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We Are to Consider One Another

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1 We Are to Consider One Another
(Am I My Brother’s Keeper?) Lesson 17

2 Brief Review Today’s lesson represents our 17th installment in our series of lessons entitled, “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” In our previous sixteen lessons we have not only learned we are our brother’s keeper, but we have also learned the depth of the responsibility of what that means.

3 We Are to Consider One Another
An Expansion of Our Text An Explanation of Our Text An Example Concerning Our Text

4 An Expansion of Our Text
Our immediate text for today is Hebrews (10:24); however, in order to understand and appreciate more fully the reason why we are to consider one another, we need to expand our reading to include (10:19-25). In our expanded text we can see that there are three “let us” statements: Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith (vs. 22) Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering (vs. 23) Let us consider one another (vs. 24)

5 An Expansion of Our Text
From these three “let us” statements, we can see God wants for us to: Get right (a right relationship with God) Grasp right (a willingness to hold on to that relationship) Grow right (do those things necessary in order to help one another hold on to that relationship) Thus, it can be said that we are to consider one another so that we will not faint nor lose heart and thus forfeit our opportunity at salvation! In other words brethren, this matter is important!

6 An Explanation of the Text
Now that we have discovered just how important this concept of considering one another is, let’s see what our main text of (10:24) is teaching us. In order to best appreciate the meaning of our text, we need to examine two key thoughts that are found in the words “consider” and “stir up.” First, the word “consider” means “to perceive clearly, understand fully, and examine closely.” That is to say, we are to consider the needs of one another in great depth and with absolute care and compassion!

7 An Explanation of the Text
If we are going to consider one another in this manner, we must first look at Christ (Hebrews 12:3) and then ourselves (James 1:23-25). Without properly examining the life of Christ and then our own life, we will never be in a position to be of help to others. Consideration takes preparation!

8 An Explanation of the Text
The second word (phrase) is “stir up.” This word means “to kindle afresh, keep in full flame, lest it die out.” The apostle Paul spoke to Timothy of this matter in (II Timothy 1:6,7): “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift which is in you…For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

9 An Explanation of the Text
In putting together what we have learned from our text, it can be stated that we are to show ourselves to our brother’s keeper by way of fully understanding one another’s needs and then helping kindle afresh our mutual faith by way of challenging one another to greater love and works! The question is, “Are we doing that?”

10 An Example Concerning Our Text
Explaining what a text says is one thing; seeing it in action takes the lesson to a whole new level! There is a person in the New Testament who was absolutely masterful at considering the needs of others! His name is Joses; however, you may remember him by his other given name, that being Barnabas.

11 An Example Concerning Our Text
Barnabas considered others by way of: Giving to those who had need (Acts 4:32-37) Challenging the brethren to receive one another (Acts 9:26-30) Encouraging the brethren to continue in the Lord (Acts 11:19-24) Helping to establish congregations in cities where the gospel had not been preached (Acts 13:1-3) Giving others a second chance (Acts 15:36-39) His actions led others to greater heights of love and good works!

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