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Non-Contact Continuous Level Measurement on MC Pump Standpipes.

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2 Non-Contact Continuous Level Measurement on MC Pump Standpipes

3 Who is Berthold? b Berthold has been a world leader in radiation measurements since 1946 b Berthold is headquartered in Bad Wildbad, Germany b Berthold Technologies U.S.A. office is in Oak Ridge, TN


5 Multi-Stand Pipe Level Installation Rod Source in Yellow

6 Typical MC Stand Pipe Application Parameters Source h 100 % 0% Detector MC STAND PIPE; b Diameter is approx 36 b Wall thickness is 3/16 b Measurement span is about 9 b Level span begins 36s above the center line of the MC Pump



9 Typical Radiation Detector Mounting


11 Basics of the Level Measurement b The source on one side of the MC Stand Pipe and a detector is on the opposite side; b The pulp stock absorbs radiation as the level in the Stand Pipe changes; b The level is measured by changes in the detector radiation when the pulp stock level changes;

12 Competition from Non-Radiation Level Techniques b DP Cells do not measure pressure when the consistency increases because of the nature of this highly viscous product b Capacitance level insertion probes are stressed extensively as the consistency increases leading to mechanical failures b Material bridging will also make these contacting level techniques worthlist

13 Advantages of Non Contacting Measurement b Mounted completely outside the vessel and so not subject to material buildup, vibration; b Detects changing levels without contacting the process material. b Is safe, easy to install & calibrate, and requires very little maintenance.

14 Why Select Non Contacting Level b Above 10% to 12% consistency the product acts more & more like a solid b The results of the irregular inlet flow and the MC Pumping leads to a highly turbulent, sometimes violent Stand Pipe b Simple calibration & 100% uptime optimizes the bleach plant output

15 Competition from other Radiation Gauging Companies b Use a series of three point sources shooting radiation beams leading to a non- linear level system b Long 9 or 10 foot detector is very difficult to stabilize leading to frequent re- calibrations

16 The Berthold Maintenance Free Gauge The Berthold Maintenance Free Gauge Source h 100 % 0% Detector With the Berthold System; b The source is linearized; b Low activity is required, (typ 1-2mCi) b Two Point Calibration; b Empty and Full & your through

17 How is the Berthold Level Gauge used to Control Level? b Level system controls the Discharge Valve Position via DCS b Level system initiates the water dilution valves when level is too low b Level system initiates the water dilution valves when level is too high

18 The Berthold Source Shielding The Berthold Source Shielding Rod Source Shieldings Co-60 rod source Model PB80 Model PB200

19 The Berthold Scintillation Detector The Berthold Scintillation Detector Detector -- Scintillation Counter Radiation Photo Cathode Dynodes Pulse Amplifier + - Light flash

20 Advantages of Scintillation Type Detector b High Sensitivity: Leading to very small radiation source sizes. b Stable Operation: Drift free operation resulting in one permanent calibration. b Digital Output: Gamma rays are converted to electrical pulses.

21 Co-60 Activity distribution mm 9 foot Span Control at 45% to 55% Protect MC Pump 5.0mrem/h 1.0mrem/h MC Stand Pipe Level System MC Stand Pipe Level System

22 Typical Activity / Doserate for Stand Pipe Application b Radiation Source Activity: Intensity of gamma radiation, measured in millicuries (activity is only 1.5 millicuries for Stand Pipe) b Doserate: The measurement of the gamma radiation field, measured in millirem per hour (less than 3.0 mrem per hour for Stand Pipe)



25 Other Berthold Applications in a Pulp Mill b Green Liquor Density b Black Liquor Density b Digestor Level b Salt Cake Density b Wood Chip Moisture b Wood Chip Belt Scale b Lime Mud Density

26 Licensing Options in the USA GENERAL LICENSE: Due to the very small radiation source size, Berthold can distribute without the need of a State or NRC license. SPECIFIC LICENSE: Customers may chose this method of licensing if desired.

27 Local Berthold Technologies Contacts: b Knowledgeable, experienced local Sales & service Representatives are available to assist you in all U.S. states and Canada b Contact our U.S. headquarters in Oak Ridge, TN at (865) for the representative in your area.

28 In Conclusion: b On a standpipe where quick level measurement response time is essential; b where a reliable non-contacting measurement is needed; b where simple empty and full calibration is possible without product In the Pipe Stand; b Berthold level gauges are the Best Choice!!!

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