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3 Relationship between the Borough Local Plan & Neighbourhood Plans

4 Neighbourhood Plans must be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the Local Plan Neighbourhood plans can amend the general approach of the Borough Local Plan to better suit the local area Neighbourhood plans can interpret principles set in the Borough Local Plan, i.e. add value / detail

5 Neighbourhood Plans must not promote less development than set out in the Local Plan Neighbourhood plans can deliver more development Neighbourhood plans can move allocations to alternative locations within their area

6 Clear statement that neighbourhood plans are important Implementation is a matter for the planning application case officer Neighbourhood Plans have precedence over the non-strategic policies in the Local Plan

7 What will be in the Borough Local Plan? Direction of policy is likely to be similar to the adopted Local Plan It will designate employment areas, town and local centres, housing sites etc. It will also set general policy for the control of development, e.g. design expectations and the assessment of impacts Where possible it will defer local decisions to neighbourhood plans

8 STEPS Getting started Identifying the issues Develop a vision and objectives Generate options Draft the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation and submission Independent examination Referendum and adoption

9 TYPICAL POINTS IN A NP Transport and Access Development of new facilities Design of buildings Protection/creation of open space Protection of important buildings Promotion of renewable energy projects

10 NP ctd (2) Transport and Access – roads/cycling/walking/riding trails/access for disabled Development of facilities- schools, places of worship, health facilities, leisure and entertainment facilities. Community and youth centres and village halls

11 NP ctd (3) Types of development/change of use- restrictions to avoid too much of one type of use. The design of buildings- could be tied in to conservation guidelines for Bisham Village Burchetts Green Village or other areas.

12 NP ctd (4) Protection of open space-nature reserves, allotments, sports pitches, play areas, parks and gardens, and planting of trees. Protection of important buildings- Conservation area guidelines, use of Heritage Asset Register Renewable energy-solar, wind etc

13 EXAMPLES FROM OTHER NPs Affordable housing for the elderly Community orchard Hi-speed broadband Protecting cultural heritage New schools Open spaces Improving transport infrastructure

14 OTHER POINTS Housing- we have been given no indication to date that any new housing would be required in Bisham by RBWM to meet their own Local Plans (over and above any new housing outstanding under existing Planning approvals).

15 OTHER POINTS CTD Timing- NP can’t be viewed in isolation from the Borough Local Plan. Indeed the NP can’t be completed before the Local Plan has been completed to ensure NP is in compliance with Local Plan. Funding- Bisham has a £10k Gov’t Grant to cover costs of preparing plan. RBWM will be paying for the cost of a referendum. Excess costs would have to be met by BPC.

16 OTHER POINTS CTD (2) Experience in other parts of the country –Dawlish NP rejected by Inspector because it was prepared before the Local Plan. Inspector rejected ability of local community to produce evidence to overrule Local Plan’s own assessment of housing needs.

17 Bisham Parish Website Has a section on the NP with presentation slides and other background information. Please contact any member of the Parish Council if you want to contribute to the NP.



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