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TROLL = Threats and violence as a working environment issue.

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1 TROLL = Threats and violence as a working environment issue

2 Team leader employee safety representatives Union Manager 3 party cooperation Municipal executive Mayor Senior safety representative Senior Union representative Head manager Administration chief Work Environment Committee Department of working environment

3 The purpose of the Act a) to secure a working environment that provides a basis for a healthy and meaningful working situation, that affords full safety from harmful physical and mental influences and that has a standard of welfare at all times consistent with the level of technological and social development of society,

4 The purpose of the Act b) to ensure sound conditions of employment and equality of treatment at work, c) to facilitate adaptations of the individual employee’s working situation in relation to his or her capabilities and circumstances of life,

5 The purpose of the Act d) to provide a basis whereby the employer and the employees of undertakings may themselves safeguard and develop their working environment in cooperation with the employers’ and employees’ organisations and with the requisite guidance and supervision of the public authorities, e) to foster inclusive working conditions.

6 Duties of safety representatives (1) The safety representative shall safeguard the interests of employees in matters relating to the working environment. The safety representative shall ensure that the undertaking is arranged and maintained, and that the work is performed in such a manner that the safety, health and welfare of the employees are safeguarded in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

7 Safety representativ vs. trade union Safety representativTrade union Responsibility area:All employeesTheir own trade union members Election:All employees (not the manager) Their own trade union members Rights are described in:Working Environment Act Basic agreement Supervisory tasks:Health, safety and environment Labor law matters (eg employment contract and negotiations) Complicity: be consulted in the work environment issiues + negotiations Right to halt workBy dangerous workNon

8 History zMainly the care units saw the problem zIn Fredrikstad municipality they are filling out deviation forms zWe have around 15 000 deviations a year zUnderreporting zMost of them from the care units but also schools and social services z3 party cooperation at every individual workplace

9 Deviation form Nr. Dato Kode bruker Stikkskade Klor Klyp Spytting Spark Lugging Skalling Risting Slag Biting Verbal utagering Truende situasjoner Navn ansattFødselsnr. (11 siffer) (Hendelses forløpet skrives på neste ark, bruk skade nr.)

10 History zThe Care units required courses in acting out/aggressive behavior. za group was put together to create a series of courses zTo make a plan what one should do with the challenge zImportant for us to distinguish between professional handling and physical handling

11 Objectives of the course zmove decisions from individual to system level zIt should not be up to the individual employee to decide when a situation becomes too uncomfortable/dangerous zEmployees must be able to physically free themselves in an attack situation. zKnow how to prevent battles

12 Setting boundaries zIndividual level zSystem level

13 Objektives of the course zhow can my body language have a dampening effect zAn example here is that love and affection is often expressed with the same body language as aggressive behavior. zKnow how to take care of each other after an incident

14 Aftercare of the employees zHow to take care of employees who has been exposed to aggressive behavior? zWe created a procedure for managers. zWe created guidelines for debriefing conversations

15 Systematics z3 days courses for educating experts/supervisor at their own individual workplace. zthat teaching their own individual workplace practical and theoretical. zadjusted to the challenges that the individual workplace has

16 The course z3 days z½ day theory z1 ½ day practical training zLast day with the leader zGoing through the procedures. zmanager and expert/supervisor create lessons for their own individual workplace

17 question 3 parties cooperate must ask them selves zWhat kind of challenges do we have in our workplace? zWhat kind of skills do we need to deal with those?

18 Procedures zThe procedures are adopted in ”AMU” (cooperation agency for politicians, management, union- and safety representatives) zTraining in the handling of TROLL zWhat to do in a threatening situation. zHow to follow up employees who have been exposed to aggressive behavior. zNecessary steps after a traumatic incident

19 Attachments to the procedures zInformation meeting zDebriefing zDefusing zWritten information to employees and their families about normal reactions. zReport to the Police zGuidelines for debriefing conversations

20 4 phases

21 Positioning zProximity/distance: body language of caring and love is almost the same as the attack / anger / intimidation. Positioning as proximity, eye contact, frontal, touch, etc. zFast / slow movements: fast and large movements can signal aggressive intentions

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