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Centurion Investigations International 1 The Politics of Terror and the Disarmament of America Current Events... The State of the World... And Whats Gonna.

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1 Centurion Investigations International 1 The Politics of Terror and the Disarmament of America Current Events... The State of the World... And Whats Gonna Happen Next?

2 Centurion Investigations International 2 Current Events--the past ten years u The Fall of Russia u The Decline of our Military u Re-unification of Germany u War and Peace in Israel u The Gulf War u International Terrorism in the U.S. u Government attack on the Constitution u War in Iraq and Afghanistan

3 Centurion Investigations International 3 And This Is Only The Beginning

4 Centurion Investigations International 4 You Cant Have A Solution If You Dont Have A Problem!

5 Centurion Investigations International 5 Solutions Only Work If A Problem Exists u The Hegelian Principle –Establish an objective –Create a problem –Sensationalize the Problem –Offer the Solution –The Solution must meet the objective u Examples: Crime, Drugs and Guns u TERRORISM IS A FEARFUL PROBLEM!

6 Centurion Investigations International 6 We Are Surrounded u China now has worlds largest merchant navy (COSCOHutchinson Whampoa) u Controls Panama Canal u Forward deployment stores at Freeport, Bahamas, 90 miles from Miami. u Chinese troops in Mexico u Chinese crossing southern border consistently

7 Centurion Investigations International 7 Chinese Ocean Shipping Company

8 Centurion Investigations International 8

9 9 The Southwest Border u Open Southwest Border u Nothing of value being done by the government u Crossers include Islamic terrorists, Chinese military, drug runners, etc.

10 Centurion Investigations International 10 Terrorism--Foreign and Domestic u Five Categories of Ground-Based Terrorism –Private Building –Public/Government Building or Installation –Mass Transportation (Ground) –Mass Transportation (Air) –Large Group or Gathering of People

11 Centurion Investigations International 11 Terrorism u Utilizing Fear and Violence, coupled with Media Coverage, to accomplish Political Ends. u One Persons Terrorist is Another Persons Freedom Fighter.

12 Centurion Investigations International 12 Domestic Terrorism u World Trade Center Bombing –Private Building (mass media coverage) u Oklahoma City Bombing –Public/Government Building u Amtrack Derailment –Mass Transportation (Ground) u Shootdown of TWA 800 (mass transport air) u WTC 9/11 attack

13 Centurion Investigations International 13 Contract on The Great Satan u Fall of the Shah u U.S.S. Vincennes shootdown of Iranian AirBus u Fatwa Contract Issued by Iranians on 10 American Jumbo Jets u Pan Am 103 Bombing u Ten 747 Bombings Planned u Shootdown of TWA 800

14 Centurion Investigations International 14 USS Vincennes Incident (4-7-88) u USS Vincennes, on patrol in Persian Gulf, misidentifies an Iranian Airbus taking off from Tehran as an Iranian F-4 Phantom. It engages and destroys the aircraft, resulting in a Fatwah.

15 Centurion Investigations International 15 Bombing of Pan Am 103 ( ) u In partial retribution for the shootdown of the Airbus, Pan Am 103 took off from Heathrow for NYC, but exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland due to a bomb in the forward baggage compartment.

16 Centurion Investigations International 16 WTC Bombing (1993) u Private Building u Major City u Backyard of NBC, CBS, ABC, NY Times u Lots of shock effect in media u Islamic terrorist cell infiltrated by FBI u Failure to stop bombing even with forewarning

17 Centurion Investigations International 17 Oklahoma City Bombing, 1995 u April 19 th, 1995, a team of Iraqi terrorists participate in bombing the Murrah Building in OKC. The Clinton Administration orders the FBI to ignore any middle eastern connection.

18 Centurion Investigations International 18 Oklahoma City Connection to al Qaeda and bin Laden u Bomber Terry Nichols made several trips to the Philippines, where he had meetings with Abu Sayef, the Moslem terrorist group. Here, he met with Edwin Angeles (second in command of Abu Sayef), Ramzi Yousef (WTC bomber), and Mohammed Wali Khan, Osama bin Ladens left hand man. Abu Sayef/al Qaeda financed Nichols trips.

19 Centurion Investigations International 19 Over 200 Witnesses see TWA 800 Shot down by Missile u Like Oklahoma City, the Clinton regime ordered the FBI investigators to make sure that the truth would stay hidden.The shootdown was explained away as a fuel tank explosion.

20 Centurion Investigations International 20 WTC Attack of 9-11 u No matter what anomalies lie in the attacks that occurred on 9/11/01, the fact remains that many rights have been legislated away, and we are on the verge of a police state.

21 Centurion Investigations International 21 Where Are We At Now? u The Final Target: The American People u Who Benefits? –Hegelian Principle F Create Fear of Attack F Pass Stronger Anti-Terrorism Bills F Prohibit Private Gun Ownership F Establish National ID System for Tracking Purposes F Establish National Police Force F Utilize UN Assets When Necessary

22 Centurion Investigations International 22 America is the Last Bastion u The Globalists know that to establish an effective global government, no private individuals can be permitted to own or bear private firearms. There must be no chance of resistance or rebellion. The population of every country on the planet must be disarmed, followed by their police forces and local military organizations.

23 Centurion Investigations International 23 Legislate the Guns Away u Create fear using events and media u Have legislation ready to pass that reduces or eliminates firearms in the hands of citizens. u Omnibus Crime Control Act 1996 u Homeland Defense Act u Patriot I and II u Legislate, Register, Confiscate

24 Centurion Investigations International 24 Russian Children Learn Guns u The photo shows a young Russian boy learning how to aim and fire an anti-tank weapon. Our children are taught at public schools that guns are bad and no one should have them.

25 Centurion Investigations International 25 Current Major Threats u Bio-terrorism –Plague –Anthrax –Influenza Nuclear Backpack Nukes Smaller Events (Drivebys)

26 Centurion Investigations International 26 Democratic (Socialist) Party In the 1950s, the CPUSA was instructed by Moscow to place party members in the various levels of the US Democratic party due to failure in recruiting for the CPUSA. Since then communists and global socialists have risen to the national level, basically taking over the National Democratic Committee and hiding communism under the guise of New Liberalism. They have since managed to place anti-American global socialists/communists in all levels of government, including state governments, the Congress, UN, and various bureaucracies. Democrat Party is now actually the DSPUSA

27 Centurion Investigations International 27 Incremental Takeover u Use government power and laws to further agenda u Place members in high positions u Create problems to be overcome by new laws u Put fear in the people u Use all means of media to further agenda u Destroy morals and thereby morale of populace u Create national ID system for control

28 Centurion Investigations International 28 Three Military Strategic Tenets u Destroy the Enemy from Within u Attack on many fronts using conventional and unconventional forces u Utilize Psychological warfare to destroy moral and morale base

29 Centurion Investigations International 29 Military Objectives u Cut Lines of Communication and Logistics u Destroy Political Infrastructure u Destroy Military Forces and Bases u Destroy Populations Will to Resist u Capture and Occupy Food and Mineral Producing Areas u Take all Natural Resources, Technology, Art, etc. u Establish New Government

30 Centurion Investigations International 30 Who Benefits?

31 Centurion Investigations International 31 Take A Guess!

32 Centurion Investigations International 32 THE END RESULT u Formation of: –A World Government –A World Monetary System –A World Citizen –A World All-Encompassing Religion u Plus: –Redistribution of the Wealth –World Population Reduction and Control

33 Centurion Investigations International 33 The Next Terrorist Target? u Large Concentration of People u Biological or Chemical Attack? u City Water Supply u Food Supplies u Air Dispersal of biologicals? u Health Laws enacted from Model Health Act that prohibit possession of firearms u Quarantine or relocation of the population u Relocation Camps under FEMA

34 Centurion Investigations International 34 What Can You Do? u Be aware and gain knowledge, educate yourself, then educate your family and friends and neighbors. u Prepare to survive any foreseeable threats. u Have contingency plans and be self- sufficient. u Stock up, improvise and overcome.

35 Centurion Investigations International 35 Prepare for Contingencies u Food u Water u Medical Supplies u Protective Equipment u Education on Bio and Chemical agents. u Establish lines of communication u Teamwork with relatives, friends and neighbors u Monitoring World and National Events u Have evacuation plans in case your area becomes untenable

36 Centurion Investigations International 36

37 37 What is the Globalist Objective? u A New World Order u Redistribution of American Wealth to move USA to 2 nd World status u Upgrading 3 rd World nations to 2 nd World Status. u Two classes: Workers and Rulers.

38 Centurion Investigations International 38 Always Remember... u An Educated Mind Is A Weapons System!

39 Centurion Investigations International 39

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