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Non-Contact Continuous Level Measurement on MC Pump Standpipes

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1 Non-Contact Continuous Level Measurement on MC Pump Standpipes

2 Who is Berthold? Berthold has been a world leader in radiation measurements since 1946 Berthold is headquartered in Bad Wildbad, Germany Berthold Technologies U.S.A. office is in Oak Ridge, TN


4 Multi-Stand Pipe Level Installation
Rod Source in Yellow

5 Typical MC Stand Pipe Application Parameters
Source h 100 % 0% Detector MC STAND PIPE; Diameter is approx 36” Wall thickness is 3/16” Measurement span is about 9’ Level span begins 36”s above the center line of the MC Pump



8 Typical Radiation Detector Mounting


10 Basics of the Level Measurement
The source on one side of the MC Stand Pipe and a detector is on the opposite side; The pulp stock absorbs radiation as the level in the Stand Pipe changes; The level is measured by changes in the detector radiation when the pulp stock level changes;

11 Competition from Non-Radiation Level Techniques
DP Cells do not measure pressure when the consistency increases because of the nature of this highly viscous product Capacitance level insertion probes are stressed extensively as the consistency increases leading to mechanical failures Material bridging will also make these contacting level techniques worthlist

12 Advantages of Non Contacting Measurement
Mounted completely outside the vessel and so not subject to material buildup, vibration; Detects changing levels without contacting the process material. Is safe, easy to install & calibrate, and requires very little maintenance.

13 Why Select Non Contacting Level
Above 10% to 12% consistency the product acts more & more like a solid The results of the irregular inlet flow and the MC Pumping leads to a highly turbulent , sometimes violent Stand Pipe Simple calibration & 100% uptime optimizes the bleach plant output

14 Competition from other Radiation Gauging Companies
Use a series of three point sources shooting radiation beams leading to a non-linear level system Long 9 or 10 foot detector is very difficult to stabilize leading to frequent re-calibrations

15 The Berthold Maintenance Free Gauge
With the Berthold System; The source is linearized; Low activity is required, (typ 1-2mCi) Two Point Calibration; Empty and Full & your through Source h 100 % 0% Detector

16 How is the Berthold Level Gauge used to Control Level?
Level system controls the Discharge Valve Position via DCS Level system initiates the water dilution valves when level is too low Level system initiates the water dilution valves when level is too high

17 The Berthold Source Shielding
Rod Source Shieldings Co-60 rod source Model PB80 Model PB200

18 The Berthold Scintillation Detector
Detector -- Scintillation Counter Radiation Photo Cathode Dynodes Pulse Amplifier + - Light flash

19 Advantages of Scintillation Type Detector
High Sensitivity: Leading to very small radiation source sizes. Stable Operation: Drift free operation resulting in one permanent calibration. Digital Output: Gamma rays are converted to electrical pulses.

20 MC Stand Pipe Level System
200 400 600 800 1000 0.03 0.04 0.05 0.07 0.09 0.11 0.14 0.17 0.22 0.27 0.24 Co-60 Activity distribution mm 9 foot Span Control at 45% to 55% Protect MC Pump 5.0mrem/h 1.0mrem/h

21 Typical Activity / Doserate for Stand Pipe Application
Radiation Source Activity: Intensity of gamma radiation, measured in millicuries (activity is only 1.5 millicuries for Stand Pipe) Doserate: The measurement of the gamma radiation field, measured in millirem per hour (less than 3.0 mrem per hour for Stand Pipe)



24 Other Berthold Applications in a Pulp Mill
Green Liquor Density Black Liquor Density Digestor Level Salt Cake Density Wood Chip Moisture Wood Chip Belt Scale Lime Mud Density

25 Licensing Options in the USA
GENERAL LICENSE: Due to the very small radiation source size, Berthold can distribute without the need of a State or NRC license. SPECIFIC LICENSE: Customers may chose this method of licensing if desired.

26 Local Berthold Technologies Contacts:
Knowledgeable, experienced local Sales & service Representatives are available to assist you in all U.S. states and Canada Contact our U.S. headquarters in Oak Ridge, TN at (865) for the representative in your area.

27 In Conclusion: On a standpipe where quick level measurement response time is essential; where a reliable non-contacting measurement is needed; where simple empty and full calibration is possible without product In the Pipe Stand; Berthold level gauges are the Best Choice!!!

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