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The Roaring 20’s.

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1 The Roaring 20’s

2 Henry Ford

3 Henry Ford Wanted to make cars more affordable
Used Assembly Lines to make production more efficient Reduced time 12 hrs.-90min. Model T pricing 1908-$850 1916-$350 1927-$290 That would be $ in 2008

4 The Workday Ford reduced the workday from 9 to 8 hours
Doubled wages from $2.35 to $5 a day Gave Saturday and Sunday off


6 Changes Industry-steel, glass, rubber, asphalt, wood, gasoline, insurance, and road construction Service-Gas stations, diners, motels Decline of public transportation Commuters/Suburbs Route 66-California to Illinois


8 The Economy Advertising took off Installment Buying Buying on Margin
Bull market Bear market By million Americans owned stocks



11 Cities, Suburbs, Farms People moved to cities with ½ of the population settling there Suburbs booming while the inner city was suffering Farm wages plummeting Under $400 per person annually A worker for Ford would make $1300




15 Prohibition The Noble Experiment Volstead Act The 18th Amendment
Ratified January 16, 1919 Forbade manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol Volstead Act Legally defined intoxicating beverage Prohibited sale of alcohol Did little to enforce the law


17 Social Response Crime The Rise of Speakeasies The Flapper
Ordinary people broke the law Organized crime Al Capone The Rise of Speakeasies The Flapper


19 Events to Know Scopes Monkey Trial Rise of the KKK
The Harlem Renaissance Warren G. Harding dies in office Calvin Coolidge becomes president Kellogg-Briand Pact Dawes Plan

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