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Short presentation title Planning successful neighbourhoods John Pounder Director – CB Planning and Places.

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1 Short presentation title Planning successful neighbourhoods John Pounder Director – CB Planning and Places

2 The transformation of planning 2 We want to transform the planning process from an impediment to economic growth into a means of encouraging growth (Local Growth White Paper, 2010)

3 3 The objectives for planning stay broadly the same... The Government is committed to reforming the planning system, whilst retaining protection of important environmental and social interests, so that it actively encourages growth by providing the right land in the right place for economic development, increasing the supply of housing that the country needs and ensuring the timely delivery of infrastructure. (Local Growth White Paper, 2010)

4 4 …but with a distinct change of emphasis Commitment to introduce a strong presumption in favour of development Approve applications where plans are absent, out of date, silent or indeterminate Governments top priority in reforming the system is to promote sustainable economic growth and jobs Written Ministerial Statement 23 March 2011

5 5 Scale of the housing challenge

6 6 No more top down targets A further feature of earlier approaches was the belief that planning could both determine where growth should happen and stimulate that growth. This approach failed as it went against the grain of markets. Local Growth White Paper (2010)

7 7 From targets to incentives We also need to ensure that local communities which opt for growth are able to reap the benefits from doing so, changing the culture of planning so that the default position is in favour of development. Local Growth White Paper (2010)

8 8 Neighbourhood Planning Neighbourhood Plans Neighbourhood Development Orders Community Right to Build Supported by: Assets of Community Value Community Right to Bid

9 9 Where does this fit in? National Planning Policy Framework Regional Spatial Strategies Core Strategy / Local Plan Area Action Plans / Supplementary Planning AAP / SPD / Neighbourhood Plan Core Strategy / Local Plan Planning Policy Statements London Plan

10 10 Not a NIMBY charter! One of the principal objectives of neighbourhood planning is to increase the rate of growth of housing and economic development in England (Neighbourhood Planning Impact Assessment, CLG 2011)

11 11 Whats it worth? Meaningful Proportion of CIL £700m pa by 2016 New Homes Bonus Band D Property = £1,439 per dwelling +£350 per dwelling for each affordable home 100 homes = c£950,000 (30% affordable)

12 12 Neighbourhood Plan process 1.Define the neighbourhood 2.Designate the neighbourhood forum 3.LPA duty to support 4.Draft Plan submitted 5.LPA validation check 6.Independent examination 7.Examiners report 8.Plan modifications 9.Referendum 10.Adoption by local authority Source : DCLG

13 13 How long will a NP take?

14 14 What is a Neighbourhood?

15 15 What could a NP include? A vision for your neighbourhood How you intend to achieve the vision What type of development should take place and where Design guidelines Identify services and facilities that are needed? Responsibilities or implementation Developments/change of use not requiring planning permission

16 16 Watch this space! 17 Vanguards: Frontrunners London Borough of Southwark – Bermondsey London Borough of Sutton – Hackbridge 33 in wave two also receive £20,000

17 17 Where to get help Free advice will be available from Supporting Communities Fund: Locality The Princes Foundation Royal Town Planning Institute National Association of Local Councils / CPRE This will include practical workshops with local authorities and community groups, tailored on-line resources, networking tools and telephone advice lines.

18 18 Join the debate... WEBSITE: LINKEDIN: Neighbourhood Planning Group –

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