport Approximately 0.5 BCF of No-Notice Storage Service To fill Nicor Gas’ storage fields, Peak Day deliveries and Balance Power Plants

10 Nicor Gas - Northern Natural Gas
Nicor Gas interconnect at East Dubuque Approximately 0.2 BCF of Transport High load factor Supports north end of Nicor Gas’ system

11 Nicor Gas - ANR Nicor Gas Interconnects - 2 existing and 1 being developed Access to Nicor Gas’ Transmission and Storage systems with about 500,000 dth/day

12 Nicor Gas - Northern Border Pipeline
Nicor Gas Interconnects -2 Access to Nicor Gas’ Transmission and Storage systems Citygate purchases

13 Nicor Gas - Alliance Nicor Gas Interconnect -1
Access to Nicor Gas’ Transmission and Storage systems

14 Nicor Gas’ Gas Purchasing Parameters
Reliability Liquid point Dislike price volatility Competitive prices Long term supply availability Diversify supply basins

15 Nicor Gas’ Gas Purchasing Contracts
Short term 1 year or less Long term 3-5 years Index based pricing Midcontinent zone Chicago market Citygate vs. transport

16 Questions?

17 Contact Information Dan Fox Senior Capacity Planning Consultant 1844 Ferry Road Naperville, Illinois 60563 (630) Ext. 4818 Fax: (630)

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